Saturday, December 28, 2013

2012 Playlists

Fill in for the Fry-Up
Brightblack Morning Light - A Rainbow Aims [Motion To Rejoin, Matador, ‘08]
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  - Late Day Sun Silhouettes [Luminaries & Synastry, Digitalis, ‘11]
Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart - Parallel Flights [Road to Palios, Bella Union, ‘12]
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. [Colossal Youth, Rough Trade, ‘80; re Domino, ‘27]
Tortoise - Hot Coffee [single, Joyful Noise, ‘12]
Gene Clark - Echoes [With The Gosdin Brothers, Columbia, ‘67]
Rod Hamilton - Ruca [Teal, Player Press, '12]
Joe Meek & the Blue Men - The Bublight [I Hear a New World, RPM, ‘91]
A.C. Newman - I'm Not Talking [Shut Down the Streets, Matador, ‘12]
Clinic - Bubblegum [Bubblegum, Domino, ‘10]
The Sea And Cake - Harps [Runner, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Shugo Tokumaru - Shirase [In Focus?, Polyvinyl, ‘13]
The Comsat Angels - Always Near [My Minds Eye, Caroline, ‘93]
Yo La Tengo - Ohm [Fade, Matador, ‘13]
Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band - Just As The Tide Was A 'Flowing [No Roses, Pegasus, ‘71]
Shirley Scott - Latin Shadows [Latin Shadows, Impulse!, ‘65]
The Lay Llamas - African Spacecraft Lift-off Journey And Landing [s/t, c30, Jozik, ‘12]
Melvin Jackson - Silver Cycles [Funky Skull, Limelight, ‘69]
Ennio Morricone  - The Braying Mule [OST, Django Unchained, Universal Republic, ‘12]
Hakki Obadia, Eddie "Sheik" Hochak - Ripples of the Nile [Various, Jazz & Xitzaz No. 2, Jazz & Tzaz, ‘98]
Asakawa Maki - Zenkasha No Kurisumasu [Asakawa Maki no Sekai, ‘70]
The Paley Brothers - Come Out and Play [s/t, Sire, ‘78]
John Maus - No Title (Molly) [A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material, Ribbon Music, ‘12]
Sharon Van Etten - Serpents [Tramp, Jagjaguwar, ‘12]
Pavement - Starlings of the Slipstream [Brighten the Corners, Matador, '97]

Oren Ambarchi - The Nil Girl Plateau [Raga Ooty, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]
Pelt - From The Lakebed [Effigy, MIE Music, ‘12]
Kartik Trivedi - Basanti-Aochar, Gat in Teent [Basanti: Indian Raga Music On Piano, Sharda, ‘80]
Robbie Basho - Rocky Mountain Raga [Bonn Ist Supreme, Bo’Weavil, ‘08]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Malgunji [The Living Room Sessions Part 1, East Meets West, ‘12]
Purbayan Chatterjee - Raga Malgunji [New Horizons, Rhyme, ‘06]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Jog [Three Ragas, World Pacific, ‘67]

Ballrogg - Breakfast Music [Cabin Music, Hubro, ‘12]
Brethren Of The Free Spirit - I Am A Flower Of Sharon And A Rose In The Valley [The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb, Important, ‘08]
Tashi Dorji - Untitled 8 [Guitar Improvisations, Headway Recordings, ‘12]
Anna Gourari - Prelude in b minor (J.S.Bach-A. Siloti) [Canto Oscuro, ECM, ‘12]
William Basinski - d|lp 4 [The Disintegration Loops, Temporary Residence, ‘12]
Nick Mott - Intricate Metals [The Visitors, Altvinyl, ‘12]
Faceplant - Ride The Ether [Split w/ Bitchin Bajas, Bathetic, ‘12]
Isengrind - Strigele Tanz [Modlitewnik, Blackest Rainbow, ‘10]
Floating Gardens - Tonefloat in Omni [Split w/ Slag Heap, Field Studies, ‘10]
Alexandra Grimal - Cassiopée [Andromeda, Ayler, ‘12]
Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille - La Belle Dame sans Merci [I Wish I Didn't Dream, Northern Spy, ‘12]
Colleen - Will You Gamelan For Me? [Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique, Leaf, ‘06]

Hauschka - Ping (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) [Salon des Amateurs Remixes, Fat Cat, ‘12]
Fabulous Diamonds - Inverted Vamp [Commercial Music, Chapter Music, ‘12]
Gila - Kollektivitat [s/t, BASF, ‘71]
Sun Araw - Horse Steppin [Live at Echo Curio, 15-11-08]
Novoe Tsarstvo - Voda Naidet [Voda Naidet Teply Dym, Cae-Sur-A, ‘12]
The Lay Llamas - The Voice Of The Big Snake Wait And Learn [s/t, c30, Jozik, ‘12]
Jackie-O Motherfucker - The Corner [Ballads of the Revolution, Fire, ‘09]
Cults Percussion Ensemble - Baia [s/t, Trunk, ‘12]
Paavoharju - Puhuri [Yhä Hämärää, Fonal, ‘05]
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sparkling World [The Ann Steel Album, Durium, ‘79]
Nick Drake - Cello Song [Five Leaves Left, Island, ‘69]
Lee Hazlewood - A House Safe for Tigers (Choir) [A House Safe for Tigers, CBS, ‘75; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - Holdrakèta [My Hand Holding a Still Photograph of the Same Scene, c64, Hooker Vision, ‘12]
Difference Clouds - Amethyst Moors [Shiro, c40, Tranquility Tapes, ‘12]
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - The Mystery of Heaven (Long Version) [The Mystery of Heaven, Sacred Bones, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - Calm Bearer [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]

Cha Cha Shaw - Right On [Kingdom Come, Smithsonian Folkways, ‘79; re Kindred Spirits, ‘09]
Mushroom - Peace [Joint Happening, Hyena, ‘07]
Von Himmel - Florid Pagoda [Florid Pagoda, Donkey Disk, ‘12]
Keijo - Sand and Sunshine [Soon With The Sun, CDr, 267 Lattajjaa, ‘04]
Anvil Salute - Your Telephone Body [Black Bear Rug, Deep Water Acres, ‘12]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Khamaj [The Living Room Sessions Part 1, East Meets West, ‘12]
Ballrogg - Swedish Country [Cabin Music, Hubro, ‘12]
Bell Gardens - Fruitcup [Full Sundown Assembly, Southern Records, ‘12]
Julia Holter - Gold Dust Woman [Various, Rumours Revisited, Mojo, ‘12]
Ray Stinnett - You & I [A Fire Somewhere, ‘71; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
Raajmahal - Side A [Tishna, Sloow Tapes, ‘12]
Insa Donja Kai - End Silence [Insomnie Joyeuse, Sonic Pieces, ‘12]
Hladowski & Joynes - The Bitter Withy [The Wild Wild Berry, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]

Terry Riley - Keyboard Study 2 [split w/ Pierre Mariétan, Keyboard Study 2 / Initiative 1 (+ Systèmes), BYG, ‘68]  
William Kraft - Theme And Variations for percussion quartet [Percussion By William Kraft, Crystal, ‘72]
Clime - Side A [Rift-Valley Landing, Sunk Series, ‘12]
Pelt - Wings Of Dirt [Effigy, MIE Music, ‘12]  
No-Neck Blues Band - Letters From The Serth [Letters From The Serth, SER, ‘98]
A.R. & Machines - Station 2: Beautiful Babylon [Die Grüne Reise, Polydor, ‘71]
Munju - Cosmische Mullabfuhr [Brot + Spiele, Schneeball, ‘80]
Ignatz - Everyday Vodka [Because Time Is Too Short, c40, Taping Policies, ‘12]
Eternal Tapestry - Inifinty Within [Prometheus Rising, CDr, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Pink Floyd - Rain in the Country (Take 1) [Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions, Two Certain Somebodies, ‘04]

Jack Rose - Cathedral Et Chartres [I Do Play Rock And Roll, Three Lobed, ‘08]
Daniel Bachman - Long Nights I [Seven Pines, Tompkins Square, ‘12]
Anne Briggs - Sandman's Song [The Time Has Come, CBS, ‘71]  
Cults Percussion Ensemble - Polymers [s/t, Trunk, ‘12]
Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band - The Boy Who Cried Worth [The Willing of the Wisps, Haute Magie, ‘12]
The Gentle Good - Ocean Is King [Tethered For The Storm, Gwymon, ‘11]
Kaki King - Marche Slav [Glow, Velour, ‘12]  
Julia Holter - Für Felix [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl., ‘12]
Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer - Hard Times Killing Floor Blues [From the Great American Songbook, Preservation, ‘08]
Caroline Weeks - See Where Capella and Her Golden Kids  [Songs For Edna, Manimal, ‘09]
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Krakow [Silfra, Universal / Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Popol Vuh - They Danced, They Laughed, As Of Old [Agape-Agape (Love-Love), Vivid, ‘83]
Guardian Alien - See The World Given To A One Love Entity (edit) [See The World Given To A One Love Entity, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Krokodil - Odyssey In Om (Live, edit) [The Psychedelic Tapes (‘70-‘72), Second Battle, ‘05]
Duane Pitre - Monolithic Youth [Monolithic Youth, Sonic Meditations, ‘12]  
Ignatz - (Oh) I Know You [Because Time Is Too Short, c40, Taping Policies, ‘12]
Tim Buckley - Chase the Blues Away [Live at the Troubadour 1969, Rhino, ‘94]

