Friday, June 21, 2013

Playlists 06.10.11 - 24.12.11

Woahhh, an update!!

Fill in for The Fry-Up
Rachel Grimes - Every Morning, Birds [Book Of Leaves, Karate Body, ‘09]
Tiny Vipers - Slow Motion [Life On Earth, Sub Pop, ‘09]
Bill Frisell - Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa [Ghost Town, Nonesuch, ‘99]  
Cath and Phil Tyler - Hi-Spy [The Hind Wheels of Bad Luck, No-Fi, ‘09]
Mia Doi Todd - Under the Sun [Cosmic Ocean Ship, City Zen, ‘11]
Nathan Salsburg - Sought & Hidden    [Affirmed, No Quarter, ‘11]
Traveling Echoes - Looking for a Better Place to Live [Various, Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always, Mississippi, ‘09]
Art Tatum - I've Got the World on a String [The Art of Tatum, Jazzlife, ?]
Charlotte Walters - Angel of Sin [7”,  Pathé Marconi EMI, ‘69]
Illaiyaraaja - Chinna Veedu-Chittu Kuruvi (1985) [Play That Beat Mr. Raja: Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry 1984-1991 Vol. 1, Cartilage, ‘11]
U.S. Girls - Island Song [U.S. Girls on KRAAK, (K-RAA-K)3, ‘11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - Antelope [7” split w/ Stag Hare, Inner Islands, ‘10]
Blue Orchids - Sleepy Town [A View From The City (1980-1991), Playtime, ‘91]
Forever Amber - On Top Of My Own Special [The Love Cycle, Advance, ‘69]
Sport of Kings - On a Tall Building [12”, Sport of Kings Productions, ‘81]
John Maus - Hey Moon [We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, Ribbon Music, ‘11]
James Jackson Toth - Nothing Hides [Waiting In Vain, Ryko, ‘08]
Lead Stones - Everlasting Pill [Set + Setting, self-released, ‘11]
The Sea And Cake - Lyrics [The Moonlight Butterfly, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Pinback - Fortress [Summer In Abaddon, Touch and Go, ‘04]
Guitar - House Full of Time [Sunkissed, Morr Music, ‘02]
Starflyer 59 - Give Up The War [Leave Here A Stranger, Tooth & Nail, ‘01]
Zumpano - The Party Rages On [Look What The Rookie Did, Sub Pop, ‘95]
Boston Spaceships - Tabby and Lucy [Let It Beard, Guided by Voices Inc, ‘11]
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - These Days [On Welfare, Captcha, ‘11]
The Boo Radleys - Lazarus [12” version, Creation, ‘94]
Silver Sun - This 'n' That [s/t, Polydor, ‘97]
My Morning Jacket - The Way That He Sings [At Dawn, Darla, ‘01]  

Leyland Kirby - They Are All Dead, There Are No Skip At All [Eager To Tear Apart The Stars, History Always Favours the Winners, ‘11]  
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Listen, The Snow Is Falling [The Breadwinner, Erstwhile, ‘08]
Max Richter - Retinal [Perfect Sense OST, Metropolis Movie Music, ‘11]
Hallock Hill - Needing Bones [There He Unforeseen, self-released, ‘11]
Danny Paul Grody - Union [In Search of Light, Students of Decay, ‘11]
Richard Youngs - Mercury Lane [Long White Cloud, Grapefruit, ‘11]
Jakob Olausson - Doctor's Deeds [Morning and Sunrise, De Stijl, ‘11]
Larkin Grimm - One Hundred Men [Harpoon Baptism, Secret Eye, ‘05]
John Terlazzo - The Deserter [Honour Among Thieves, private, ‘83]
Trevor Swadling - Wheel of Fortune    [Endless Surprise, ??, ‘82]
Between - Joy...Sadness...Joy[ Dharana, Vertigo, ‘74]  
Okko - Painted Sails on Ganges [Sitar and Electronics, BASF, ‘71]
Plankton Wat - Borneo Canopy [split w/ Super Minerals, c40, Stunned, ‘11]
Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar - Crayon gym [Eclipses, Thrill Jockey, ‘10]
Mark McGuire - Misunderstandings [Misunderstandings, c30, Deception Island, ‘10]
Super Minerals - Ancient Creatures [split w/ Plankton Wat, c40, Stunned, ‘11]

