Saturday, May 28, 2011

An update thing.

Yes, it's that all-too-rare blog update where I tell you what's been happening and what might happen in the future:
  • I'm still trying to figure out a convenient way of obtaining and uploading mp3 logs of the show, which has been requested by two or three people. Stay tuned.
  • top Auckland turntablist Scratch 22 came up a few weeks ago and did a marvelously eclectic set which you can download here.
  • Nigel Wright played some gorgeous live-to-air drone last Thursday (mp3 coming soon) and received a caller who said it was "amazing". He has a new 7" out called Mossopolis.
  • Dean Roberts & Jenny Lange were meant to come up too but couldn't make it so they'll be doing a live set for this coming Thursday's (June 2nd) show.
  • My friend James started a new music blog called Michael Music Blog and I'll be contributing the occasional post, spotlighting some favourite tracks that I've been diggin'.
See you again in six months.

Friday, May 13, 2011

April Playlists

Robbie Basho - Leaf In The Wind [Visions Of The Country, Windham Hill, ‘78]
Jim O'Rourke - Good Times [Insignificance, Domino, ‘01]
Danny Paul Grody - Well Wisher [Fountain, Root Strata, ‘10]
Sir Richard Bishop - Event Horizons [Graviton Polarity Generator, Social Music, ‘10]
Meg Baird - Moving Up A Ways [Various, We Are All One, In The Sun, Important, ‘09]
E. Dresch - Road [Ethereal, self-released, ‘09]
Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - Lantern in Her Hand [s/t, Utupuu, ‘11]
Black Eagle Child - I Know I'm Twinkly And I Don't Mind [split w/ Eureka, Stunned, ‘11]
Tindersticks - Opening-35 Rhums [Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009, Constellation, ‘11
Bitchin Bajas - Water 3 [Water Wrackets, self-released,’11]
Voice of the Seven Woods - Return from Byzantium [s/t, Twisted Nerve, ‘07]
Joshua Abrams - Jackdaws [Various, Benefit for the Recovery in Japan, Antiopic, ‘11]
Eden Express - On the Beach [Que Amors Que, Holy Mountain, ‘08]
Galwad Y Mynydd - Niwi Y Mor [s/t, ‘74; Finders Keepers,‘07]
Jefferson Airplane - Embryonic Journey [Surrealistic Pillow, RCA Victor, ‘67]
Wizz Jones & Werner Lammerhirt - Hey Unborn Baby [Roll on River, FolkFreak, ‘81]
Shelley Burgon - Let It Be New [Various, Benefit for the Recovery in Japan, Antiopic, ‘11]
Richard Youngs - Machaut's Dream [Airs of the Ear, Jagjaguwar, ‘03]
Oneida - O [Rated O, Jagjaguwar, ‘09]
MV & EE - Tea Devil [Country Stash, Three Lobed, ‘11]

Jacaszek - X [Pentral, Gustaff, ‘09]
Cloud Shepherd - Wave Migration [s/t, self-released, ‘11]
Higuma - Pacific Temple [Pacific Fog Dreams, Root Strata, ‘11]
Christina Carter - Lady Friend [Texas Blues Working, Blackest Rainbow, ‘11]
Andy Zwerling - Spiders In The Night [Spiders In The Night, Kama Sutra, ‘71]
Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh - Sueno Con Serpientes [Overloaded Ark, Drag City, ‘09]
Top Drawer - Song Of A Sinner [Solid Oak, Wishbon, ‘72; re Akarma, ‘05]
Bridget Hayden - Waste [A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, K-RAA-K, ‘11]
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Awakening [Awakening, Dial Square Tapes, ‘10]
Grouper - Vapor Trails [A I A : Alien Observer, self-released, ‘11]
Lee Noble - Life Under a Double Sun [Our Star, The Sun, Moon Glyph, ‘10]
Tara Jane O'Neil - Pearl Into Sand [A Ways Away, K, ‘09]
Concern - Mending [C├Žsarean, Slow Flow, ‘10]

w/ special guest DJ Richard McFarlane (
Paul Horn - Shah Jahan [Inside (the Taj Mahal), Epic, ‘68]
Popol Vuh - Spirit of Peace [In The Gardens Of Pharao / Aguirre, Celestial Harmonies, ‘83]
Moonwood - Hey Judas, Don't Be Sad [Coal Abberations, Arachnidiscs, ‘10]
Bob Desper - To a Friend of Mine [New Sounds, Rose City Sound, '74; re Discourage, '09]
Michael Chapman - Caddo Lake [Trainsong: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Kim Doo Soo - Deja-entendu [Evening River, PSF, ‘10]
Richard's set:
Obsidian Pond - Reaching Warm Waters [Symvals, Digitalis '10]
Sean McCann - Auditorium [The Sky Is Filled With Incredible Wishes, Aquarius Records, '11]
Speculator - Seventh Heaven [Live From The Lair, self-released '11]
Joel Fajerman - Plage De Lune [Azimuths, ?, 1981]
James Ferraro - Cherubs On The Radio [Night Dolls With Hairspray, Olde English Spelling Bee '10]
Xander Harris - Splatter In The Mouth [Urban Goth, Not Not Fun '10]
Ninie - Samy Mizaha Ny Tiany [Tsara Olo Be, ?]
d'Eon - 2040 [Palinopsia, Hippos In Tanks '10]
Rene Hell - Popular Mix [The Hilton, Type Records '11]
Ken Seeno - Another Leaf Lying On The Ground [Open Window, Wtrclr, 11']
Dolphins Into The Future - Ho'okena Halawai [Ke Ala Ke Kua, Kraak, '10]
Joel Fajerman - Plage De Lune [Azimuths, ?, 1981]
summerTales - Recordings II [Recordings/Monuments Stare An Open While, Stunned Tapes, '11]
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - A2 [Bamboo For Two, Olde English Spelling Bee, '10]

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Statuit [Ways of Meaning, Desire Path, ‘11]
Charles Mingus - Myself When I Am Real [Mingus Plays Piano, Impulse, ‘63]
Matthew Young - Kyrie Eleison [Traveler's Advisory, Mt. Rose, ‘86; re Drag City, ‘10]
Roy Harper - South Africa [Lifemask, Harvest, ‘73]
MV & EE - The Crash Palace of Records [Country Stash, Three Lobed, ‘11]
Sir Richard Bishop - Graviton Polarity Generator [Graviton Polarity Generator, Social Music, ‘10]
Nikhil Banerjee - Raga Chandrakaush [The KPFA Tapes: Berkeley 1967, Raga Records, ‘95]
Carousell - Owl Lanterns [Black Swallow & Other Songs, Digitalis, ‘11]
Alan Stivell - Piberezh [Harpes Du Nouvel Age, Rounder, ‘86]
William Tyler - The Cult of the Peacock Angel [Behold the Spirit, Tompkins Square, ‘10]
Tobias Hellkvist - White hole [Evolutions, Home Normal, ‘10]
Evan Caminiti - Black Desert Blooming [West Winds, Three Lobed, ‘10]
Pelt - Gavanji II [Snake to Snake, Klang Industries, ‘96]
Kyle Bobby Dunn - Canyon Meadows (Long) [Ways of Meaning, Desire Path, ‘11]