Venn Rain - Foreign Body [Humming Hills, GoldTimers Tapes, ‘11]
Menstrual Chinese Dream - III [s/t, CDr, Nature Tape Limb, ‘05]
Grouper  - Moving Machine [Water People 7", Ballroom Marfa, ‘11]
Bronze Horse - n°4 [s/t, Oakhill, ‘10]
Okko - Himalaya Highway [Sitar and Electronics, BASF, ‘71]
Robbie Basho - Elk Dreamer's Lament [Visions Of The Country, Windham Hill, ‘78]
The Beatles - Love You To [Revolver, Capitol, ‘66]
Pigeons - Laisse Tomber Les Filles [Liasons, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
Pax Nicholas and the Nettey Family - Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef [Na Teef Know De Road of Teef, Daptone, ‘09]
Between - Uroboros [And The Waters Opened, Vertigo, ‘73]
Rangda - Tres Hambres [Formerly Extinct, Drag City, ‘12]
Lau Nau - Kuoleman tappajan kuolema [Valohiukkanen, Fonal, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Cameo [Blue Far, self-released, ‘12]
Mpala Garoo - Fatu Hiva Feeling [Sur Satori, Digitalis, ‘11]
Anvil Salute - Get In When You Feel In [Black Bear Rug, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘12]
Plankton Wat - Orange Clouds [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
The Habibiyya - Mandola [If Man But Knew, Island, ‘12]

Rafael Toral - Wave Field 5 [Wave Field, Moneyland, '95; re Dexter's Cigar/Drag City, '98]
Jonny Greenwood - Overtones [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]
Panda Bear - Scheherazade  [Tomboy, Paw Tracks, ‘11]
Laurie Spiegel - Three Sonic Spaces II [Unseen Worlds, Scarlet, ‘91]
Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox - Standing Mandala [Connected, Kranky, 12]
Kaliska - Night Spell [split w/ Ashan, Completion, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano - For Adrienne P. [Scraps and Shadows, Roaratorio, ‘12]    
Francis Thorne - Symphony 3 for Strings and Percussion.III-Allegro scherzoso [Music Of Francis Thorne Vol.1, Serenus Corporation, ‘74]  
Insa Donja Kai - Synoise [Insomnie Joyeuse, Sonic Pieces, ‘12]
Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band - Midnight River Hags [The Willing of the Wisps, Haute Magie, ‘12]
Lau Nau - Valolle [Valohiukkanen, Fonal, ‘12]  
Twinsistermoon - The Mirror Land [Bogyrealm Vessels, Handmade Birds, ‘12]

Hawkwind - The Forge Of Vulcan [Quark, Strangeness And Charm, Charisma, ‘77]
Jan Jelinek - Jackdaw [Music For Fragments / Music & Birds, Faitiche, ‘12]
Flying Lotus feat. Erykah Badu - See Thru to U [Until The Quiet Comes, Warp, ‘12]
Max Roach - Rumble in the the Jungle [M'Boom, Columbia, ‘79]
Paul Mark - Ringo O Iwake [East To West, Imperial, ‘61]
Gabor Szabo - The Fortune Teller [Dreams, Skye, ‘68]
Amanar - Ariyalan [Alghafiat, Mississippi/Sahel, ‘12]
Dungen - Krona [Stadsvandringar, Astralwerks, ‘02]
Jan & Lorraine - Bird of Passage [Gypsy People, ABC, ‘69]
Larkin Grimm - Paradise and So Many Colors [Soul Retrieval, Bad Bitch, ‘12]
John Cale - Ship Of Fools [Fear, Island, ‘74]
One Dee Group - Jung Jae [Jurig Jurian, ???, ‘78]  
Ustad Sabri Khan - Raga Darbari-Jhala [Raga Darbari, Raga Multani]
Mariano Rodriguez - El Valle del Descanso [El Vuelo Del Chon Chon, self-released, ‘11]
Steven R. Smith - Peeled Stick For A Cane    [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
E. Dresch - Vignette VI [Short Stories, self-released, ‘11]
George Cromarty - De Palma, De Paloma [Wind In The Heather, Dancing Cat, ‘84]
MV & EE - Shit's Creek [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Winter Lady [Covers Volume II, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
The End Springs - They Drove The Land Home [Synergy, CDr, Tired Trails Collective, ‘08]
Harry Taussig - Water Verses [Contemporary Guitar Spring 1967, Takoma, ‘67]
Kaki King - No True Masterpiece Will Ever Be Complete [Glow, Velour, ‘12]
Twinsistermoon - A Glow in the Fields [Bogyrealm Vessels, Handmade Birds, ‘12]
Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - Vaccination (For Thomas Mann) [Instrumental Tourist, Software, ‘12]
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Night Ashes    [Visiting This World, self-released, ‘12]
Evan Caminiti - Absteigend [Dreamless Sleep, Thrill Jockey, '12]

Hoot Owl - Untitled [Untitled, Azriel, ‘11]
Amasa*Gana - Side A [Untitled, c30, Holodeck, ‘12]
Lucky Dragons - Side A [Long Form, Fictitious Sighs, ‘12]
Af Ursin - Elégie [Trois Mémoires Discrètes, La Scie Dorée, ‘12]
Newage Panther Mistique - Untitled 3 [Untitled, CDr, Wabana Ore Limited, ‘05]
Corum - Side B [Beguiling Isles: Born of Earth's Torments, Psychic Sounds, ‘12]
Jan Jelinek - Fragments Two [Music For Fragments / Music & Birds, Faitiche, ‘12]  

Third Ear Band - Air [s/t, Harvest, ‘70]
Million Mists - Vinterlanders [Original Motion, c60, Gift Tapes, ‘11]
Michael Garrick - Temple Dancer [Various, Spiritual Jazz 2: Europe, Jazzman, ‘12]
Rufus Harley - Queens [King-Queens, Atlantic, ‘70]
Josephine Foster & the Victor Herrero Band - Brilliante Estrella [Perlas, Fire, ‘12]
Heaven & Earth - Refuge [Refuge, Ovation, ‘73]
John Leach - Shopping Area [Arabia, Music de Wolfe, ‘71]
Richard Schneider Jr. - High [Dreamlike Land, Havest, ‘77]
Spirogyra - The Furthest Point [Bells, Boots And Shambles, Polydor, ‘73]
Barış Manço - Bin Boganin Kizi [Dağlar Dağlar, Sayan, ‘90]  
Bugskull - Concave Life [Phantasies and Senseitions, Road Cone, ‘94]
Jessica Bailiff - This is Real (Soft & Feral) [At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky, Kranky, ‘12]
FWY! - Subdivision [San Clemente, Burundi Cloud, ‘12]
Jonny Greenwood - Able-Bodied Seamen [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]
East New York Ensemble de Music - Mevlana [At the Helm, Folkways, ‘74]  
Sylvester Anfang II - Assassijn [Perzische Tapijten, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘12]
Brother Ong - Flower And Hand Ceremony [Deep Water Creation, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘11]
Jo Stafford - No Other Love [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]

Lunar Miasma - Fields [Managing The Dream, Tranquility Tapes, ‘12]
Sun Araw - Grip [The Inner Treaty, Drag City/Sun Ark, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - Mirror-Shield [Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches, self-released, ‘08; re Ba Da Bing, ‘12]
Richard Moult  - Song for Mourie [Yclypt, Second Language, ‘12]
Porzellan - The Shelf Of Stars [The Lost Library, Cotton Goods, ‘12]
Nils Frahm - Re [Screws, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Hladowski & Joynes - Higher Germanie [The Wild Wild Berry, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]
John Jacob Niles - The Turtle Dove    [The Boone-Tolliver Recordings, LM Dupli-cation, ‘12]
Harry Taussig - Living in the City [Fate Is Only Twice, Tompkins Square, ‘12]
Land of Kush - Tunnel Visions [Monogamy, Constellation, ‘12]
Shikh El Houcine el Khouribgui - Track 2 [Hicham Atlas, ???]
Former Selves - Evening Rituals [Build, CDr, Hooker Vision, ‘12]
John Cale & Terry Riley - The Hall Of Mirrors In The Palace At Versailles [Church Of Anthrax, Columbia, ‘71]
M. Sage - Timber Loss [Music for Interior Shadows, Patient Sounds, ‘11]  
Dredd Foole with MV & EE - Oro Is God (featuring Christiina Madoniia) [Blues Sermon With Congregation, Humito, ‘12]
Flying Horseman - Heap [Wild Eyes, Conspiracy, ‘10]
Roy Harper - My Friend [Sophisticated Beggar, JHL 105, ‘66; re Science Friction, ‘94 ]
The Child Readers - Fear of Nature [Various, Windswept Trees & Houses, Jewelled Antler, ‘02]
Library Tapes - Sun Peeking Through [Sun Peeking Through, Auetic, ‘12]