Cian Nugent - Peaks & Troughs [Doubles, VHF, ‘11]
Xela - Potion [Exorcism, Type, ‘11]
Tim Coster - A Place in the Sun [A Place in the Sun, Fictitious Sighs, ‘11]
Jandek - Echo [Your Turn to Fall, Corwood, ‘83]
Serfs - Walking in the Rain [Sha La La-La Later On, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘11]
Enrique Villegas & Ara Tokatlian - Danara [Inspiración, Cabal, ‘76]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica [Replica, Mexican Summer/Software, ‘11]
Hauschka - Paige and Jane [Youyoume, Serein, ‘11]
Woodpecker Wooliams - Trumpets/Lonesome Lullaby [Patryoska, WoolShop Productions, ‘11]  
Myrmyr - Hot Snow 2 & 3 [Fire Star, Under the Spire, ‘11]
Julia Holter - The Falling Age [Tragedy, Leaving, ‘11]
Blues Control & Laraaji - Light Ships    [FRKWYS Vol. 8, Rvng Intl, ‘11]
Clem Leek - Away In America [Various, Festive Greetings from Hibernate & Home Normal, Hibernate, ‘11l]

Stephan Mathieu - To Describe George Washington Bridge  [To Describe George Washington Bridge, Dekorder, ‘11]
Robert Haigh - Panta Rhei (Improvisation On A Theme) [Strange And Secret Things, Siren, ‘11]
Isan - Eastside [mp3, Kesh, ‘11]
Andrew Pekler - Moon Velvet (Shadows, Whispers, Rivers, Windmills) [Sentimental Favourites, Dekorder, ‘11]
Swod - Sans Peau [Drei, City Centre Offices, ‘11]
Les Beyond - To Prisms [Grey Skies Thru Grey Eyes, Isolated Now Waves, ‘09]  
Alhaji Bai Konte - Jula Jekere [Kora Melodies From The Republic Of The Gambia, West Africa, Rounder, '73]
Atahualpa Yupanqui - El Bien Perdido [Die Andengitarre, Pläne, ‘77]
Amjad Ali Khan - Zila-Kafi (Ragamala) [Sarod, Ocora-Inde du Nord, ‘04]
Erik K Skodvin - Graves [Flare, Sonic Pieces, ‘10]
Expo '70 - Trajectory Rhythms [Journey Through Astral Projection, Immune, ‘11]
Ilyas Ahmed - In Desire [Arroyo, CDr, Digitalis, ‘08]
Quilt - Rabid Love [s/t, Mexican Summer, ‘11]

Pumice - Spike/Spear [Pebbles, Soft Abuse, ‘07]  
Alexander Turnquist - Idle Nightmare [Apneic, Kning Disk, ‘07]
Minamo - Handbook [Documental, Room40, ‘11]
Ryley Walker and Daniel Bachman - A Most Loving Spirit [Of Deathly Premonitions, Plustapes, ‘11]
Reedbeds - Untitled 1 [Swells On High, Hooker Vision, ‘11]
High Wolf - Fuji Descent [Atlas Nation, Holy Mountain, ‘11]
Woodsman - Manual Control [digital 7”, Beko, ‘11]
Belbury Poly - Owls and Flowers [The Owl's Map, Ghost Box, ‘06]
Richard Moult - Suite For Titouan II [Suite For Titouan, CDr, Dala Horse, ‘09]
Edgar Froese - Maroubra Bay [Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, Virgin, ‘75]
Blues Control & Laraaji - Awakening Day [FRKWYS Vol. 8, Rvng Intl, ‘11]  
Ilyas Ahmed & Grouper - IV [Live At Aquarius Records, CDr, 10]  
Golden Brown - Louis [Lonesome, self-released, ‘11]
Peter Broderick - Until the Person is Apprehended [Music for Confluence, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita [Parallax, 4AD, ‘11]  

