Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Playlists

Fill-in for The Fry-Up, 7-9am
Stars of the Lid - Even If You're Never Awake (Version)
Georges Delerue ft. Cora Vaucaire - Chanson "Trois Petites Notes De Musique" (Une Aussi Longue Absence)
Fennesz - Gray Scale
Swod - Hochbahn
Tom James Scott - Openings
Amps for Christ - Claremont Raga
Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers
State River Widening - New Title
Peter Walker - Rainy Day Raga
Sufjan Stevens - Variation on "Commerative Transfiguration & Communion at Magruder Park"
Eri Yamamoto Trio - Wonder Land
Luiz Bonfa & Maria Toledo - Cavaquinho
Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper
Mighty Sparrow - The Queen's Canary
Keith Everett - Conscientious Objector
Karl Blau - Mockingbird Diet
Boat Club - Always Away
Francesco De Masi - Hong Kong Promenade
Yo La Tengo - Our Way To Fall
Serge Gainsbourg - Ballade de Melody Nelson
RD Burman ft. Asha Bhosle - Main Hoon Lilly
Orquestre Veve - Venus
Nick Jaina - Walking Into a Burning House
The Millennium - 5 A.M.
Nina Nastasia - A Dog's Life
Keene Brothers - Death of the Party
Jim O'Rourke - Halfway to a Threeway

Guanaco - Sleep
Pan American - Shining Book
Grouper - Little Gray Cat
Differnet - Viloläge/Mikrophonie
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Morning Song
Shirley Collins & Davy Graham - The Cherry Tree Carol
Rod Poole - December '96
Jean Cohan-Solal - Raga Du Matin
Pekko Käppi - Mariainen
James Beaudreau - Twig
The Golden Oaks - Blue Werewolf with Rainbow Eyes
6majik9 - Dance of the Drone Bees
Fennesz/Sakamoto - Trace
Zak Riles - Slack Key

Albert Ayler - Holy Spirit
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Maremaillette
Hwyl Nofio - The Fish in the Tide
Manual - Astoria
Psychic Ills - Fingernail Tea
Tied & Tickled Trio - The Long Tomorrow
Animal Collective - Bluish
Kishore Kumar - O Saathi Re
Kim Jung Mi - ????
Teta Lando - Muato Wa N'gingila
The Pearl Sisters - Hate It
David Axelrod - Holy Thursday
Don Sebesky - Guru-vin
Black Merda - Cynthy-Ruth
The Lebron Brothers - Don't Be Afraid
Byard Lancaster - Work and Pray
Donovan - The Obversation
Sonny Bono - Pammie's on a Bummer
Helen Merrill - My Favourite Things
Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - Stranger in Paradise
Dino Valente - Birdses
Mance Lipscomb - Ella Speed
Chris Thompson - Where Is My Wild Rose?
The Incredible String Band - Air
Bridget St. John - Curl Your Toes
Sonny Sharrock - Broken Toys

Fill-in for Sunday Breakfast, 8:30-12am
Windy & Carl - Sunrise
Tujiko Noriko/Lawrence English/John Chantler - I Can Hear The Heart
Colleen - I'll Read You a Story
Scott Tuma - Fishen
Brethren of the Free Spirit - The Sun Tears Itself From the Heavens and Comes Crashing Down Upon the Multitude
Lau Nau - Plakkikanteletar
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Jolene
Manu Dibango - Ceddo End Title
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - At the Break of Day
Glenn Jones - Little Dogs Day
Neil Halstead - No Mercy for the Muse
Brian Bennett - Image
Dennis Gonzalez & Faruz Z. Bey with Northwoods Improvisers Septet - Kuntu
Richard Schneider Jr. - Hello Beach Girls
Annette Peacock - Rubber Hunger
Savath & Savalas - Folk Song for a Cello
Ennio Morricone - Deep Down
The Sheiks - Ya Ha Bi Bi
Ana y Jaime - A Desalambrar
Lalo Schifrin - Secret Code
Aerovons - She's Not Dead
Yol Aularong - Brokenhearted Gentleman
Lulu - You and I
Kaki King - Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers
David Bowie - A New Career in a New Town
Margo Guryan - Sun
Pell Mell - Nothing Lies Still Long
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Observatory Crest
Francoise Hardy - When I Get Through with You (Quel Mal Y A-t-il A Ca)
Nina Simone - Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
My Teenage Stride - Reversal
Harmonia - Gollum
Peggy Honeywell - Darlin' Man
Los Shains - Ella No Esta Alli
Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard - Pop Zeus
Superchunk - Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama)
Felt - Primitive Painters
Voxtrot - Trouble
Belly - Gepetto
Do Make Say Think - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Cast King - Wrong Time To Be Right
James Blackshaw - River of Heaven