John Fahey - View East From The B&O Railroad Viaduct And The Riggs Road Intersection [The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick: Live at The Matrix San Francisco, California 1968/1969, Water, ‘04]
Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles - A Stranger's Map of Texas [Natch 7, Natch, ‘12]
Bert Jansch - Avocet [Avocet, Charisma, ‘79]
Selections from Oh Michael, Look What You've Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman [Various, Tompkins Square, ‘12]  
Thurston Moore - It Didn't Work Out
Meg Baird - No Song to Sing
Maddy Prior - The Prospector
Nick Jonah Davis - Little Molly's Dream
Neil Halstead - Wittgenstein's Arm [Palindrome Hunches, Brushfire, ‘12]
Vashti Bunyan - Don't Believe [Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967, Dicristina Stair Builders, ‘07]
Mattia Coletti - Pitagora [The Land, Wallace, ‘12]
Daniel Bachman - Sita Ram (Who is God?) [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
M. M. Peres - Side A  [La Evolución del Notocordio, self-released, ‘12]
Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Grandma [Ancient Patience Wills It Again, Hairy Spider Legs, ‘12]
Plains - On the Rise [Various, Leaves of Life, Buck Curran / Borne! ‘09]
Richard & Linda Thompson - A Heart Needs a Home [Hokey Pokey, Island, ‘75]
Raajmahal - Unknown Metals [s/t, Kelippah, ‘12]

Anahita - Annayourna, I [Arcana En Cantos, CDr, Deserted Village, ‘06]
Plusplus - Windings [Evils, La bèl netlabel, ‘11]
Cubs - Untitled [The Cubs’ Tapes, 3” CDr, Rusted Rail, ‘11]
Visitor - Close Encounters [7”, Electrola, ‘78]
Ruth Ben-Zvi - Sharkia [Israeli Percussion, Prestige International, ‘63?]
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kaly - Barcelona-Cantabria [Taxidoscopio, Heaven & Earth, ‘06]
Alice Cohen - The Lacemakers [Pink Keys, Olde English Spelling Bee / Crinoline ‘12]
Sunil Ganguly - Om Shanti Om [Swinging Hits, EMI, ‘81]
Bhajan Sopori - Raag Kaushik Dhwani, Alaap & Gat In Ektaal [Santoor Recital, Chaar Prahar On Santoor-Morning & Night, Divine Santoor, ??]
Ricardo Donoso - Reflection & Rotation [Assimilating the Shadow, Digitalis, ‘12]
Cluster & Eno - untitled [live in Paris, November 1977, unreleased]

Richard Osborn - The Glance [Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations, Free Range Raga, ‘12]
Sophie Hutchings - Half Hidden [Night Sky, Preservation, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - Vessel [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]
James Blackshaw - And I Have Come Upon This Place By Lost Ways [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Robert Fripp / Andrew Keeling / David Singleton - Pie Jesu  [The Wine of Silence, DGM Live, ‘12]
Kandahar - Spel I [Spel, Hara Productions, ‘83; re Taped Sounds, ‘12]
Expo '70 - Pulsing Rings Of Ice [Beguiled Entropy, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]
Dr. Eckasha Aah Ahalaa - Track 03 [Desert Lotus Series, Desert Lotus/Brave Mysteries, ‘12]
Astral Social Club - Rubber Lagg (Kufuki remix) [Magic Smile, Wonderyou, ‘12]
Pigeons - Invitations [Liasons, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
The Diamond Family Archive - Spring Pt 1a [The Death Of Kung Fu, Tired Trails, ‘10]
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Jabberwocky [Alice Through The Looking Glass, ‘69; re Acme, ‘08]
Michael Hurley - What'llya Do / What'llya Say? [Back Home with Drifting Woods, ‘64/65; re Mississippi Records, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Save Me a Place [mp3, self-released, ‘12]
Shelagh Mcdonald - Odyssey [Stargazer, B&C, ‘71; re Mooncrest, ‘99]
East - Beautiful Morning [s/t, Capitol, ‘72]
Flying Canyon - Black April [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘06]
Blind Joe ''Willie'' Reynolds - Third Street Woman Blues [Various, Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers 1928-1930, Document, ‘08]
Mia Doi Todd - Canto de Lemanjá [Cosmic Ocean Ship, City Zen, ‘11]

Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear [Stratosfear, Virgin, ‘76]
Laszlo Hortobagyi - Ragamelan [6th All-India Music Conference, Erdenklang, ‘95]  
Herbie Hancock - Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [Mwandishi, Warner, ‘71]
Blues Control - Iron Pigs [Valley Tangents, Drag City, ‘12]
Fabulous Diamonds - John Song [Commercial Music, Chapter Music, ‘12]
Francesco De Masi - C'è Sartana-seq.1 [OST-C'è Sartana...vendi la pistola e comprati la bara, Beat, ‘70]
Relatively Clean Rivers - The Persian Caravan [s/t, ‘75; re Phoenix, ‘08]
??? - Santa Bary  [Africa, Music De Wolfe, ‘73]
Merit Hemmingson - Gånglåt från Bleckå Anders [Queen of Swedish Hammond Folk Groove, Amigo, ‘05]
Judy Hill - Una donna chiamata apache [???, ‘76]
OMBRE - Weight Those Words [Believe You me, Asthmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Howard Nishioka - Odyseas Over Seas [Street Songs, Otaro, ‘79]
Hundred Waters - Sonnet [s/t, Porter, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - Monsters [7", Blackest Rainbow, '12]
Ravi Shankar - Untitled 5 [OST-Alice In Wonderland, unreleased, ‘66]
Sagram - Morning Glory [Pop Explosion Sitar Style, Windmill, ‘70]
Alessandro Alessandroni & Nora Orlandi - Demon Arise [OST-A Doppia Faccia / La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio, Lucertola Media, ‘98]
James Last - Babalu [Voodoo-Party, Polydor, ‘71]
John Renbourn - Summer Song [The Guitar Of John Renbourn. KPM, ‘77]
Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising [Palindrome Hunches, Brushfire, '12]
Donovan Quinn and Michael James Tapscott - The People of Idaho [Goodbye, Marlene, self-released, '12]

Isengrind - The Psychoduct [Journey Of The 7 Stars, c65, self-released, ‘09]
Windy & Carl - Traveling [Antarctica EP, Darla, ‘97]
Pausal - Fruiting Bodies / Liberty Capped [Forms, Barge, ‘12]
Richard Osborn - The View from San Damiano, With Rain [Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations, Free Range Raga, ‘12]
Hallock Hill - Ausable [The Union, Hundred Acre, ‘11]
Marisa Anderson - The Night Before Last [The Golden Hour, Mississippi Records, ‘09]
Ø+yn / The Failed NASA Experiment - Dilophonotini / Macroglossini / Philampelini / A Recipe for *blank* [split cassette, The Lows and the Highs, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - The Narrow Rooms [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]
OMBRE - Noche Brilla / Dawning [Believe You Me, Asthmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Ancient Ocean - Apostle of Light [I, Sonic Meditations, ‘10]
Goldmund - The Wind Sings [Various, Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland, ‘12]
Seaworthy - Sleep Paths II [Sleep Paths, Slaapwel, ‘12]

United Bible Studies - I Am Providence pt. 1 [I Am Providence, Jellyfant, ‘12]
Loscil - The Sun At Night [Various, Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland, ‘12]
Tim Coster - Compliments [Mediterranean Years, c30, No Kings, ‘12]
Library Tapes - Variation II [Sun Peeking Through, Auetic, ‘12]
Lower Dens - Lion in Winter Pt. 1 [Nootropics, Ribbon Music, ‘12]  
Nicolas Bernier - p3. allegretto [Music for a Piano/Music for a Book, Home Normal, ‘12]
Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Side A, Part I     [Church of the Transfiguration, Benniffer Editions, ‘08]
??? - Untitled 4 [unknown cassette]
Dirty Three - Ends of the Earth [Ocean Songs, Touch and Go, ‘98]  
MV & EE - Sweet Sure Gone [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Willie Lane - Opossum Bin Laden [Guitar Army of One, Cord-Art, ‘12]
C Joynes - Linden Tree [Congo, Bo’ Weavil, ‘11]
Tia Blake - The Rising Of The Moon [Folksongs & Ballads, SFP, ‘71; re Water, ‘11]
Francis MwaKitme - Sikepa Inongwa Mukaye (Tanzania) [Various, The African Guitar Box, Mississippi Records, ‘12]
Ignatz - Stin Ypoga [Various, On A Steady Diet Of Hash, Bread & Salt, Soundeyet, ‘12]
Julia Holter - Moni Mon Amie [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl., ‘12]
Zelienople - Chemist [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Keijo - At Night [Here They Come, CDr, Reverb Worship, ‘09]
Valerio Cosi - Me, A Bearded Crow [Crows Of The World Vol 2, Last Visible Dog, ‘09]
Ocotillo - Track 02 [Desert Lotus Series, Desert Lotus/Brave Mysteries, ‘12]
Monster Rally - Honey [Beyond the Sea, Gold Robot, ‘12]

