Friday, February 27, 2009

Live in Studio: Tim Coster & Nigel Wright

Tim and Nigel came up to the studio last week to play a set.

Have a listen: part 1, part 2 (their set is about 30 minutes into part 1)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Playlists

Robbie Basho - Lost Lagoon Suite [The Falconer's Arm I, Takoma, '67]
Hamza El Din - Shams Esh'shamusa [Various, African Blues, World Music Network, '98]
Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder - Kelto [Talking Timbuktu, World Circuit, '95]
Skip James - Drunken Spree [Skip James Today! Vanguard, '64]
Billy Faier - Improvisation in E [Banjo, Takoma, '73]
Thistletown - Oak and Ash [Rosemarie, Big Bertha, '08]
Nick Schillace - A Mighty Fink [Box Canyon, self-released, '05]
Suni McGrath - Bue Domes of Isfahan [Cornflower Suite, Adelphi, '69]
Sean Smith - Topinambour [Eternal, Gnome Life, '08]
James Blackshaw - No Ghosts [Various, Gold Leaf Branches, Digitalis, '05]
Cian Nugent - I Will Take the Top of a Tall Cedar and Break Off a Tender Sprout [s/t EP, self-released, '07]
Vetiver - At Forest Edge [Tight Knit, SubPop, '09]
The Vertigo Swirl - Baited Breath [s/t, self-released, '09]
Danny Ben-Israel - Israel 70 [Bullshit 3.1/4, Israel, '70]
The Grand Hotel - Monsignor McGolrick Park [The Upper Reaches of Wind River CDR, 267 lattajaa, '05]
Mike Cooper - Do I Know You? [Do I Know You? Pye/Dawn, '70]
Brad Barr - Maria La O [The Fall Apartment Instrumental Guitar, Tompkins Square, '08]
Robbie Basho - Where Butterflies in Winter Go [Twilight Peaks, Vital Body, '85]
The Alps - Shuruti [A Path Through the Sun, Root Strata, '09]

Scott Tuma & Mike Weis - Rubadub [Taradiddle, Digitalis, '09]
William Parker with Roy Campbell/Daniel Carter/Alan Silva - Eternal Flower [Fractured Dimensions, FMP, '03]
Jean-Phillipe Goude - Coma [Drones, Musea, '79]
Eugene Chadbourne - Ourlilesiallana [Pain Pen, Avant Japan, '00]
Directing Hand - His Precious Blood [Bells for Augustin Lesage, Secret Eye, '05]
[LIVE IN STUDIO] Nigel Wright & Tim Coster - Untitled
Valerio Cosi - Study for Saxophone and Electronics (Dedicated to Roberto Donnini) [Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock, Digitalis, '08]
Undrawing - Surge [live at Wine Cellar, '08]
Topaz Rags - Tarot Harem [Tarot Harem 7", Not Not Fun, '08]
Volcano the Bear - Before We Came to this Religion [Amidst the Noise and Twigs, Beta-lactam Ring, '08]
Thuja - Fable 1 [The Jewelled Antler Library: Book 3, Porter Records, '08]
Omar Khorshid - Popcorn [Belly Dance, Vol. 3, '74]
No-Neck Blues Band - The Coach House [Clomeim, Locust, '08]

Greg Malcolm - Strawberry Fields [Homesick For Nowhere, Corpus Hermeticum, '02]
Currer Bells - Vivid Words [Currer Bells 3" CDR, CLaudia, '08]
The Blithe Sons - Try to Find a Memory in a Dark Room [The Great Orthochromatic Wheel, Family Vineyard, '08]
GHQ - Earth Anchor [Seven & Eight, Heavy Blossom, '08]
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Watching as She Reels [Hopes and Past Desires 7", Immune, '09]
Library Tapes - The Leaves Have Left Us [Alone in the Bright Lights of a Shattered Life, Resonant, '05]
The Birdtree - The Lost Son [Orchards & Caravans, Last Visible Dog, '03]
Alastair Galbraith - Tylee Cottage [Orb, Nextbestway, '08]
The Dead Texan - Beatrice Pt. Two [s/t, Kranky, '04]
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Hymn to the Idea of Night [Fantasma-Parastasie, Alien8, '08]
Brightblack Morning Light - Another Reclamation [Motion to Rejoin, Matador, '08]
MV & EE with the Golden Road - Huna Cosm [Drone Trailer, Dicristina Stair, '09]
Yoshio Machida - Rice Terrace [Hypernatural, '99]
Hush Arbors - Since We Have Fallen [Since We Have Fallen, Harvest Recordings, '08]
Northern Valentine - We Walk Together Through a Whisper [Stars Whisper, Live EP, Silber, '08]
Ducktails - White House with Green Shutters [Acres of Shade, Arbor, '09]
Steven R. Smith - Vine [The Anchorite, Important, '06]

