Saturday, December 28, 2013

2012 Playlists

Fill in for the Fry-Up
Brightblack Morning Light - A Rainbow Aims [Motion To Rejoin, Matador, ‘08]
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel  - Late Day Sun Silhouettes [Luminaries & Synastry, Digitalis, ‘11]
Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart - Parallel Flights [Road to Palios, Bella Union, ‘12]
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. [Colossal Youth, Rough Trade, ‘80; re Domino, ‘27]
Tortoise - Hot Coffee [single, Joyful Noise, ‘12]
Gene Clark - Echoes [With The Gosdin Brothers, Columbia, ‘67]
Rod Hamilton - Ruca [Teal, Player Press, '12]
Joe Meek & the Blue Men - The Bublight [I Hear a New World, RPM, ‘91]
A.C. Newman - I'm Not Talking [Shut Down the Streets, Matador, ‘12]
Clinic - Bubblegum [Bubblegum, Domino, ‘10]
The Sea And Cake - Harps [Runner, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Shugo Tokumaru - Shirase [In Focus?, Polyvinyl, ‘13]
The Comsat Angels - Always Near [My Minds Eye, Caroline, ‘93]
Yo La Tengo - Ohm [Fade, Matador, ‘13]
Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band - Just As The Tide Was A 'Flowing [No Roses, Pegasus, ‘71]
Shirley Scott - Latin Shadows [Latin Shadows, Impulse!, ‘65]
The Lay Llamas - African Spacecraft Lift-off Journey And Landing [s/t, c30, Jozik, ‘12]
Melvin Jackson - Silver Cycles [Funky Skull, Limelight, ‘69]
Ennio Morricone  - The Braying Mule [OST, Django Unchained, Universal Republic, ‘12]
Hakki Obadia, Eddie "Sheik" Hochak - Ripples of the Nile [Various, Jazz & Xitzaz No. 2, Jazz & Tzaz, ‘98]
Asakawa Maki - Zenkasha No Kurisumasu [Asakawa Maki no Sekai, ‘70]
The Paley Brothers - Come Out and Play [s/t, Sire, ‘78]
John Maus - No Title (Molly) [A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material, Ribbon Music, ‘12]
Sharon Van Etten - Serpents [Tramp, Jagjaguwar, ‘12]
Pavement - Starlings of the Slipstream [Brighten the Corners, Matador, '97]

Oren Ambarchi - The Nil Girl Plateau [Raga Ooty, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]
Pelt - From The Lakebed [Effigy, MIE Music, ‘12]
Kartik Trivedi - Basanti-Aochar, Gat in Teent [Basanti: Indian Raga Music On Piano, Sharda, ‘80]
Robbie Basho - Rocky Mountain Raga [Bonn Ist Supreme, Bo’Weavil, ‘08]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Malgunji [The Living Room Sessions Part 1, East Meets West, ‘12]
Purbayan Chatterjee - Raga Malgunji [New Horizons, Rhyme, ‘06]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Jog [Three Ragas, World Pacific, ‘67]

Ballrogg - Breakfast Music [Cabin Music, Hubro, ‘12]
Brethren Of The Free Spirit - I Am A Flower Of Sharon And A Rose In The Valley [The Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb, Important, ‘08]
Tashi Dorji - Untitled 8 [Guitar Improvisations, Headway Recordings, ‘12]
Anna Gourari - Prelude in b minor (J.S.Bach-A. Siloti) [Canto Oscuro, ECM, ‘12]
William Basinski - d|lp 4 [The Disintegration Loops, Temporary Residence, ‘12]
Nick Mott - Intricate Metals [The Visitors, Altvinyl, ‘12]
Faceplant - Ride The Ether [Split w/ Bitchin Bajas, Bathetic, ‘12]
Isengrind - Strigele Tanz [Modlitewnik, Blackest Rainbow, ‘10]
Floating Gardens - Tonefloat in Omni [Split w/ Slag Heap, Field Studies, ‘10]
Alexandra Grimal - Cassiopée [Andromeda, Ayler, ‘12]
Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille - La Belle Dame sans Merci [I Wish I Didn't Dream, Northern Spy, ‘12]
Colleen - Will You Gamelan For Me? [Colleen Et Les Boîtes À Musique, Leaf, ‘06]