Gray - Drum Mode [Shades of..., Plush Safe, ‘10]
Jandek - Never Never Never  [The Narrow Road, Corwood Industries, ‘01]
Sun Castle - Room of a Thousand Doors (Room One) [mp3, self-released, ‘12]
Dans Les Arbres - La Fumee [Canopée, ECM, ‘12]
Muhyiddin Ba'yun - Taxim Alal Wahidat [Baidaphon, ??]
Matthew Shipp - Orbit 2 [New Orbit, Thirsty Ear, ‘01]  
Monks Of The Balhill - Watching Tulips Growing [Vibratory Convulsion, CDr, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Eric Copeland - Louie, Louie Louie [Limbo, Underwater Peoples, ‘12]
Sun City Girls - Black Orchid [Funeral Mariachi, Abduction, ‘10]
Carla Bley Band - Reactionary Tango (In Three Parts) [Social Studies, WATT Works, ‘81]  
William Tyler - Signal Mountain [Behold the Spirit, Tompkins Square, ‘10]
Roedelius - Langer Atem [Lustwandel, Sky, ‘81]
Sir Richard Bishop - Dhumavati [Intermezzo, Ideologic Organ, ‘12]
Kontrolorgan - Kingfisher Exile [Kingfisher Exile, CDr, Ghost Drome, '11]
Rudi Arapahoe - I Close My Eyes And Float To The Ceiling  [Echoes From One To Another, Symbolic Interaction, ‘08]
Steve Reich - Octet [Octet-Music For A Large Ensemble-Violin Phase, ECM, ‘80]
Evan Caminiti - Symmetry [Dreamless Sleep, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Tim Coster - We [Mediterranean Years, c30, No Kings, ‘12]  

Daniel Bachman - West 45th St. [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
Lee Ranaldo - By the Window [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Willie Lane - Imaginary labelmate [Guitar Army of One, Cord-Art, ‘12]
Andres Segovia - Song and Galliard  [A Centenary Celebration, MCA, ‘94]
Carlos Paredes - Valsa [Guitarra Portuguesa, Elektra, ‘67]
Songs of Green Pheasant - Sad Flowers (Viva Happiness)  [Soft Wounds, Rusted Rail, ‘12]
Mattia Coletti - Ghost West [The Land, Wallace, ‘12]  
Kiki Pau - Pines [Pines, self-released, ‘12]
Micah Blue Smaldone  - The Mule [split LP w/ Big Blood, Immune, ‘12]
Christoph Heemann - Untitled [The Rings Of Saturn, Dom Bartwuchs, ‘08]
Volcano The Bear - The Great Reimbursing  [Golden Rhythm / Ink Music, Rune Grammofon, ‘12]
Liars - The Exact Colour of Doubt [WIXIW, Mute, ‘12]
Ashtray Navigations - Haight-Ashbury Legal [Blues Power Cake, CDr, Memoirs Of An Aesthete, ‘05]
Raajmahal - Follow Me [s/t, Kelippah, ‘12]
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Waterfalls introduction [Bamboo for Two, Olde English Spelling Bee, ‘12]
Daniel Padden - Adinatisa O Kaymenos [Various, On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, & Salt, Soundeyet, ‘12]

These Trails - El Rey Pascador [s/t, ‘73; re Drag City, ‘11]
Pascal Comelade - Dos Horas De Two Ojos II [Various, Trying To Make It To The End Of The Century, G3G, ‘91]
Michael Chapman - Among the Trees (Mono)  [Rainmaker, Harvest, ‘69; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
Moholy-Nagy - Somersaults [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Sylvia Monnier - Skin Fragrance [Colors, self-released, ‘12]
Dean McPhee - Power of Nines [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11]
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Owllullaby [Searchlight Needles, For Arbors / For Satellites, ‘09]
James Blackshaw - Her Smoke Rose Up Forever [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Rag Lore - A Requiem for Rememberances & Times with Gramma Childress [Old Rag Light Lore Songs: Volume 1, Poor Farm Sound Transmissions, ‘12]
Savaging Spires - Sisters [s/t, Critical Heights, ‘11]  
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Timeskipper [Skull, Soy Libre, ‘12]
Bill Staines - Kentucky Moonshiner [s/t, Evolution, ‘71]
Zelienople - Old Dirt [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Floratone - The Bloom Is On    [Floratone II, Savoy Jazz, ‘12]
Koi Pond - Side A [So Higher, Sonic Meditations, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Blue Far [Blue Far, self-released, ‘11]
Robert Fripp - God Save the Queen    [God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners, Polydor, ‘80]
Isengrind - Lit By The Rain [Night Of Raining Fire, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]  
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Clock Winder [Silfra, Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Michael Rother - Zeni [Flammende Herzen, Sky, ‘77]

James & Tony fill-in
Alastair Galbraith - Anais
Signaldrift - Little Girl Lost In The Woods
Ducktails - Mirror Image
Eleven Twenty Nine - White Horse Blues
Kim Jung Mi - Haenim
Mount Eerie - Clear Moon
Amen Dunes - Christopher
Echo Lake - Monday 5am
Oren Ambarchi - Salt
Tortoise - The Lithium Stiffs
Dadamah - Scratch Sun
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
The Garbage and the Flowers - Carousel
Ash Ra Tempel - Day Dream
Amazing Births - Eclipsed By The Younger Moon
Sun Araw - Lute and Lyre
Burial - Endorphin
Psychic Ills - Mind Daze
Dolphins Into The Future - Noite
Laurel Halo - Carcass
The Books - Group Autogenics Pt 1

w/ special guest DJ Scratch-22
Blues Control - Open Air [Valley Tangents, Drag City, ‘12]
Mirroring - Mirror of Our Sleeping [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Aphex Twin - Blue Calx
Orient Express - Cobra Fever
Sir Richard Bishop - Khajuraho [Intermezzo, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
Omar Khorshid - Rakset El Fadaa
Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Ragas [Vibraquatic, Kallistei Editions, ‘12]
Mike Cooper - Paumalu Sunset Beach
OMBRE - Cara Falsa [Believe You me, Ashmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Suni McGrath - Picnic on the Floor
Lewlewal de Podor - Oumoyiilo [Yiilo Jaam, Mississippi Records, ‘11]
Joan Baez - The Magic Wood
Moonwood - Invite me to stare into the darkness [The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, Arachnidiscs, ‘12]
Lloyd Miller - Gole Gandom
Ulaan Markhor - Plague of Farewells [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Michael Angelo - Nubian Queen
Violeta Parra - La pericona se ha muerto [Carpa de la Reina, EMI/Odeon, ‘66]
Nora Dean - Angie La La
Snails - She'd like an hour [7", The Great Pop Supplement, ‘11]
Flying Lotus - Happening Really
Zelienople - The Real Devil [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Scratch-22 - Galaxy long edit

Stomu Yamashta - Red Buddha [Red Buddha, Vanguard, ‘73]
Art Blakey and The Afro-Drum Ensemble - Love, The Mystery Of [The African Beat, Blue Note, ‘62]
Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son [Lucifer, Mexican Summer, ‘12]
Nils Frahm - Old Thought [Felt, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
Tim Coster - Two Adjacent Pavilions [Ocean Liner, Alberts Basement, ‘12]  
Deep Magic - Side b  [Ancestor Worship, Goldtimers Tapes, ‘11]
Mondo Lava - Slam Dunk Bodhisattva [split w/ Eternal Tapestry, KDVS Recordings, ‘12]
Chris Watson - Sierra Tarahumara [El Tren Fantasma, Touch, '12]
The Aloha Spirit - Touch [Under Wild Skies, Tranquility Tapes, '12]
Olan Mill - The Square is Porcelain [Paths, Facture, ‘12]
Danny Paul Grody - Late November [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three-Lobed, '12]
GHQ - Drop City Blues [Everywhere at Once, Three-Lobed, ‘08]
Dando Shaft - Thruxton [s/t, Neon (RCA), ‘71; re Akarma, ‘03]
Deep Magic - Side a  [Ancestor Worship, Goldtimers Tapes, ‘11]

Steve Roden & Machinefabriek - Some Things Within [Lichtung, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, ‘12]
Sylvia Monnier - Time Stops [Colors, self-released, ‘12]
Tim Coster - Ocean Liner [Ocean Liner, Alberts Basement, ‘12]
Sir Richard Bishop - Untitled 6 [Spontaneous Collaborations, self-released, ‘11]
Not the Wind, Not the Flag - Music Gallery [Music Gallery, c60, Already Dead, ‘12]
Gnod - Roofless  [Three Sticks A Penny, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
Gareth Dickson - This Is The Kiss [Quite A Way Away, 12k, ‘12]
Larkin Grimm - I Am Not Real [Soul Retrieval, Bad Bitch, ‘12]
Bridget St. John - Early Morning Song [Songs For The Gentleman, Dandelion, ‘71; re Men with 4 Bears, ‘10]
Black Eagle Child - Side B Track 2 [Untitled, self-released, ‘11]
Matt Valentine - Ave B [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]