Plinth - Sirens [Music for Smalls Lighthouse, CDr, Second Language, ‘11]
Joanna Brouk - The Reminder of Long Ago [Sounds of the Sea, Hummingbird Productions, ‘81]
Laura J Martin & The Simondsound - Inside your Bones [7”, Battered Ornaments, ‘11]
Kate Bush - Snowflake [50 Words For Snow, Fish People, ‘11]
Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 33 [Various, Erik Satie & Les Nouveaux Jeunes, Arbouse Recordings, ‘11]
Christina Vantzou - Homemade Mountains [N° 1, Kranky, ‘11]
Nick Castell - Nestos [Deep Beneath the Mountain in the Palace of Owls, self-released, ‘11]
Goldmund - Shenandoah [All Will Prosper, Western Vinyl, ‘11]
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities  - For Sparrow [Blue Highways, For Arbors/For Satellites, ‘11]
Jack Allett - Place, Memory And Forgetting [The Collapsing Middle, Blackest Rainbow, 11]
James Bloodbeard - Fruit Basket [s/t, CDr, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Jackson C. Frank - Goodbye To My Loving You [Blues Run The Game, re Castle Music, ‘03]
Charlie Parr - Asa Jones' Blues [Criminals And Sinners, Misplaced Music, ‘04]
Fred McDowell - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning [The Alan Lomax Recordings, Mississippi/Global, Jukebox, ‘11]
James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg - The Queue Outside The Night Ministry [Avos, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Kushal Das - Gat in Jhaptal; Gat in Drut Tintal; Jhala in Drut Tintal [Raga Marwa, Ocora France, ‘05]

James Ferraro - Solar Panel Smile [Far Side Virtual, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Tortoise - In Sarah, Mencken, Christ & Beethoven There Were Women and Men [The Black Sessions, Sangatte, ‘09]
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Eight Nineteen [Luminaries & Synastry, Digitalis, ‘11]
Ben Fleury-Steiner - The Dreamlife of Birds [The Places That Find You, Low Point, ‘11]
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - Souvent [Opaque, ??]
A Broken Consort - A Sundering Path [Box Of Birch, Tompkins Square, ‘09]
Spectre Folk - Smokin' [Smokin With The Alien, CDr, Arbitrary Signs, ‘09]
3 Hur-El - Kol Basti [Hürel Arsivi, Diskotür, ‘76; re World Psychedelia, ‘03]
The Orkustra - Bombay Calling [Adventures In Experimental Electric Orchestra From The San Francisco Psychedelic Underground, Mexican Summer, ‘10]
Ed Yazijian - Piece for Four Violins [Gansrud, HP Cycle, ‘11]
Drum Circus - Magic Theatre [Magic Theatre, ‘72; re Garden of Delights, ‘03]
Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) [936, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Hoop Earrings in the Slush [s/t, Bark and Hiss/Wagon, ‘11]
Michael James Tapscott - End Titles [Sunny California OST, Digitalis, ‘10]