Hauschka - Ping (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) [Salon des Amateurs Remixes, Fat Cat, ‘12]
Fabulous Diamonds - Inverted Vamp [Commercial Music, Chapter Music, ‘12]
Gila - Kollektivitat [s/t, BASF, ‘71]
Sun Araw - Horse Steppin [Live at Echo Curio, 15-11-08]
Novoe Tsarstvo - Voda Naidet [Voda Naidet Teply Dym, Cae-Sur-A, ‘12]
The Lay Llamas - The Voice Of The Big Snake Wait And Learn [s/t, c30, Jozik, ‘12]
Jackie-O Motherfucker - The Corner [Ballads of the Revolution, Fire, ‘09]
Cults Percussion Ensemble - Baia [s/t, Trunk, ‘12]
Paavoharju - Puhuri [Yhä Hämärää, Fonal, ‘05]
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sparkling World [The Ann Steel Album, Durium, ‘79]
Nick Drake - Cello Song [Five Leaves Left, Island, ‘69]
Lee Hazlewood - A House Safe for Tigers (Choir) [A House Safe for Tigers, CBS, ‘75; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - Holdrakèta [My Hand Holding a Still Photograph of the Same Scene, c64, Hooker Vision, ‘12]
Difference Clouds - Amethyst Moors [Shiro, c40, Tranquility Tapes, ‘12]
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - The Mystery of Heaven (Long Version) [The Mystery of Heaven, Sacred Bones, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - Calm Bearer [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]

Cha Cha Shaw - Right On [Kingdom Come, Smithsonian Folkways, ‘79; re Kindred Spirits, ‘09]
Mushroom - Peace [Joint Happening, Hyena, ‘07]
Von Himmel - Florid Pagoda [Florid Pagoda, Donkey Disk, ‘12]
Keijo - Sand and Sunshine [Soon With The Sun, CDr, 267 Lattajjaa, ‘04]
Anvil Salute - Your Telephone Body [Black Bear Rug, Deep Water Acres, ‘12]
Ravi Shankar - Raga Khamaj [The Living Room Sessions Part 1, East Meets West, ‘12]
Ballrogg - Swedish Country [Cabin Music, Hubro, ‘12]
Bell Gardens - Fruitcup [Full Sundown Assembly, Southern Records, ‘12]
Julia Holter - Gold Dust Woman [Various, Rumours Revisited, Mojo, ‘12]
Ray Stinnett - You & I [A Fire Somewhere, ‘71; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
Raajmahal - Side A [Tishna, Sloow Tapes, ‘12]
Insa Donja Kai - End Silence [Insomnie Joyeuse, Sonic Pieces, ‘12]
Hladowski & Joynes - The Bitter Withy [The Wild Wild Berry, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]

Terry Riley - Keyboard Study 2 [split w/ Pierre Mariétan, Keyboard Study 2 / Initiative 1 (+ Systèmes), BYG, ‘68]  
William Kraft - Theme And Variations for percussion quartet [Percussion By William Kraft, Crystal, ‘72]
Clime - Side A [Rift-Valley Landing, Sunk Series, ‘12]
Pelt - Wings Of Dirt [Effigy, MIE Music, ‘12]  
No-Neck Blues Band - Letters From The Serth [Letters From The Serth, SER, ‘98]
A.R. & Machines - Station 2: Beautiful Babylon [Die Grüne Reise, Polydor, ‘71]
Munju - Cosmische Mullabfuhr [Brot + Spiele, Schneeball, ‘80]
Ignatz - Everyday Vodka [Because Time Is Too Short, c40, Taping Policies, ‘12]
Eternal Tapestry - Inifinty Within [Prometheus Rising, CDr, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Pink Floyd - Rain in the Country (Take 1) [Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions, Two Certain Somebodies, ‘04]

Jack Rose - Cathedral Et Chartres [I Do Play Rock And Roll, Three Lobed, ‘08]
Daniel Bachman - Long Nights I [Seven Pines, Tompkins Square, ‘12]
Anne Briggs - Sandman's Song [The Time Has Come, CBS, ‘71]  
Cults Percussion Ensemble - Polymers [s/t, Trunk, ‘12]
Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band - The Boy Who Cried Worth [The Willing of the Wisps, Haute Magie, ‘12]
The Gentle Good - Ocean Is King [Tethered For The Storm, Gwymon, ‘11]
Kaki King - Marche Slav [Glow, Velour, ‘12]  
Julia Holter - Für Felix [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl., ‘12]
Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer - Hard Times Killing Floor Blues [From the Great American Songbook, Preservation, ‘08]
Caroline Weeks - See Where Capella and Her Golden Kids  [Songs For Edna, Manimal, ‘09]
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Krakow [Silfra, Universal / Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Popol Vuh - They Danced, They Laughed, As Of Old [Agape-Agape (Love-Love), Vivid, ‘83]
Guardian Alien - See The World Given To A One Love Entity (edit) [See The World Given To A One Love Entity, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Krokodil - Odyssey In Om (Live, edit) [The Psychedelic Tapes (‘70-‘72), Second Battle, ‘05]
Duane Pitre - Monolithic Youth [Monolithic Youth, Sonic Meditations, ‘12]  
Ignatz - (Oh) I Know You [Because Time Is Too Short, c40, Taping Policies, ‘12]
Tim Buckley - Chase the Blues Away [Live at the Troubadour 1969, Rhino, ‘94]