Tonstartssbandht - Little chap [Maihama, c20, Dœs Are, ‘09]
Boduf Songs - Temping [Internal Memo, Morc, ‘12]  
Moonwood - Fireflies Trapped in a Cracked Pint Jar [The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, Arachnidiscs, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Apostle [The Sister, Box of Cedar, ‘12]
Tim Hecker - Suffocation Raga for John Cale [John Cale-Extra Playful Transitions, Double Six, ‘12]
Olan Mill - Bleu Polar  [Paths, Facture, ‘12]
Daniel Bachman - White Oak [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
Ulaan Markhor - Hand in Circles [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Es - Säteet sun sielusta  [Kesämaan Lapset, Fonal, ‘09]
John Zorn - Mina [Nosferatu, Tzadik, ‘12]
Sean McCann - Remain [Prelusion, Recital, ‘11]
From the Mouth of the Sun - Color Loss [Woven Tide, Experimedia, ‘12]
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Proportions [Skull, Soy Libre, ‘12]
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace - New York City [Live 1976, Drag City/Galactic Zoo, ‘12]
Christina Carter - Going Down [Living Contact, Kranky, ‘04]  
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Godot [Silfra, Universal / Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Dean McPhee - Cloud Forest  [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11] 1

Transmuteo - Zone Temple/Timeless Emergence [Cymaglyphs, Rotifer Cassettes, ‘11]
Richard Skelton - Cappanawalla [Ridgelines, Aeolian Editions, ‘12]  
Neil Young - Guitar Solo, No. 1 [OST, Dead Man, Vapor, ‘96]
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Visiting This World [Visiting This World, En/Of, ‘12]
En - Lodi [Already Gone, Students of Decay, ‘12]
The Green Kingdom - Woolgathering   [Egress, Nomadic Kids Republic, ‘12]
Jonas Munk - Pan [Pan, El Paraiso, ‘12]
Red Stars Over Tokyo - Hits Of Sunshine [Hits Of Sunshine, Hot Hair, ‘11]
Alvarius B. - El Gomhoreya [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Yair Yona - This One's For You Glenn [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
E. Dresch - The Way  [Short Stories, self-released, ‘11]
Dean McPhee - Golden Bridge [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11]
Ruth Garbus - Halloween [Rendezvous With Rama, Autumn Records, ‘10]
Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith - Surmises   [Westering, Important, ‘09]
Sam Moss - Neighbors [Neighbors, self-released, ‘12]
The A-Lords - Mistress Chetell [s/t, Rif Mountain, ‘11]
MV & EE - Common Ground [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Sea Oleena - Orion's Eyes [Sleeplessness, self-released, ‘11]

Hildur Guðnadóttir - Leyfðu Ljósinu  [Leyfðu Ljósinu, Touch, ‘12]
Greg Haines - Nueblo Pueblo [Digressions, Preservation, ‘12]
Plankton Wat - Evening Sky [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Valerie Webb & Paul Labrecque - High Country Jig [Trees, Chants and Hollers, Eclipse, ‘06]
High Wolf - Pandu [Know Thyself, Sun Ark, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Shame [Blue Far, self-released, ‘11]
John Luther Adams - August Voices [Songbirdsongs, Opus One, ‘82]
Stephen Montague - Slow Dance On A Burial Ground [Slow Dance On A Burial Ground, Lovely Music Ltd, ‘84]
Nite Lite - Marjorie III  [split w/ Waterfinger, c57, Stunned, ‘11]
Popol Vuh - Why Do I Still Sleep [Agape-Agape (Love-Love), Vivid, ‘83]

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - b1 [Stare, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Dreamtiger - Balinese Ceremonial Music (Colin McPhee) [East-West Encounters, Cameo Classics, ‘82]
Plankton Wat - Islands [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace - Oud [Live 1976, Drag City/Galactic Zoo, ‘12]
Laraaji - The Dance #1 [Ambient 3: Days Of Radiance, Editions EG, ‘80]
Six Organs of Admittance - Stranded On IO [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three-Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Wil Bolton - Silver [3”, CDr, Hibernate, ‘12]
Chuck Johnson - Last Moments at Chittor [A Struggle, Not a Thought, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - We Who Stole the Dream [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Jenny Hval - Golden Locks [Viscera, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
The Wandering Lake - Little Light [Ashame, self-released, ‘12]
Wim - Wind Talk Sea Talk [Humming Collection, self-released, ‘11]
Shep & Me - Squaler [Spring Creeper, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘11]
Nicholas Szczepanik - Interlude [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]

Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Circular And Made Of The Earth [The Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order, Abduction, ‘04]
Alain Presencer - Shepherd's Song [Singing Bowls of Tibet, Saydisc, ‘81]  
Jon Porras - Blue Crescent Vision [Black Mesa, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
James Blackshaw - Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]  
Christian Naujoks - True Life , In Flames [True Life/In Flames, Dial, ‘12]
Brother Ong - The Possible You [Deep Water Creation, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘11]
Ketil Bjornstad - Prelude XII [Early PIano Music, Hubro, ‘11]
Between - Devotion [And The Waters Opened, Vertigo, ‘73]
Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos - Sunshine [FRKWYS Vol. 9: Icon Give Thank, Rvng Intl., ‘12]
Lee Noble - Cop Show [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Al Doum & the Faryds - Totem [s/t, self-released, ‘11]
Troy Schafer - The Desire Towards Joy: Cycle I [Evening Song Awaken, Recital, ‘12]
Anna Själv Tredje - Tusen år & Sju Timmar [Tussilago Fanfara, Silence, ‘77]
Orcas - A Subtle Escape [s/t, Morr Music, ‘12]
Bridget Hayden - Pale Skin [A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, (K-RAA-K)³, ‘12]
Gkfoes Vjgoaf - On The Mountain [Spirit Dance, Full of Nothing, ‘11]  

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos - Thanks and Praise [FRKWYS Vol. 9: Icon Give Thank, Rvng Intl., ‘12]
The Skaters - A-doz-hiel-z [Various, Lal Lal Lal Festival, CDr, Lal Lal Lal, ‘07]
Colin McPhee & Benjamin Britten - Pemungkah [Various, The Roots Of Gamelan: The First Recordings-Bali, 1928/New York, 1941, World Arbiter, ‘99]
Lasso - Stupid, Bored, and Stoned [The Return Of Lasso, Already Dead, ‘11]
Phil Yost - Ethan Dreams Two People [Bent City, Takoma, ‘67]
Sand Circles - Summer Echoes [Motor City, Not Not Fun, ‘12]
Semi Sheheen and his Utica Ensemble - Dance Sherzad [Various, What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music 1928-1952, Mississippi, ‘12]
Lesiman - Colloquio [The Future Sound Of Lesiman, Easy Tempo, ‘98]
Mogollar - Ilgaz [Anadolu Pop, Yavuz Plak, ‘71]
Jon Hassell - Gift Of Fire [Dream Theory In Malaya, Editions EG, ‘91]
Gabor Szabo - Three King Fishers [Bacchanal, Skye, ‘68]
Moss Swarm - Agriculture And Mythology [Seance Horizon, Hooker Vision, ‘10]
Paco Sala - Earn Your Stripe    [Ro-Me-Ro, Digitalis, ‘12]
Mort Garson - [Ode To An African Violet, Mother Earth's Plantasia, Homewood, ‘76]
Al Doum & the Faryds - Counting Dunes [s/t, self-released, ‘11]
Nahawa Doumbia - Dunukan [Yankaw, Cobalt, ‘97]
Fabulous Diamonds - Untitled 3 [Fabulous Diamonds II, Siltbreeze, ‘11]
Pumice - Trophy [Puny, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Food Pyramid - The Thief [Mango Sunrise, Moon Glyph, ‘12]
Village of Spaces - Forget Me Not [Alchemy and Trust, Corleone, ‘11]
Molnbär av John - The Criminal Sketch [Thundersketches, 7”, Tona Serenade, ‘12]

Luciano Cilio - Quarto Quadro [Dell' Universo Assente, Die Schachtel, ‘04]
Tulasi - Silver Love Ocean [split w/ Caligine, c40, Jozik, ‘11]
Paul Metzger - All Glass [Canticle of Ignat/ All Glass, aRCHIVE, ‘08]
Sashash Ulz - Finale [Maenads, Sicsic Tapes, ‘12]
No-Neck Blues Band - A Daisy Chain for Richard Wright [Ytiu, Kelippah, ‘11]
Nicholas Szczepanik - Another Screened World [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]
Codona - Inner Organs [Codona 3, ECM, ‘83]
Wim - Beach house / Attic [Humming Collection, self-released, ‘11]  
Peter Michael Hamel - Slow Motion [Nada, Wergo, ‘77]
Agali ag Amoumine - Hali Diallo [Takamba, Mississippi, ‘12]
Alice Coltrane - Sita Ram [Translinear Light, Impulse!, ‘04]  
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Banh Mi Ringtones [Ocean Parkway, Three-Lobed, ‘12]
Mark Hollis - The Daily Planet [s/t, Polydor, ‘98]