Oren Ambarchi - Girl with the Silver Eyes
Fabriek Bakker Fabriek - Fabriek Bakker Fabriek
Suasarama - Fajar di Atas Awan
Autistic Daughters - Florence Crown, Last Replay
MV & EE with the Golden Road - Weatherhead Hollow
Jonuzi Me Shoket - Vome Kaba
Raksha Mancham - Nymphs of the Desert
Psychic Ills - Mantis
Stag Hare - Crystal Dust Dream
Zelionople - Family Beast
Pocahaunted - Silk Fog Traveler

Fill-in for Sunday Breakfast, 9-12am
James Blackshaw - The Elk with Jade Eyes
Tortoise - I Set My Face to the Hillside
Jimmy Behan - Granby Row
Keren Ann - L'Onde Amere
Lali Puna - Together in Electric Dreams
Lambchop - Prepared
Chris Thompson - Hugo Spellman
Sloan - Junior Panthers
Sidney Bechet - I Want You Tonight
Nancy Wilson - The Christmas Waltz
Odetta - Gallows Tree Gallows Pole
Hanne Hukkelberg - Cast Anchor
Laura Nyro - Poverty Train
Wes Montgomery - Mr. Walker (Renie)
Piero Piccioni - Acapulco
Professor Johnson - Standing in the Safety Zone
Juliette Greco - Le Tour du Monde
Roy Harper - One of Those Days in England
Luna - Tiger Lily
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Astrud Gilberto - Windy
The Go-Betweens - Streets of Your Town
Celestine Ukwu - Okwukwe na Ncheckwube
Al Stewart - I Don't Believe in You
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - The Morning After
Billie Davis & the Leroys - Whatcha Gonna Do
The Marvelettes - Beechwood 4-5789
Brian Sands - Hawaiian Spongecake Holiday
The Dave Pell Singers - Oh Calcutta
Bill Frisell - Good Old People
Fire on Fire - Liberty Unknown
The Chills - Double Summer
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound - Kites
The Pastels - Nothing To Be Done
Annie Philippe - C'est la Mode
The Crayon Fields - Mirror Ball
Tobin Sprout - Beast of Souls
John Fahey - Beverly

Fill-in for Timmy Schumacher, 11-1am
Cloudland Canyon - Harvest Hunt
Lilypad - Untitled 01
Gregg Kowalsky - Tendrils in Vigne
Cloaks - Dream Tape Number One
The Necks - Sex
Youji.O - Voice of Deep Forest
Kuon No Hikari - Eternal Lights
Amer Ammouri - Sabrina
Helena Espvall - Home of Shadows and Whirlwind
Paul Metzger - Orans
Taiga Remains - Untitled
Loren MazzaCane Connors - Moonyean No. 7
Matthew Mullane - A-7
Painting Petals on Planet Ghost - Honoo No Ko
Zeena Parkins - Out of the Past
Dylan Nyoukis - Clay's Festering Lungs
Of - The Jut of Rock
Pantaleimon - Numinosum
Roy Montgomery - Cumulus and Fugue
Ton Vlasman - Fight with a Circular Course
Gianluca Becuzzi - Deep Green Dreamer

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fry Up!

I'll be filling in for Jason Rockpig's Fry Up show this Saturday, Jan 24, 7-9am. Tune in if you're up!