Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Live Phone Chat: Cian Nugent [25.02.10]

My first ever live-to-air phone interview/chat, with Dublin, Ireland solo guitarist Cian Nugent: part 1, part 2. True to form, I had a few hiccups working the phone; the chat starts around 40 minutes into the show. Thanks to Cian for his time + patience!

February Playlists

Sandy Bull - Electric Blend [E Pluribus Unum, Vanguard, '69]
James Blackshaw - Cross [Live at WFMU on The Long Rally, '10]
Keijo & Uton - esikevään elot [Alun ääniä, om ha sva ha ksha ma la va ra yam, '09]
Myrmyr - First Seed [The Amber Sea, Digitalis, '09]
Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis - Voyage 1 [s/t, Philips Festival, '69]
David S Ware - Aquarian Sound [Flight of I, DIW, '91]
Mehrpouya - Soul Raga [Various, Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk & Psych of the '60s & '70s, Finders Keepers, '10]
Neokarma Jooklo Experience - Cosmic Balance [Peaceful Messages, Qbico, '09]
The Zoo Wheel - Jitter and Hit [First Born, Grand Days, Lucky Kitchen, '06]
Brian Eno - By This River [Before and After Science, Polydor, '77]

BJ Nilsen - Gradient [The Invisible City, Touch, '10]
Ekca Liena - Lonely Nights End [Pathless, CDr, self-released, '09]
Nils Frahm - Dedication, Loyalty [The Bells, Erased Tapes, '10]
Nils Frahm - Ambre [Wintermusik, Erased Tapes, '09]
Deep Magic - Infinite Heaven [split w/ Love Cult, Existential Cloth, '09]
Ignatz & Harris Newman - Rise While You Fall [Bring You Buzzard Meat, tour CDr, '09]
Robbie Basho - A North American Raga [Song of the Stallion, Takoma, '71]
Sam Moss - Fractures [The Moon Tears It Down, self-released, '09]
Mike Tamburo - The Ballad of One Hung Glove Part Two [The Tenth Gate and Other Revelations, New American Folk Hero, '09]
Leyland Kirby - Tonight Is The Last Night Of The World [Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was, History Always Favours the Winners, '09]

Concern - Heartsink [Truth and Distance, Digitalis, '09]
Rachel Shearer - Pastoral [Various, Dirt Beneath The Daydream, Wire/The Audio Foundation, '09]
Tom White - Visibility [In Poor Visibility, Hibernate, '10]
Dorothy Carter - Autumn Song [Waillee Waillee, Celeste, '78]
C Joynes - Nyambai Sawmill [Revenants, Prodigies & The Restless Dead, Immune, '09]
Daniel Higgs - Untitled VI [Hymnprovisations for Banjo, Ideal, '08]
Duncan Cameron - Journey [A Horseback Ride to the Temple of Montu, c20, Cetacean Nation, '09]
Alhaji Bai Konte - Jula Jekere [Kora Melodies From The Republic Of The Gambia, West Africa, Rounder, '73]
Kría Brekkan - Place of You [Uterus Water, Paw Tracks, '10]
Nudge - Two Hands [As Good As Gone, Kranky, '09]
Mosaic Orgasm - Untitled 6 [Jastro 12-19-09, ?]
Sun Araw - Bump Up (High Step) [Sun Ark, Not Not Fun, '10]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Behind The Bank [Rifts, No Fun, '09]
Sinoia Caves - Through The Valley [The Enchanted Persuaded, Brah, '07]
Teepee - Mindanao [Voodoo, c30, JerkWave, '09]
Matt 'MV' Valentine - P. K. Dick [7", Time-lag, '07]
Spectre Folk - Falling Off The Map [Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo, Arbitrary Signs, '09]
Kurt Vile - Blackberry Song [Childish Prodigy, Matador, '09]
Beth Jeans Houghton - Night Swimmer [Golden, 7", Static Caravan, '09]
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - There's A Willow [Through The Devil Softly, Nettwerk, '09]
Bill Callahan - Lapse [Various, Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox, Merge, '09]
Mountain Man - Dog Song [Various, Underwater Peoples Winter Review 2009, '10]
"iplaybanjonow" - Richland Woman Blues [youtube mp3 rip]
Glenn Jones - Snowdrops (For Robert Walser) [Barbecue Bob In Fishtown, Strange Attractors, '09]
C Joynes - Happy & Delightful [Revenants, Prodigies & The Restless Dead, Immune, '09]