Venn Rain - Foreign Body [Humming Hills, GoldTimers Tapes, ‘11]
Menstrual Chinese Dream - III [s/t, CDr, Nature Tape Limb, ‘05]
Grouper  - Moving Machine [Water People 7", Ballroom Marfa, ‘11]
Bronze Horse - n°4 [s/t, Oakhill, ‘10]
Okko - Himalaya Highway [Sitar and Electronics, BASF, ‘71]
Robbie Basho - Elk Dreamer's Lament [Visions Of The Country, Windham Hill, ‘78]
The Beatles - Love You To [Revolver, Capitol, ‘66]
Pigeons - Laisse Tomber Les Filles [Liasons, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
Pax Nicholas and the Nettey Family - Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef [Na Teef Know De Road of Teef, Daptone, ‘09]
Between - Uroboros [And The Waters Opened, Vertigo, ‘73]
Rangda - Tres Hambres [Formerly Extinct, Drag City, ‘12]
Lau Nau - Kuoleman tappajan kuolema [Valohiukkanen, Fonal, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Cameo [Blue Far, self-released, ‘12]
Mpala Garoo - Fatu Hiva Feeling [Sur Satori, Digitalis, ‘11]
Anvil Salute - Get In When You Feel In [Black Bear Rug, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘12]
Plankton Wat - Orange Clouds [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
The Habibiyya - Mandola [If Man But Knew, Island, ‘12]

Rafael Toral - Wave Field 5 [Wave Field, Moneyland, '95; re Dexter's Cigar/Drag City, '98]
Jonny Greenwood - Overtones [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]
Panda Bear - Scheherazade  [Tomboy, Paw Tracks, ‘11]
Laurie Spiegel - Three Sonic Spaces II [Unseen Worlds, Scarlet, ‘91]
Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox - Standing Mandala [Connected, Kranky, 12]
Kaliska - Night Spell [split w/ Ashan, Completion, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano - For Adrienne P. [Scraps and Shadows, Roaratorio, ‘12]    
Francis Thorne - Symphony 3 for Strings and Percussion.III-Allegro scherzoso [Music Of Francis Thorne Vol.1, Serenus Corporation, ‘74]  
Insa Donja Kai - Synoise [Insomnie Joyeuse, Sonic Pieces, ‘12]
Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band - Midnight River Hags [The Willing of the Wisps, Haute Magie, ‘12]
Lau Nau - Valolle [Valohiukkanen, Fonal, ‘12]  
Twinsistermoon - The Mirror Land [Bogyrealm Vessels, Handmade Birds, ‘12]

Hawkwind - The Forge Of Vulcan [Quark, Strangeness And Charm, Charisma, ‘77]
Jan Jelinek - Jackdaw [Music For Fragments / Music & Birds, Faitiche, ‘12]
Flying Lotus feat. Erykah Badu - See Thru to U [Until The Quiet Comes, Warp, ‘12]
Max Roach - Rumble in the the Jungle [M'Boom, Columbia, ‘79]
Paul Mark - Ringo O Iwake [East To West, Imperial, ‘61]
Gabor Szabo - The Fortune Teller [Dreams, Skye, ‘68]
Amanar - Ariyalan [Alghafiat, Mississippi/Sahel, ‘12]
Dungen - Krona [Stadsvandringar, Astralwerks, ‘02]
Jan & Lorraine - Bird of Passage [Gypsy People, ABC, ‘69]
Larkin Grimm - Paradise and So Many Colors [Soul Retrieval, Bad Bitch, ‘12]
John Cale - Ship Of Fools [Fear, Island, ‘74]
One Dee Group - Jung Jae [Jurig Jurian, ???, ‘78]  
Ustad Sabri Khan - Raga Darbari-Jhala [Raga Darbari, Raga Multani]
Mariano Rodriguez - El Valle del Descanso [El Vuelo Del Chon Chon, self-released, ‘11]
Steven R. Smith - Peeled Stick For A Cane    [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
E. Dresch - Vignette VI [Short Stories, self-released, ‘11]
George Cromarty - De Palma, De Paloma [Wind In The Heather, Dancing Cat, ‘84]
MV & EE - Shit's Creek [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Winter Lady [Covers Volume II, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
The End Springs - They Drove The Land Home [Synergy, CDr, Tired Trails Collective, ‘08]
Harry Taussig - Water Verses [Contemporary Guitar Spring 1967, Takoma, ‘67]
Kaki King - No True Masterpiece Will Ever Be Complete [Glow, Velour, ‘12]
Twinsistermoon - A Glow in the Fields [Bogyrealm Vessels, Handmade Birds, ‘12]
Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - Vaccination (For Thomas Mann) [Instrumental Tourist, Software, ‘12]
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Night Ashes    [Visiting This World, self-released, ‘12]
Evan Caminiti - Absteigend [Dreamless Sleep, Thrill Jockey, '12]