Danny Norbury - Bluebeard 4 [Bluebeard, Wist Rec, ‘12]
Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow   [Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow, Darla, ‘08]
Fennesz + Sakamoto - 0330    [Flumina, Touch, ‘11]
Bert Jansch - M'lady Nancy [Rosemary Lane, Transatlantic, ‘71]
Kath Bloom & Loren MazzaCane Connors - Blues Song [Moonlight, St. Joan, ‘84]  
Anonymous - Between Now and Forever [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘11]
Beggin’ Your Pardon Miss Joan - I Am The Messenger [Edges, Blackest Rainbow, ‘10]
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Don’t Lean On Door [Ocean Parkway, Three Lobed, ‘12]
GHQ - Sacramento I  [California Night Burning Dreams, Not Not Fun, ‘07]
Nude Sunrise - Comfort Climate [Should Be, Spooky Town, ‘11]
Ø+yn y Gmc - Populus Ajeno [Popolus Ajeno, Pakapi, ‘12]  
Caligine - Ars Oblivionalis [split w/ Tulasi, c40, Jozik, ‘11]
Gunter Schickert - Apricot Brandy II/Wanderer [Überfällig, Sky, ‘79]  
Nicholas Szczepanik - Her Last Breath [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]

Richard Dawson - Junipter Berries Float Down The Stream  [The Magic Bridge, Pink Triangle, ‘11]
The A-Lords - Skyclad in Pendle [s/t, Rif Mountain, ‘11]
Sigur Rós - Lúppulagið [Inni, Krúnk, ‘11]
Pulse Emitter - Hermits [Aeons, Aguirre, ‘12]
Flying Saucer Attack - Popol Vuh 1 [s/t, FSA, ‘93]
Inner Tube - Bali High [s/t, Pacific City Sound Visions, ‘12]
Eyvind Kang - Thick Tarragon [Visible Breath, Ideologic Organ, ‘12]
Ryan Teague - Cell Cycle [Field Drawings, Village Green, ‘12]
Josef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmush     - Apokatastasis (Restoration) [Concerning the Entrance into Eternity, Important, ‘12]
Christian Naujoks - Dancer [True Life/In Flames, Dial, ‘12]
Sylvester Anfang II - Episch [Perzische Tapijten, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘12]
Tom James Scott - Skire [Crystal, Carnivals, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - A Prophecy Fulfilled [Beyond the Veil, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]
Orcas - High Fences [s/t, Morr Music, ‘12]

Wild Safari - Ghost Pitcher [Cave Sequins, Night People, ‘10]
High Wolf - Flowers Of Congo [Étoile 3030, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Cursillistas - Lake Dig Rising (Muddy Water Spell) [Observe Ember Weeks, L’animaux Tryst, ‘12]
Debashish Bhattacharya - Baarish!    [O Shakuntala!, Riverboat, ‘09 ]
Serge Bulot - Euryale   [Les légendes de Brocéliande, Sonimage, ‘81]
Midlake - Fortune [The Courage Of Others, Bella Union, ‘10]
Sidi Touré - Djarii ber   [Sahel Folk, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Marie Celeste  - When Morning Breaks [And Then Perhaps, private, ‘71]  
Ignatz - When The Fall Is All That Is Left [I Hate This City, Conspiracy, ‘11]
Tiny Ruins - Cat In The Hallway [Some Were Meant For Sea, Spunk, ‘11]
Nils Økland - Nattsvermer [Monograph, ECM, ‘09]
Airto - San Francisco River [Fingers, CTI, ‘73]
Bob Smith - India Slumber [The Visit, ‘70; re Relics/Forced Exposure, ‘10]
Matthew Young - Werewolf [Traveler's Advisory, Drag City, ‘10]
Reverend Charlie Jackson - Goodness of God, Pt. 2 [God's Got It: The Legendary Booker And Jackson Singles, Casequarter, ‘03]
Richard Youngs - Sussex Pond [Atlas of Hearts, Apollolaan, ‘11]
Jean-Bernard Raiteux - Punching Pop [Harlem Pop Trotters, Musique Pour L'Image, ‘72]  
Pierre Akendengue - Ogowe [Nandipo, Saravah, ‘74]
Julia Holter - Our Sorrows [Ekstasis,  RVNG Intl, ‘12]
Cursillitas - Howling Wind II [Observe Ember Weeks, L’animaux Tryst, ‘12]
John Zorn - Prelude 4: Diatesseron [The Gnostic Preludes, Tzadik, ‘12]
Dory Previn - Lady with the Braid [Mythical Kings & Iguanas, Mediarts, ‘74]  
Shoreline - Brigidine [Time Well Spent, Wilkommen, ‘08]
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Song of the Earth [Song Of The Earth, Sublingual, ‘00]
The Family Elan - The Black Planets of Her Eyes [Bow Low Bright Glow, alt.vinyl, ‘10]

Eleven Twenty-Nine - White Horse Blues [s/t, Northern Spy, ‘11]
Ruth Garbus - Falling Down To Earth [Rendezvous With Rama, Autumn, ‘10]
Ryan Teague - Summary of the Article [Field Drawings, Village Green,‘12]
Listening Mirror - The Leechpool [Resting in Aspic, Hibernate, ‘12]
Agitation Free - Khan el Khalili [Malesch, Vertigo, ‘72]
Plinth - Kay Harker [Collected Machine Music, Time Released Sound, ‘12]
Bill Fontana - Multi-Channel Recording of a Woodpecker and Other Birds on a Lake in the Adirondack Mountains [Field Recordings of Natural Sounds, Sierra Club, ‘83]
Ian Martin - Atmosphere [Intentions, Further, ‘12]
Dolphins Into The Future - Azul. Primeira Trova [Canto Arquipélago, Underwater Peoples, ‘12]  
Giuseppi Ielasi - Untitled 03 [Untitled, 2011, Entr’acte, ‘12]
Piotr Kurek - Heat [Heat, Digitalis, ‘11]
John Zorn (guitar by Marc Ribot) - Hadasha [Masada Guitars, Tzadik, ‘03]
Yair Yona - Bella [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Nuojuva - Laakso [Valot kaukaa, Preservation, ‘12]
Misner Space - A Wrinkle in Time [Tesseract, GoldTimers Tapes, ‘11]
Ashan - Gentle Magick [To Return To, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Anonymous - Carry Catcher [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘12]
Julia Holter - In The Same Room [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl, ‘12]
Reedbeds - Untitled 5  [G’morning Gomorrah, self-released, ‘11]

Big Blood - Machines Were Mice [Night Terrors on the Isle of Louis Hardin, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘10]  
Richard Skelton - Lowe [Marking Time, Type, ‘09]
Julia Kent - Ailanthus [Green And Grey, Important, ‘11]
Sanso-Xtro - And Then Return To Zero [Sentimentalist, Type, ‘05]
The Ways Of God To Man - Nothing    [Various, The Jewelled Antler Library: Book 4, Porter Records, ‘08]
Valet - We Went There [Naked Acid, Marriage, ‘08]
James Blackshaw - A Momentary Taste Of Being [Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Scott Wells - Day Song 4 [Day Songs EP, Root Strata, ‘10]
Hauschka - Blue Bicycle [Ferndorf, 130701, ‘08]
Hallock Hill - A Burning Question (A Question Of Burning) [There He Unforeseen, self-released, ‘11]
Christina Carter - Obelisk [7”, Emerald Cocoon, ‘11]
Bob Bannister - A Miniature Rainbow [Dives And Lazarus, Twisted Village, ‘99]
Susumu Yokota - Flitting Ray    [Dreamer, Lo Recordings, ‘12]
Ólafur Arnalds - Poland [OST, Another Happy Day, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Gareth Dickson - Noon [Quite A Way Away, 12k, ‘12]
Mirroring - Fell Sound  [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Radere - The Earth, Laid Bare [mp3, basic_sounds, ‘12]

James Murray - Greenlands Lament    [Floods, Slowcraft, ‘12]
Peter Broderick - Part 2 [Three Film Score Intakes, Schedios, ‘10]  
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Requiem for the Static King Part 2 [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]
Orcas - Standard Error [Orcas, Morr, ‘12]
Fennesz + Sakamoto - 0328    [Flumina, Touch, ‘11]
Gareth Dickson - Jonah [Quite A Way Away, 12K, ‘12 ]
Yair Yona - Poetry Nights In Valhalla    [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Glenn Jones - Of Its Own Kind [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Future Museums - Famous People In Space [A Solar Gold, self-released, ‘11]
Koen Holtkamp - Sky Flowers [Field Rituals, Type, ‘08]
Tape - The Wild Palms [Revelationes, Hapnu/Immune, ‘11]  
Venn Rain - Side A [Diamond Dust, Fadeaway Tapes, ‘12]
Jonas Reinhardt - Only Pharoah [The Prime Revealer, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘11]
Scott Tuma - Free Dirt [Dandelion, Digitalis, ‘11]
Lightning Strike Lightning - Present Joys [Turn Myself Into The Ocean, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings, ‘07]
Eliasi Hinavako & Tanka - Vita Lili [Fanafody: A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara, Volume II, Mississippi/Cultural Knot, ‘11]
Karen Dalton - Reason To Believe [1966, Delmore, ‘12]

