Saturday, September 24, 2011

August Playlists

Golden Retriever - False Entry [s/t, Root Strata, ‘10]
Sanso-Xtro - Wood Owl Wings A Rush, Rush [Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain, Digitalis, ‘11]
unspecified Javanese gamelan ensemble - Lagu Srihardjono [Various, MCML: A No Words 1950s Reel, ‘11]
Eyes like Saucers - Fear...Part II [Various, Landscape Vol 1: The Forest, Centre of Wood, ‘08]
Kalyani Roy & Ali Ahmed Hussain - Raga: Jaunpuri: Alap; Jod; Gat; Taal:Teental  [Soul Of India, ABC, ‘68]
Tom Verlaine - Saucer Crash  [Warm And Cool, Thrill Jockey, ‘05]
Robedoor - Parallel Wanderer [Too Down To Die, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Super Minerals - Be Brave Children of the Monsoon and Rise Above the Deep Shield Like Buddah Burning Brightly On Mars [Contacteer, Stunned, ‘11]
"V" - The Bridge and the River [We Are Crossing Fences Through Rocky Fields, Housecraft, ‘08]
Moonwood - Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society   [River Ghosts, Arachnidiscs, ‘11]

Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori - Rejoinder  [FRKWYS Vol. 6, Rvng Intl, ‘11]
Marconi Union - Losing The Light [Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmissions Vol 1), Just Music, ‘11]
Alexander Rishaug - Drawing A Day [Shadow of Events, Dekorder, ‘11]
Lawrence English - Soft Fuse  [Kiri No Oto, Touch, ‘08]
Hertta Lussu Ässä - Yön Tullen Sähköinen Spanieli Sekoaa / Electric Spaniel-Wild Nights [s/t, De Stijl, ‘11]
Paavoharju - Ikkunat näkevät  [Ikkunat näkevät, Fonal, ‘11]
Kevin Roth - Farewell to Tarwathie / Sheebeg and Sheemore [The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album, Folkways, ‘77]
Wilburn Burchette - Summons to the Sacrificial Feast  [Occult Concert, Amos, ‘71]
Bitchin Bajas - Consciousness 1  [split w/ Faceplant, Bathetic, ‘11]
Sophie Hutchings - Toby Lee [Becalmed, Preservation, ‘10]
Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland - Belg og slag [Lysøen-Hommage à Ole Bull, ECM, ‘11] 
Stag Hare - To Coyoto To Hop [Spirit Canoes, Hands in the Dark/Inner Islands, ‘11]
Joanna Newsom - Go Long  [Have One On Me, Drag City, ‘10]
Jozef Van Wissem - After the Fire Devoures All It [Ex Patris, Important, ‘10]
Glenn Jones - On the Massachusetts-Virginia Border  [Even to Win is to Fail, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Floating Through Summer [s/t, Bark and Hiss/Wagon, ‘11]
Good Stuff House - Untitled 7   [s/t, Time-Lag, ‘06]

July Playlists

Mind Over Mirrors - Barely Spun [The Voice Rolling, Digitalis, ‘11]
Silvester Anfang - Verkracht Door Demonen [Satanische Vrede, (K-RAA-K)³, ‘06]
Hala Strana - Fanfare [Compendium, self-released, ‘11]
Pascal Comelade - Good-bye Wyatt Hat  [Paralelo, Parasite, ‘80]
Matt Baldwin - African Genesis  [Night In The Triangle, American Dust, ‘11]
Intriya Ag Babo - Taliat  [Various, Ishilan n-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel, SahelSounds/Mississippi, ‘10]
Buddy Rich & Alla Rakha - Khanda Kafi  [Rich à la Rakha, World Pacific, ‘68]
John Kirby & his Orchestra - Dawn On The Desert [Various, Blue Flamingo: 78 r.p.m., Excelsior, ‘08]
Los Orientales De Paramonga - Lobos Al Escape [Various, Guitar Mood 2 : More Rare Instrumentals from the New and Olde Worlds, Repent, ‘11]
Saddhu Brand - People Brittle [Whole Earth Rhythm, private, ‘71]
Abba Gargando - Chegharouna [Various, Ishilan n-Tenere: Guitar Music from the Western Sahel, SahelSounds/Mississippi, ‘10]
Mighty Baby - The Happiest Man in the Carnival [A Jug of Love, Blue Horizon, ‘71]
C. Joynes - Jemmy Steel  [Various, Imaginational Anthem IV: New Possibilities, Tompkins Square, 10]
Jackie-O Motherfucker - A Mania [Ballads of the Revolution, Fire, ‘09]
Christina Carter - Bird's Nest [Texas Blues Working, Blackest Rainbow, 11]
Head Of Wantastiquet - Victorious Eyes [Dead Seas, Conspiracy, ‘10]
Yoon Youn Sun - 보내는 마음 가는 마음 [Wing of Peace, ‘72; re World Psychedelia, ‘07]
Burgundy Grapes  - Took Those Troubles For a Ride  [Man in the Lighthouse, Inner Ear, ‘11] 
Arborea - Wolves [Red Planet, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Silver Antlers - Farewell Haze  [Pulling Diamonds from Dirt, self-released, ‘11]