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce - Sangue [La Piramide di Sangue, Yeveran Tapes, ‘11]
Xela - Halloween [Halloween/Suspiria, 7”, Type, ‘08]
Philip Glass - Etoile Polaire (North Star) [North Star, Virgin International, ‘77]
Illuha - Saika [Shizuku, 12k, ‘11]
Food Pyramid - Alpine Valley Shelter Point  [New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques, Debacle, 11]
Marissa Nadler - The River (featuring Faces on Film & Amelia Emmet) [Covers Volume II, self-released, ‘11]
Jack Rose - Yaman Blues [Opium Musick, Eclipse, ‘03]
Travadinha - Blimundo [The Violin of Cape Verde (Le Violon Du Cap Vert), Buda Musique, ‘96]
James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg - A Free Amft [Avos, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Kathy & Carol - The Beauty Bright [s/t, Elektra, ‘65]
Shira Small - Eternal Life [Various, Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon, The Numero Group, ‘06]
Mazzy Star - Common Burn  [single, Rhymes of an Hour, ‘11]
Caethua - Surface Waters and Underground Seals [The Summer is Over Before It's Begun, Water Wing, ‘11]    
Michael Rother - Fontana Di Luna [Sterntaler, Sky, ‘78]
Django Reinhardt - Improvisation No.3, Pt. 1  [In Solitaire: Complete Recordings for Solo Guitar, Definitive, ‘05]
Suni McGrath - The Lion of Judah [Childgrove, Adelphi, ‘72]
The Tree People - Thomas [Human Voices, ‘84; re Guerssen, ‘09 ]
Scott Walker - Duchess [Scott 4, Philips/Fontana, ‘69]
Ted Lucas - Baby Where You Are [s/t, private, ‘75; re Yoga, ‘10]

Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano - New Voices [Under a Double Moon, Roaratoria, '11]
The Necks - Daylights [Mindset, ReR, ‘11]
Marcel Pequel  - November [12 Months, headphonica, ‘08]
Ursula Bogner  - Trabant [Sonne = Blackbox, Faitiche, ‘11]
D. Charles Speer - Lost Dervish [Arghiledes, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Seventh Sons - Raga [Raga (4:00 A.M. At Frank's), ESP Disk, ‘64]
High Wolf - Kenya Sunset [Atlas Nation, Holy Mountain, ‘11]
Town And Country - Sleeping In The Midday Sun [5, Thrill Jockey, ‘03]
The Necks - Rum Jungle [Mindset, ReR, ‘11]
White Rainbow - Guitars [Prism of Eternal Now, Kranky, ‘07]

Adderall Canyonly - Things Like Planes [Asuuna, Field Hymns, ‘11]
Brown Bread - Candy Apple [Is Dead, self-released, ‘11]
Maria Minerva  - Tallinn At Dawn [Tallinn At Dawn, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Ignatz - Slumber with Great Peace [Selected Songs from Cassettes 2005-2009,  (K-RAA-K)³, ‘10]
Chuck Johnson - Down in Flames or Not at All [A Struggle Not a Thought, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Katwijk [Maria Kapel, Pavilion, ‘11]
Nils Frahm - Keep [Felt, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - Spiralling Skeleton Memorial [Waking Into Sleep, Kning Disk, ‘06]
The North Sea  - City View [Last Great November, Private Chronology, ‘11]
Tony Conrad With Faust - From the Side of the Machine [Outside the Dream Syndicate, ‘73; re Table of the Elements, ‘93]
Rufus Harley - King [King/Queens, Atlantic, ‘70]
April in the Orange - Side B [When a River Meets the Sea, Sloowtapes, ‘11]
Joshua - Footsteps [Life Less Lost, Feather One’s Nest, ‘98]
Pearls Before Swine - The Surrealist Waltz [One Nation Underground, ESP, ‘67]
Meg Baird - Beatles and the Stones [Seasons On Earth, Drag City, ‘11]