Mirroring - Drowning the Call [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Anonymous - Pegasuasian Oath [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘11]
Marta Mist - Crack The Sun To Bleed A Blood Red Sky [Crack The Sun To Bleed A Blood Red Sky / A Soldier's Trench, self-released, ‘12]  
Etnografinis Ansamblis - Tututis [Senoji Lietuviu Liaudies Muzika, Melodiya, ‘71]
Paper Dollhouse - Moon [A Box Painted Black, Finders Keepers, ‘11]
Fourth World Magazine - StarChild's Birth [The Spectacle Of Light Abductions, Pacific City Sound Visions, 11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - The Road of Acceptance [Acceptance, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Danny Paul Grody - Orbits [In Search of Light, Students of Decay, ‘11]
Black Eagle Child - Not Caring [split w/ Excavations, Paramita, ‘11]
Phil Maggi - Forest [Ghost Love, Idiosyncratics, ‘11]
Raksha Mancham - In A Sacred Manner We Live [Chos Khor, Musica Maxima Magnetica, ‘93]
Cenote Glow - Side 1 [Anza-Borrego, Fadeaway Tapes, ‘11]
??? - Tangental Psychedelico [Various, Radio Palestine: Sounds Of The Eastern Mediterranean, Sublime Frequencies, ‘04]
Takeshi Terauchi - Touryanse [Nippon Guitars: Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974, Big Beat, ‘11]
Los Jaivas - Ayer Caché [Todos Juntos, ‘72]
Lula Côrtes - Nordeste Oriental [Various, Psychedelic Pernambuco, Mr. Bongo, ‘11]
A.R. & Machines - The Echo of Time [Echo, Polydor, ‘72]  
Rhys Chatham - Outdoor Spell [Outdoor Spell, Northern Spy, ‘11]

Utsav Lal - Solo Raga Improvisation [Ragas al Pianoforte, Utsav Lal, ‘10]
John Zorn - Mount Analogue (Feat. Cyro Baptista, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Tim Keiper, Brian Marsella & Kenny Wollesen) [Mount Analogue, Tzadik, ‘12]
Brightblack Morning Light - A Rainbow Aims [Motion To Rejoin, Matador, ‘08]
Daniele Patucchi - Motivi Psichedelici (LA Piu' Allegra Storia del DeCamerone)            [Various, Barry's 7's Connectors Vol. 2, Lo Recordings, ‘02]
Sitaar Tah! - In Sight [Tah!!!, High Contrast, ‘07]
Moholy-Nagy - Brute Neighbors [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Spirit Catepetl - Hiatus Thickets [Lai Khur, Sacred Phases, ‘11]
Zangoleah - Wish Map [Various, Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene, Persianna, ‘10]
Bill Frisell - Yala, Perritos [The Intercontinentals, Nonesuch, ‘03]
Starving Weirdos - Periods [Land Lines, Amish, ‘12]
No UFO's - Freeze ~ Drift [Soft Coast, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Windy & Carl - The Smell of Old Books [We Will Always Be, Kranky, ‘12]

Sethuraman, Ponnuswamy & Party - Pirava Varam [The Enchanting Nadaswaram, EMI, ‘83]
Manatsoa - Valiha Fombandrazanah     [Fanafody: A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara, Volume II, Mississippi/Cultural Knot, ‘11]
Josef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity [Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity, Important, ‘12]
Nick Jonah Davis - Nine Stones Close [Of Time and Tides, Tompkins Square, ‘11 ]
Black Eagle Child - We Are All Symbiotes [Poland, Sturmundrugs Records, ‘10]
Henry Flynt - Blue Sky, Highway and Tyme  [Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1, Locust, ‘03]
Moholy-Nagy - Sunday Brunch [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Thoughts on Air - Yarn [Paleo Sails, Avant Archive, ‘12]
Oren Ambarchi - Remedios The Beauty [Grapes of the Estate, Touch, ‘04]
Songs of Green Pheasant - Deaf Sarah [Soft Wounds, Rusted Rail, ‘12]
Windy & Carl - Remember [We Will Always Be, Kranky, ‘12]
Nuojuva - Kuu piirtää sillan [Valot kaukaa, Preservation, ‘12]  
Lau Nau and Kuupuu - Untitled [Live @ Issue Project Room, ‘10)]
The Caretaker - When the dog days were drawing to an end [Patience (After Sebald), History Always Favours The Winners, ‘12]

John Renbourn - Plainsong [s/t, Transatlantic, ‘66]
John Fahey - Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA [Vol 6: Days Have Gone By, Takoma, ‘67]
Arborea - Spain [Red Planet, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Alasdair Roberts - Farewell Sorrow [Farewell Sorrow, Drag City, ‘03]
Willie Lane - Philly Arbiter-Almost Known [Known Quantity, Cord-Art, ‘09]
Willamette - Echo Park [Echo Park, Infraction, ‘11]
Keith Freund - For All Our Dead Pets [Constant comments, Experimedia, 11]
Barn Owl - Devotion I [Lost in the Glare, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Steven R. Smith - Skeleton Horses [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
Benoît Honoré Pioulard - Calder [Plays Thelma, Desire Path Recordings, ‘11]
Donovan Quinn - My Wife [Honky Tonk Medusa, Northern Spy, ‘12]
Ilyas Ahmed - Every Minute Of Every Hour (For JR) [With Endless Fire, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Kazuhiko Katoh - Alcansheru  [Super Gas, ‘71; re EMI, ‘05]
Lee Noble - Born Mistake [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Paper Dollhouse - Golden Ships [A Box Painted Black, Finders Keepers, ‘11]
Richard Youngs - Rotor-Manga-Papa-Maru [Long White Cloud, Grapefruit, ‘11]
Starving Weirdos - Captured [Land Lines, Amish, ‘12]
Selaroda - L highway/circuits 18/expand contract 4  [Synaptic Portals, Digitalis, ‘11]
Reedbeds - Side II [Slippery Elm, Rotifer Cassettes, ‘11]

Sashash Ulz - Vecherom [Yalos,Yalos, Digitalis, ‘11]
The Caretaker - Increasingly Absorbed in His Own World [Patience (After Sebald), History Always Favours The Winners, ‘12]
Phil Maggi - Slavery [Ghost Love, Idiosyncratics, ‘11]  
Andrew Bland - Festival [Cosmic Relief, self-released, ‘11]
Matthew De Gennaro - Cathedral Square [Humbled Down, Last Visible Dog, ‘05]
Daniel Kroha - Pink The Folk-Blues Stylings of Daniel Kroha, Social Music Record Club, ‘11]
Savaging Spires - Blackbirds [s/t, Critical Heights,‘11]
Hayvanlar Alemi - Welcome to Sunny Australia [Guarana Superpower, Sublime Frequencies, ‘11]
Oneida - Thank Your Parents [Happy New Year, Rough Trade, ‘06]
Arrington De Dionyso - Aku Di Penjara [Suara Naga, K, ‘11]
Religious Knives - The Message [Smokescreen, Sacred Bones, ‘11]
Acanthus - "I Thought I Had A Hallucination"  [OST, Le Frisson Des Vampires, Finders Keepers, ‘10]
Cannibal Movie - Schiave Bianche [Avorio, c30, Sound of Cobra, ‘11]
Sun Ark - Side B  [Prayer Tapes Vol.1, Sun Ark, ‘12]
Expo '70 - Moon Raga [Hovering Resonance, Sound of Cobra, ‘12]
From the Mouth of the Sun - Sitting In A Roofless Room [Woven Tide, Experimedia, ‘12 ]
Kon Tiki Gemini - External Species [Night Nights, Hobo Cult, ‘11]  

Fill-in Bright & Urlich
Miriam Burton - Rites of passage Part 1-3 [African Lament, Epic, ‘61]
Oscar Alemán - Russian Lullaby [Swing Guitar Masterpieces 1938-57, Acoustic Disc, ‘98]
Caravan No.2 Of Zachary - Trouble in My Way  [God's Got It: The Legendary Booker And Jackson Singles, Casequarter, ‘03]
Duke Pearson - Wahoo [Wahoo, Blue Note, ‘65]
David Axelrod  - The Sign (Part I) [Earth Rot, Capitol, ‘70]
Andrew Pekler - Un Vent Et Une Femme [Sentimental Favourites, Dekorder, ‘11]
Robag Wruhme - Prognosen Bomm    [Thora Vukk, Pampa, ‘11]
Pierre Bastien - Deep Speed  [Mecanoid, Rephlex, ‘01]
Gastr del sol - Black Horse [Camoufleur, Drag City, ‘98]
Colin Blunstone - Smokey Day [One Year, Epic, ‘71]
Hailu Mergia & The Walias  - Woghenei [Tche Belew, Kaifa, ‘77]
Vetiver - Fog Emotion [The Errant Charm, Sub Pop, ‘11]
Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month - Mom's House [Your Wicked Man, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
The Amps - She's a Girl [Pacer, 4AD, ‘95]
Mikal Cronin - You Gotta Have Someone [Tide 7”, Goner, ‘11]
Guided By Voices - Dusted [Fast Japanese Spin Cycle EP, Engine, ‘94]
Sad Lovers & Giants - Imagination [Feeding the Flame, Midnight Music, ‘88]
Alela Diane - White As Diamonds [To Be Still, Rough Trade, ‘09]
Callers - More Than Right [Fortune, Western Vinyl, ‘08]
Matt Valentine - PK dick [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]
Universal Studios Florida - Ambien Fort [Ocean Sunbirds, Animal Image Search, ‘09]
Nuno Canavarro - Untitled 5 [Plux Quba, Ama Romanta, ‘88]
Desertshore - Randy Quaid (Feat. Mark Kozelek) [Drawing Of Threes, Calo Verde, ‘11]
Tom Waits - Talking at the Same Time [Bad as Me, ANTI-, ‘11]
Destroyer - Song For America [Kaputt, Merge, ‘11]
Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind [Tell Mama, MCA, '68]