Kuupuu - Side B  [Tinakenkalurtta, Scumbag Relations, ‘08]
Michael Chapman - Part ii [The Resurrection and Revenge of the Clayton Peacock, Ecstatic Peace!/Rural Retreat, ‘11]
Upper Astral  - Journey to the Edge of the Universe [Journey to the Edge of the Universe, Valley of the Sun, ‘83]
Jürgen Müller - Meergrün (Sea Green) [Science Of The Sea, ‘82; re Digitalis, ‘11]
Spectre Folk - Rainbow's End Mix  [Jams for Da Stars, ?, ‘11]
Ryan Garbes - 5d [Sweet Hassle, Hello Sunshine, ‘11]
TwinSisterMoon - The Big Sand [Then Fell the Ashes..., Blackest Rainbow, ‘10]
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - These Days [On Welfare, Captcha, ‘11]
Sister Irene O'Connor - Light  [Fire Of God's Love, Alba House, ‘76]
Least Carpet - The Flying Carriage [s/t, self-released, ‘10]
Tiny Ruins - Death Of A Russian [Some Were Meant For Sea, Spunk, ‘11]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Riel [Maria Kapel, Pavilion, ‘11]
Reedbeds - Canary Morning [Canary Morning, Private Collection Tapes, ‘10]
Chris Sikelianos - Easy Rider [OST, The American Dreamer, Mediarts, ‘71]
Vashti Bunyan - Jog Along Bess [Just Another Diamond Day, Philips, ‘70]

Cam Deas - Part Three [Quadtych, Present Time Exercises, ‘11]
Michael Tanner & Sharron Kraus - Valley IV [In The Rheidol Valley, Morc, ‘11]
Baldruin  - Auf dem Baumwipfel  [Schatten & Lichter, Cae-Sur-A, ‘11]
Marsen Jules Trio  - Œillet Sauvage  [Les Fleurs Variations, Oktaf, ‘11]
Alemu Aga - The Sacred Names Of The Begenna  [The Begenna Of Elders: The Harp Of David In Etiopia, Laika, ‘09]
Eric Carbonara  - Howrah Needle Wreath [Maidens of Mullik, CDr, Nada Sound Studio, ‘09]
Stag Hare - Live Dublab ‘Sprout Session’ [mp3, Dublab, ‘10]
Kontrolorgan - Nomad  [Kingfisher Exile, Ghost Drome, ‘11]
Deep Magic - Lion Plains [Ocean Breaths, Deep Tapes, ‘11]

Juinor Homrich w/ Brian Gascoigne - Main Title/Tomme Goes Missing Tomme and Kachiri [OST, The Emerald Forest, Varese Sarabande, ‘85]
Wim Mertens - Bresque [Struggle For Pleasure, Les Disques Du Crepescule, ‘83]
Sanso-Xtro - Hello Night Crow  [Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain, Digitalis, ‘11]
Herbcraft - Jupiter Trine Sun [Ashram to the Stars, Hello Sunshine, ‘11] 
Ed Yazijian - For H. Mck [Gansrud, HP Cycle, ‘11]
Religious Knives - Chill Haze [Smokescreen, Sacred Bones, ‘11]
Alexander Neilson and Richard Youngs - Beam [Ourselves, VHF, ‘04]
United Waters - Platetectonics [Your First Ever River, Arbitrary Signs, ‘11]
Forma - Forma 230 [s/t, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Brast Burn - Debon (Pt. 1)  [Debon, Voice, ‘75; re Phoenix, ‘10]
Atacama - A las Orillas del Titicaca [s/t, Charisma, ‘71]
Matt Valentine - Ease My Eyes [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]
Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - Night Gallery III  [Night Gallery, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]  
Tindersticks - Pusan Snow-L'Intrus [Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009, Constellation, ‘11]
Alex Monk - Spiders [The Safety Machine, Smeraldina-Rima, ‘11]
Jürgen Müller  - Nach U-Booten Jagen (Chasing Submarines)  [Science Of The Sea, ‘82; re Digitalis, ‘11]
Future Museums - A Solar Gold [A Solar Gold, self-released, ‘11]
Caballos y Entusiasmo - La Luz De Fabito [Hidromiel, Mariano Meramid, ‘11]