David Moore - Portrait of My Lover in the Morning [Neighborhood Shifts, self-released, '07]
Debashish Bhattacharya - Usha [Calcutta Slide-Guitar Vol. 3, Riverboat, '03]
Chihei Hatakeyama - Bird Over the Ocean [Dedication, Magic Book, '08]
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Poppies [Illuminations, Vanguard, '69]
Anthony Reynolds with Vashti Bunyan - Just So You Know [Bees Dream of Flowers and Your Summer's Meadow Breath, Hungry Hill, '08]
Micah Blue Smaldone - Untitled [Live in Belgium EP, Northeast Indie, '07]
Boduf Songs - Things Not To Be Done on the Sabbath [How Shadows Chase the Balance, Kranky, '08]
Bert Jansch - Dream of Love [s/t, Transatlantic, '65]
Mirah - Make It Hot [Advisory Committee, K Records, '01]
John Fahey & Cul De Sac - Gamelan Guitar [The Epiphany of Glenn Jones, Thirsty Ear, '07]
Harold Budd - The White Arcades [The White Arcades, Opal, '88]
Fire on Fire - Sirocco [The Orchard, Young God, '08]
Cluster - Rosa [Zuckerzeit, Brain, '74]
Fabio Orsi - Demixes the North Sea [Far & Wide, Digitalis, ltd C30, '08]
Graeme Jefferies - Prisoner of a Single Passion [Messages for the Cakekitchen, Flying Nun, '88]
Six Organs of Admittance - On Distance [It Was Written 7", Durtro, '04]
Ilyas Ahmed - Sleeper [Arroyo CDR, Digitalis, '08]
Theo Angell & the Tabernacle Hillside Singers - Written with the Word [Auraplinth, Digitalis, '08]
Marissa Nadler - Mistress [Little Hells, Kemado, '09]
Samamidon - Saro [All is Well, Bedroom Community, '07]

Fill-in for Sunday Drive, 4-7pm
Juana Molina - No Es Tan Cierto [Tres Cosas, Domino, '04]
J. Emery Blatchley - Shiner, TX [Unreleased CDR, '08]
North Atlantic Explorers - Anchors Away [Skylines, Anniedale, '05]
Takako Minekawa - Telstar [Cloudy Cloud Calculator, Emperor Norton, '98]
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Beautiful September (We Are Going There) [Fig.5, ATP, re: '05]
Sonic Youth - Hits of Sunshine (for Allen Ginsberg) [A Thousand Leaves, Geffen, '98]
Kemialliset Ystävät - Utuaurat [Kellari Juniversumi, Fonal, '02]
Cotton Jones - Some Strange Rain [Paranoid Cocoon, Suicide Squeeze, '09]
Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe? [Would You Believe, Immediate, '68; Castle Music, '06]
Psycho and the Birds - Enon Beach [We've Moved, Happy Jack Rock, '08]
Pluramon - Turn In [The Monstrous Surplus, Karaoke Kalk, '07]
Wooden Wand - Spitting at the Cameras [James & the Quiet, Ecstatic Peace, '07]
Les Coquettes - Jimmy Mack [Various, Girl Group Power-Histoires De Filles: Quebec 60's Go-Go Music, bootleg]
Utah Smith - Take a Trip [Various, Life is a Problem...But Where There is Life, There is Hope, Mississippi Records, '07]
Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus [Mule Variations, Anti, '99]
Roy Budd - Main Theme from The Stone Killer [The Stone Killer OST, Cinephile, '99]
Pocahaunted - Ashes is White [Island Diamonds, Not Not Fun, '08]
Bon Iver - re: stacks [For Emma, Forever Ago, Jagjaguwar, '08]
Issa Bagayogo - Joola [Tassoumakan, Six Degrees, '04]
Alejandro Franov - Sudan [Khali, Staubgold, '07]
Nick Garrie - The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas [Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas, Acid Ray, '69; Rev-Ola, '05]
Eno & the Winkies - The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch [1974 Peel Session]
Telepathe - Sinister Militia (TMJ!!! Mix) [Sinister Militia EP, Social Registry, '07]
Stag Hare - Born into Magic [Black Medicine Music, A.Star, '08]
Sandy Bull - Blend II [Inventions, Vanguard, '64]
Piana - Mother's Love [Ephemeral, Happy, '05]

The End Springs - Blood Streaming (Entry III) [The Cold Dirt Diaries 3" CDR, Centre of Wood, '07]
Inca Ore - Baby Tiger I Went Far Away [Split w/ Grouper, Acuarela Discos, '08]
Andrew Stranglen - Years Have Gone By [Sonic Detours, self-released, '08]
P.G. Six - The End of Winter [Slightly Sorry, Drag City, '07]
Heavy Eye of the Sun - Sun Spiralling Down [II, CDR, '06]
Mountains - Choral [Choral, Thrill Jockey, '08]
Mount Eerie - Woolly Mammoth's Mighty Absence [Dawn, P.W. Elverum & Sun, '08]
Susanna - Jailbreak [Flower of Evil, Rune Grammofon, '08]
Peter Grudzien - The Unicorn [The Unicorn, '74; re: Parallel World, '95]
Jim Sullivan - Rosey [U.F.O., Monnie, '70]
Cian Nugent - Abyssal Plain [Childhood, Christian Lies & Slaughter, Incunabulum, '08]
Yvette Mimieux & Ali Akbar Khan - Murdered Woman [Flowers of Evil, Connoisseur Society, '68]
Blues Control - Always on Time [Puff, Fusetron, '08]
Magic Lantern - Vampires in Heat [High Beams, Not Not Fun, '08]
Here We Go Magic - I Just Want To See You Underwater [Here We Go Magic, Western Vinyl, '09]
Mark Fry - The Witch [Dreaming with Alice, '72; re: Sunbeam, '06]
Alexander "Skip" Spence - Diana [Oar, Columbia, '69; re: Sundazed, '99]
Sandy Denny - Farewell Farewell [A Boxful of Treasures, Fledg'ling, '04]
Guy Van Duser - Black Beauty [Various, Rounder Guitar: Acoustic Guitar, Rounder, '98]