Thursday, July 28, 2011

June Playlists

Ben Vida - Synthesizers of the Atlantic East [Music for a Soft Epic, Root Strata, ‘11]
Jesse Sparhawk & Eric Carbonara - A Patient Promise [Sixty Strings, VHF, ‘11]
Utsav Lal - Raga Yaman-Alaap Jod Jhalla [Ragas al Pianoforte, Utsav Lal, ‘10]
Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra - Love Is Where The Spirit Lies [Love Is Where The Spirit Lies, Black Fire, ‘77]
Ed Yazijian - Hands of Blue [Gansrud, HP Cycle, ‘11]
Offthesky - Swallow Shallow [Subtle Trees, Rope Swing Cities, ‘08]
Gkfoes Vjgoaf - Glacial Ways [Glacial Ways, self-released, ‘11]

Elodie - Side A [Echos Pastoraux, La scie dorée, ‘11]
The Caretaker - The Great Hidden Sea of the Unconscious [An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, History Always Favours the Winners, ‘11]
Alex Monk - The Ocean You Chose [The Safety Machine, Smeraldina-Rima, ‘11]
Cian Nugent - Sixes & Sevens [Doubles, VHF, ‘11]
United Bible Studies & Jozef Van Wissem - Downland [Downland, Incunabulum/Deserted Village, ‘11]
Jack Allett - Keep Crossing That Bridge And Never Tire [The Collapsing Middle, Blackest Rainbow, '11]
Marissa Nadler - Mr. John Lee Revisited [s/t, Box of Cedars, ‘11]
Visitations - Untitled 01 [I Wish We Could Look Into the Future, CDr, Time-Lag, ‘05]
United Waters - No End to Eyes [Your First Ever River, Arbitrary Signs, ‘11]
The Fates - Ceaseless Effort [Furia, Taboo, ‘85]
Bill Quick - With You, Lord [Maravillosa Gente, Explosion, ‘72; re Time-Lag, ‘08]
Shirley Collins - The Unquiet Grave [The Power of the True Love Knot, Polydor, ‘68; re Bo’Weavil, ‘05]
Bob Desper - Dry Up Those Tears [7”, Discourage, ‘09]
Matt Valentine - PK Dick [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]

Johann Johannsson - Freedom From Want and Fear [The Miners' Hymns, Fat Cat, ‘11]
Charlemagne Palestine & Terry Jennings - Short And Sweet [Sharing A Sonority, Alga Marghen, ‘10]
Alexandre Desplat - Circles [OST, The Tree of Life, Lakeshore, ‘11]
Peter Broderick & Penelope Joy - Apple Bobbing at ___ [Apple Bobbing at ___, Sound & Fury, ‘11]
Alexander Turnquist - Running Towards / Spherical Aberrations [Hallway of Mirrors, VHF, ‘11]
The Caretaker - The Sublime is Disappointingly Elusive [An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, History Always Favours the Winners, ‘11]
Ed Yazijian - Cicuit House Fever [Six Ways To Avoid The Evil Eye, Onetree, ‘07]
Emuul - O Lord, Bless the House of Your Servant [Waiting for Winter, c40, Avant Archive, ‘11]
Wind in Willows - Sea of Tranquility [Elephant Dreams, Full of Nothing, ‘11]
*AR - Rise [Wolf Notes, Type, ‘11]
Susumu Yokota - Saku [Sakura, Leaf, ‘00]

Sigurd Berge - Alpehornlåt [Various, Yesterday Our Way, Norwegian Composers/Philips, ‘82]
Ulla Kantajavuori - Karelsk Vagguisa [Various, Secret Music of Mankind Vol. 5: Ethnic Music Classics 1925-48, Yazoo, ‘98]
Michael Yonkers - Swing Low Sweet Chariot [Thy Will Be Done, private, ‘76]
Horostar De Tonka - Takamba [Malaila: Musical Field Recordings from Mali, Sahel Sounds, ‘11]
T.K. Ramamoorthy - Udaya Ravi Chandrika [Fabulous Notes and Beats Of The Indian Carnatic: Jazz, EM, ‘11]
The Fore Thoughts - Shahbaz Qalander [Four Folk Tunes of Pakistan 7”, Gramophone Company of Pakistan Limited, ‘??]
Lloyd Miller - Gol-E-Gandom '88 [A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz, Jazzman, ‘09]
Dock Boggs - Bright Sunny South [Legendary Singer & Banjo Player, Folkways, ‘64]
Bill Frisell - It's A Long Story [Sign of Life: Music for 858 Quartet, Savoy Jazz, ‘11]
Ahmed Abdul-Malik - El Haris (Anxious) [Jazz Sahara, Riverside, ‘58]
Group Doueh - Wazan Doueh [Zayna Jumma, Sublime Frequencies, ‘10]
Louise Landes Levi - Part I [City of Delirium, c40, Sloow Tapes, ‘11]
Odetta - Go Tell It On The Mountain [Christmas Spirituals, Vanguard, ‘60]
Sun Araw - Crete [Ancient Romans, Sun Ark/Drag City, ‘11]
MV & EE - Country Stash [Country Stash, Three Lobed, ‘11]
Mpala Garoo - Open Way Up High [Ou Du Monde, c24, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘10]
The Sea And Cake - Inn Keeping [The Moonlight Butterfly, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]

Kutomo - Runnelma Ja Ruumiin Esto [Lauluja Surun Kaaresta, CDr, Dala Horse, ‘08]
M. Ostermeier - Sunlight on My Desk [The Rules of Another Small World, Tench, ‘11]
Tom Carter - Mended [Various, Benefit for the Recovery in Japan, Antiopic, ‘11]
Doc Dunn - You Are The Water [Mountain Wind, Moutain Rain, Medusa, ‘11]
Arborea - Phantasmagoria In Two [Red Planet, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Six Organs of Admittance - Light of the Light [Asleep on the Floodplain, Drag City, ‘11]
Nick Jonah Davis - Death and the Monkey [Of Time and Tides, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Michael Hurley - How Can I Leave [Various, Migrating Bird: The Songs Of Lal Waterson, Honest Jon’s, ‘07]
Anne Briggs - Go Your Way [s/t, Topic, ‘71]
::LIVE-TO-AIR:: Vianolas
Matthew De Gennaro - Jimmie Rodgers in Sierra Leone [Adversaria, TU-134, ‘11]
Alexander Turnquist - Waiting at the Departure Gate [Hallway of Mirrors, VHF, ‘11]
Kawabata Makoto - White Summer of Love Dreamer [White Summer of Love Dreamer, Blackest Rainbow, ‘11]
High Wolf - Amazon Love Call [split w/ Annapurna Illusion, Group Tightener, ‘11]