Loren Connors - On Our Way [Red Mars, Family Vineyard, ‘11]
Harold Budd - Three-Fingered Jack  [In The Mist, Darla, ‘11]
Run DMT - Montana Mountain Groan [Dreams, c30, Culture Dealer, ‘11]  
Tim Hecker - Sketch 1 [Dropped Pianos, Kranky, ‘11]
oldwyoming. - weweretoliveourlivesasconquistadores [When Debord Met Salinger On The Slowly Lapping Shores Of The Aasee Lake, self-released, ‘11]
Rain Drinkers - Hyacinth [Springtide, Reverb Worship, ‘11]  
Charalambides - Autumn Leaves [Exile, Kranky, ‘11]  
Eleanoora Rosenholm - Kolo  [Hyväile minua pimeä tähti, Fonal, ‘11]
Popol Vuh - Heart Of Glass (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin Edit) (A Critical Mass Remix)  [Popol Vuh: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999, SPV, ‘11]
Psychic Ills - Mexican Wedding [Hazed Dream, Sacred Bones, ‘11]  
Pentangle - House Carpenter [Basket Of Light, Transatlantic, ‘69]
Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Sharron Kraus - Willie of Winsbury [Leaves From Off The Tree, Bo’Weavil, ‘06]
Laura Arkana met Peter Broderick - Huilen [Lentemusiek, Hush, ‘11]
George Harrison/ London Radha-Krishna Temple - Bhajahu Re Mana [Chant And Be Happy!, Apple, ‘91]
Hamza El Din - Escalay: The Water Wheel [Escalay: The Water Wheel, Nonesuch, ‘98]

Brian Eno - Discreet Music [Discreet Music, EG, ‘75]
Plinth - Message in the Village [Music for Smalls Lighthouse, CDr, Second Language, ‘11]
Ellen Fullman - Through Glass Panes [Through Glass Panes, Important, ‘11]
Natural Snow Buildings - H. Scudder     [Chants Of Niflheim, Blackest Rainbow, ‘11]
Suishou No Fune - Cherry [Bonsai No Ie, 8mm, ‘11]  
Tuusanuuskat - Tippa 5 [Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet, Fonal, ‘11]
Charalambides - Into the Earth [Exile, Kranky, ‘11]

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Minuet for a Cheap Piano [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]
Mike Garrett - The Call of the Cicada     [The Call of the Cicada, self-released, ‘11]
Matthew Mullane - Untitled No. 1 [mp3, Live at WFMU 22.08.11]
Ry Cooder & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt - Isa Lei [A Meeting by the River, Water Lily Acoustics, ‘93]
Unknown Artist - Kathik Nganggo Nglirik [Various, Street Musicians of Yogyakarta, Mississippi, ‘11]
Nick Jonah Davis - Fred and Evelyn    [Of Time and Tides, Tompkins Square, '11]
Zavijava Orchestra - Crystal Caverns [Rivers of Light, Mu Psych, ‘86]
Keith Freund - He Noticed I'm Alive... and Other Hopeful Signs [Constant Comments, Experimedia, ‘11]
Golden Brown - Ravine [Lonesome, self-released, ‘11]
Michael James Tapscott with Andrew Kenower - MJT8 [Challenger, Digitalis, ‘11]
Iasos - Osiris Bull-Man & Elephant Walk [Inter-Dimensional Music, United, ‘75]
Nite Lite - Cajón/Swenson [Marlene, Stunned, ‘11]
Bruce Miller - Radio Banjo Locust [Field Recordings from India, ‘11]
Cooper-Moore - (a) The Forest [A Retrospective 1990-2010]
Mas Sujud - Dagdut medley [Various, Street Musicians of Yogyakarta, Mississippi, ‘11]
Sir Richard Bishop - Backcastle [Knucklehead Freefall, CDr, self-released, ‘07]
Popol Vuh - Brüder des Schattens [OST, Nosferatu, Egg, ‘78]
Popol Vuh - Train through time (long version) [Popol Vuh: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999, SPV, ‘11]
Stag Hare - A Rose For The White Witch [Spirit Canoes, Inner Islands, ‘11]
Meg Baird - Song for Next Summer    [Seasons On Earth, Drag City, ‘11]
Suzanne Ciani  - The Fourth Wave: Wind in the Sea    [Seven Waves, Atlantic, ‘82]
Black Eagle Child - Cycle to the Moon [Pages on a Plane, Under the Spire, ‘11]