Hoot Owl - Untitled [Untitled, Azriel, ‘11]
Amasa*Gana - Side A [Untitled, c30, Holodeck, ‘12]
Lucky Dragons - Side A [Long Form, Fictitious Sighs, ‘12]
Af Ursin - Elégie [Trois Mémoires Discrètes, La Scie Dorée, ‘12]
Newage Panther Mistique - Untitled 3 [Untitled, CDr, Wabana Ore Limited, ‘05]
Corum - Side B [Beguiling Isles: Born of Earth's Torments, Psychic Sounds, ‘12]
Jan Jelinek - Fragments Two [Music For Fragments / Music & Birds, Faitiche, ‘12]  

Third Ear Band - Air [s/t, Harvest, ‘70]
Million Mists - Vinterlanders [Original Motion, c60, Gift Tapes, ‘11]
Michael Garrick - Temple Dancer [Various, Spiritual Jazz 2: Europe, Jazzman, ‘12]
Rufus Harley - Queens [King-Queens, Atlantic, ‘70]
Josephine Foster & the Victor Herrero Band - Brilliante Estrella [Perlas, Fire, ‘12]
Heaven & Earth - Refuge [Refuge, Ovation, ‘73]
John Leach - Shopping Area [Arabia, Music de Wolfe, ‘71]
Richard Schneider Jr. - High [Dreamlike Land, Havest, ‘77]
Spirogyra - The Furthest Point [Bells, Boots And Shambles, Polydor, ‘73]
Barış Manço - Bin Boganin Kizi [Dağlar Dağlar, Sayan, ‘90]  
Bugskull - Concave Life [Phantasies and Senseitions, Road Cone, ‘94]
Jessica Bailiff - This is Real (Soft & Feral) [At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky, Kranky, ‘12]
FWY! - Subdivision [San Clemente, Burundi Cloud, ‘12]
Jonny Greenwood - Able-Bodied Seamen [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]
East New York Ensemble de Music - Mevlana [At the Helm, Folkways, ‘74]  
Sylvester Anfang II - Assassijn [Perzische Tapijten, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘12]
Brother Ong - Flower And Hand Ceremony [Deep Water Creation, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘11]
Jo Stafford - No Other Love [OST, The Master, Nonesuch, ‘12]

Lunar Miasma - Fields [Managing The Dream, Tranquility Tapes, ‘12]
Sun Araw - Grip [The Inner Treaty, Drag City/Sun Ark, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - Mirror-Shield [Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches, self-released, ‘08; re Ba Da Bing, ‘12]
Richard Moult  - Song for Mourie [Yclypt, Second Language, ‘12]
Porzellan - The Shelf Of Stars [The Lost Library, Cotton Goods, ‘12]
Nils Frahm - Re [Screws, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Hladowski & Joynes - Higher Germanie [The Wild Wild Berry, Bo’Weavil, ‘12]
John Jacob Niles - The Turtle Dove    [The Boone-Tolliver Recordings, LM Dupli-cation, ‘12]
Harry Taussig - Living in the City [Fate Is Only Twice, Tompkins Square, ‘12]
Land of Kush - Tunnel Visions [Monogamy, Constellation, ‘12]
Shikh El Houcine el Khouribgui - Track 2 [Hicham Atlas, ???]
Former Selves - Evening Rituals [Build, CDr, Hooker Vision, ‘12]
John Cale & Terry Riley - The Hall Of Mirrors In The Palace At Versailles [Church Of Anthrax, Columbia, ‘71]
M. Sage - Timber Loss [Music for Interior Shadows, Patient Sounds, ‘11]  
Dredd Foole with MV & EE - Oro Is God (featuring Christiina Madoniia) [Blues Sermon With Congregation, Humito, ‘12]
Flying Horseman - Heap [Wild Eyes, Conspiracy, ‘10]
Roy Harper - My Friend [Sophisticated Beggar, JHL 105, ‘66; re Science Friction, ‘94 ]
The Child Readers - Fear of Nature [Various, Windswept Trees & Houses, Jewelled Antler, ‘02]
Library Tapes - Sun Peeking Through [Sun Peeking Through, Auetic, ‘12]