Dickie Landry - Alto Flute Quad Delay [Fifteen Saxophones, Northern Light, ‘77; re Unseen Worlds, ‘11]
Andrew Cronshaw - Im Hogutz [The Unbroken Surface of Snow, Cloud Valley/Proper, ‘11]  
The Boats - The Ballad For Achievement [Ballads of the Research Department, 12K, ‘12]
Steven R. Smith - Long Scrape Of Light [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
Ulaan Khol - From Overland They Came In Droves [La Catacomb, Soft Abuse, ‘11]
??? - Thurmi (Benares, flute with khurdaka and vina) [Various, World Library Of Folk and Primitive Music Vol. 7, Rounder, ‘02]
Ga'an - Vultures Of The Horn [s/t, Captcha, ‘11]
Faust - Krautrock [Faust IV, Virgin, ‘74]
Lee Noble - Paradise Life [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
No UFO's - Why Be Something You're Not [Soft Coast, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Thoughts on Air - Red Rouge [Paleo Sails, Avant Archive, ‘12]
Sarin Smoke - Untitled [It Chars Our Lips Yet Still We Drink, Wholly Other, ‘07]
Sean McCann - Academy Hall [Sincere World, Amethyst Sunset, ‘11]

Fill-in for Bright & Urlich
Pharoah Sanders - Japan [Tauhid, Impulse, ‘66]
Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger [The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby, Cadet, ‘70]
Orchestre Régional de Mopti - Taara [Les Meilleurs Souvenirs de la 1ere Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de la Jeunesse, Mississippi, ‘10]
Eden Express - On the Beach [Que Amors Que, Holy Mountain, ‘08]
Boom Bip - Cimple [Blue Eyed In The Red Room, Lex, ‘05]
Tujiko Noriko - Kimono Tameni [From Tokyo To Naiagara, Tomlab, ‘03]
Hood - The Lost You [Outside Closer, Domino, ‘05]
Stereolab - Anamorphose [Mars Audiac Quintet, Elektra, ‘94]
Nina Nastasia - This Is What It Is [The Blackened Air, Touch and Go, ‘02]
Archer Prewitt - Way Of The Sun [Wilderness, Thril Jockey, ‘05]
The Cakekitchen - Witness to Your Secrets  [Time Flowing Backwards, Homestead, ‘91]
The Wedding Present - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [Watusi, Island, ‘94]
Television - Days [Adventure, Elektra, ‘78]
Graves - Weed Out the Trips [Summr Bummr, St. Ives, ‘11]
The Gun Club - Mother Of Earth [Miami, Sympathy for the Record Industry, ‘82]
Ed Kuepper - King of Vice [Honey Steel's Gold, Hot, ‘91]
Clinic - Bubblegum [Bubblegum, Domino, ‘10]
Tobin Sprout - I Didn't Know [Carnival Boy, Matador, ‘96]
Acetone - All You Know [s/t, Vapor, ‘97]
Josef K - It's Kinda Funny [The Only Fun In Town, Postcard, ‘81]
Sonic Youth - Genetic [100% single, DGC, ‘91]
The Brother Kite - Out of Sight [Waiting for the Time to Be Right, Clairecords, ‘07]

Arborea - Ides Of March [s/t, Fire Museum, ‘08]
The Pentangle - So Early In The Spring [Sweet Child, Transatlantic, ‘68]
Christian Kiefer & Sharron Kraus - Missing [The Black Dove, Tompkins Square, ‘08]
Thinguma*jigSaw - Burden of Genius (for P. Condon) [Awakeinwhitechapel, Deserted Village, ‘08]
C Joynes - And the Moon Was Full and Round [Congo, Bo’ Weavil, ‘11]  
Elle Osborne - I Drew My Ship [So Slowly Slowly Got She Up, Folk Police, ‘11]
Roedelius - Mr. Livingstone [Durch die Wüste , Sky, ‘78]
Julianna Barwick - Prizewinning [The Magic Place, Ashmatic Kitty, ‘11]
Asuna + Opitope - The Water Molecule [Sunroom, Students of Decay, ‘10]
Golden Retriever - Subsidence [Emergent Layer, NNA Tapes, ‘11]
Nova Scotian Arms - Navigation [Crystal Anniversary, Aguirre, ‘11]
Tharpa Jigme - Nada Tarangini  (outward) [Nada Tarangini, Rocket Machine, ‘11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - As We Flow [Acceptance, Inner Islands, ‘11]
Willamette - Measuring Heartbreak [Echo Park, Infraction, ‘11]

Fill-in for Bright & Urlich
Moondog - Big Cat [Moondog, Prestige, ‘56; re 4 Men with Beards, ‘09]
Bud Powell - Un Poco Loco (Alt Take #2) [The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume One, Blue Note, ‘55]
Lafayettes - Life's Too Short  [7”, RCA, ‘62]
Rev. Gary Davis - The Coon Hunt [The Guitar & Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis, Prestige Folklore, ‘64]
Fats Waller and his Rhythm - Abdullah [Various, Blue Flamingo 78 r.p.m., Excelsior, ‘08]
Charles Manson - Look At Your Game Girl [Lie: The Love And Terror Cult, ESP, ‘68]
The Beach Boys - Feel Flows [Surf's Up, Brother/Reprise, ‘71]
Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter    [High Land Hard Rain, Rough Trade, ‘83]
Eleanoora Rosenholm - Pimeä tähti [Hyväile Minua Pimeä Tähti, Fonal, ‘11]
Seefeel - Charlotte's Mouth [Quique, Too Pure, ‘93]
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit  - Twilight World [Full Circle, Virgin, ‘82]
Do Make Say Think - Auberge Le Mouton Noir [Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn, Constellation, ‘03]
Lali Puna - Nin-Com-Pop [Scary World Theory, Morr Music, ‘01]
Imandra Lake - Ärkamise aeg [Ülistuslaulud EP, Seksound, ‘11]
The Spinanes - Reach V. Speed [Arches And Aisles, Sub Pop,’ 98]
East River Pipe - I Don't Care About Your Blue Wings [We Live in Rented Rooms, Merge, ‘11]
Aden - New Fast [Black Cow, Teenbeat, ‘99]
Vetiver - Wonder Why [The Errant Charm, Sub Pop, ‘11]
Uncle Tupelo - No Sense In Lovin' [Anodyne, Sire, ‘93]
The White Birch - Your Spain [Come Up For Fair, Rune Grammofon, ‘06]
Lifeguards - You're Gonna Need A Mountain  [Waving At The Astronauts, Ernest Jenning, ‘11]
Peaking Lights - Marshmellow Yellow [936, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Lenola  - Unsettling Down [My Invisible Name, Tappersize, ‘99]
Sam Prekop - Showrooms [s/t, Thrill Jockey, ‘99]
Nick Drake - Saturday Sun [Five Leaves Left, Island ‘69]

George Duke - Peace [The Inner Source, MPS, ‘73]
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Homeless Wanderer [Ethiopiques-21 : Piano Solo, Buda Musique, ‘06]
Meredith Monk - Double Fiesta [Do You Be, ECM, ‘87]
Khyam Allami - Naghmat Tahrir (Tahrir's Theme) [Resonance/Dissonance, Nawa Recordings/Cargo, ‘11]
Sand Snowman - Faded Flowers [Two Way Mirror, Tonefloat, ’09]
Yair Yona - It's Not The Heat   [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Dongen    [Maria Kapel, Pavilion, ‘11]
Sparkling Wide Pressure - The Time That is Right [Fragments of a Sound I Can Not Erase, Kimberly Dawn Recordings, ‘11]
Ezekiel Honig - Subverting the Memory of Your Surroundings [Folding In On Itself, Type, ‘11]
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Rotational Bridleway [Low Fired Clay Escape, Carnivals, ‘11]
Fire! With Jim O'Rourke - Are You Both Still Unreleased? [Unreleased?, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
Secret Birds - Pink Nites [Various, Unpopular Music, New Weird Australia, ‘11]
Group Inerane - Tehi teyman [7”, Guitars from Agadez Vol. 4, Sublime Frequences, ‘11]
Super Minerals - The Herb [split w/ Plankton Wat, c40, Stunned, ‘11]
Sean McCann - I've Seen Your Face Before [Sincere World, Amethyst Sunset, ‘11]
Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed - The Edges    [Visitor, Social Music Subscription Series, ‘11]