Tuesday, October 7, 2008

September Playlists


Vikki Jackman – The Snow Queen
The Remote Viewer – Untitled
Nigel Wright – All Talk
Jandek – Harmonica
Peter Jefferies – Kitty Loop
Masahiko Satoh with Soundbreakers – Amalgamations [excerpt]
Yo La Tengo – The Room Got Heavy
Saddhu Brand – Babu Shoda
Erkin Koray – Yalnizlar Rihtimi
Basil Kirchin – Heart of the North
Eden Express – Loneliest Person
Eden Ahbez – Full Moon
Dana Gillespie – Souvenirs of Stefan
Simon Finn – The Courtyard
Fabulous Diamonds – LP1
The Black Angels – Doves
Teeth Mountain – Ghost Science
Valet – Streets
Tricorn & Queue – Free Falling to Crescent Meadow
Rameses III – Theme Five
Talk Talk – New Grass

Derek Bailey – When Your Lover Has Gone
Ilyas Ahmed – Circular Sky
Cian Nugent – First Time Away/The Wagoner's Lad
Elomar – Cantada
C. Joynes – West Cavaliers
Jeremy Kelly – August Bootfire
Islaja – Simla Amlis
Moondog – Tugboat Toccata
The Boats – They Gave Me This to Keep Me Quiet
Cursillistas – Crow in the Garden
The Child Readers – Planet Waters
Steven R. Smith – Untitled 4
Sun Araw – Canopy
Bailter Space – The Aim
Sarin Smoke – Blood Window
Josephine Foster – The Garden of Earthly Delights
James Blackshaw – Lost Prayers and Motionless Dances
The Dreamers – Goodnight Farewell My Friend

M. Jarvis/A. Jarvis – Hon Vantar
Richard Youngs & Tirath Singh Nirmala – Untitled
Badgerlore – We Are All Hopeful Farmers
Rothko – Windows Doors and Other
Do Make Say Think – The Universe!
Sun Ra – The Night of the Purple Moon
Paul Horn – Altura Do Sol
Susumu Yokota – My Energy
Dock Boggs – Coal Creek March
Lee Hazelwood – Hey Cowboy
Leo Kottke – The Fisherman
Pumice – Bold/Old
Carla Bozulich – How to Survive Being Hit by Lightning
Shugo Tokumaru – Lantern on the Water
Evolutionary Jass Band – Requiem for Andrew
Kan Mikami – ?????
Bird Show – Green Vines
The Family Elan – Over the Hills and Fields I Wander (The Bells of Earth Wonder)
Death Vessel – Block My Eye
Brightblack Morning Light – Oppressions Each
Brian McBride – Piano ABG
Scott Tuma – Tiktaalik

Djivan Gasparyan – Brother Hunter
Olafur Arnalds – Haust
Bing and Ruth – Chaperone to a Civil War
Pelt – Will You Pray For Me?
Gravenhurst – I Turn My Face to the Forest Floor
Juana Molina – Rio Seco
Tickley Feather – The Python
Jana Hunter – Bird
Grouper – Down to the Ocean
Matthew De Gennaro – Coal
Ali Akbar Khan – Misra Mand
Shirley Collins – Hori-Horo
Plants – The Western Lands
Robbie Basho – Roses and Snow
Bill Evans Trio – My Man's Gone Now
Cyann & Ben – Beyond Reality
Charalambides – Spring
The Fun Years – Fucking Milwaukee's Been Hesher Forever