John Fahey - View East From The B&O Railroad Viaduct And The Riggs Road Intersection [The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick: Live at The Matrix San Francisco, California 1968/1969, Water, ‘04]
Michael Chapman & The Woodpiles - A Stranger's Map of Texas [Natch 7, Natch, ‘12]
Bert Jansch - Avocet [Avocet, Charisma, ‘79]
Selections from Oh Michael, Look What You've Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman [Various, Tompkins Square, ‘12]  
Thurston Moore - It Didn't Work Out
Meg Baird - No Song to Sing
Maddy Prior - The Prospector
Nick Jonah Davis - Little Molly's Dream
Neil Halstead - Wittgenstein's Arm [Palindrome Hunches, Brushfire, ‘12]
Vashti Bunyan - Don't Believe [Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Singles and Demos 1964-1967, Dicristina Stair Builders, ‘07]
Mattia Coletti - Pitagora [The Land, Wallace, ‘12]
Daniel Bachman - Sita Ram (Who is God?) [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
M. M. Peres - Side A  [La Evolución del Notocordio, self-released, ‘12]
Spires That In The Sunset Rise - Grandma [Ancient Patience Wills It Again, Hairy Spider Legs, ‘12]
Plains - On the Rise [Various, Leaves of Life, Buck Curran / Borne! ‘09]
Richard & Linda Thompson - A Heart Needs a Home [Hokey Pokey, Island, ‘75]
Raajmahal - Unknown Metals [s/t, Kelippah, ‘12]

Anahita - Annayourna, I [Arcana En Cantos, CDr, Deserted Village, ‘06]
Plusplus - Windings [Evils, La bèl netlabel, ‘11]
Cubs - Untitled [The Cubs’ Tapes, 3” CDr, Rusted Rail, ‘11]
Visitor - Close Encounters [7”, Electrola, ‘78]
Ruth Ben-Zvi - Sharkia [Israeli Percussion, Prestige International, ‘63?]
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kaly - Barcelona-Cantabria [Taxidoscopio, Heaven & Earth, ‘06]
Alice Cohen - The Lacemakers [Pink Keys, Olde English Spelling Bee / Crinoline ‘12]
Sunil Ganguly - Om Shanti Om [Swinging Hits, EMI, ‘81]
Bhajan Sopori - Raag Kaushik Dhwani, Alaap & Gat In Ektaal [Santoor Recital, Chaar Prahar On Santoor-Morning & Night, Divine Santoor, ??]
Ricardo Donoso - Reflection & Rotation [Assimilating the Shadow, Digitalis, ‘12]
Cluster & Eno - untitled [live in Paris, November 1977, unreleased]

Richard Osborn - The Glance [Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations, Free Range Raga, ‘12]
Sophie Hutchings - Half Hidden [Night Sky, Preservation, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - Vessel [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]
James Blackshaw - And I Have Come Upon This Place By Lost Ways [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Robert Fripp / Andrew Keeling / David Singleton - Pie Jesu  [The Wine of Silence, DGM Live, ‘12]
Kandahar - Spel I [Spel, Hara Productions, ‘83; re Taped Sounds, ‘12]
Expo '70 - Pulsing Rings Of Ice [Beguiled Entropy, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]
Dr. Eckasha Aah Ahalaa - Track 03 [Desert Lotus Series, Desert Lotus/Brave Mysteries, ‘12]
Astral Social Club - Rubber Lagg (Kufuki remix) [Magic Smile, Wonderyou, ‘12]
Pigeons - Invitations [Liasons, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
The Diamond Family Archive - Spring Pt 1a [The Death Of Kung Fu, Tired Trails, ‘10]
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Jabberwocky [Alice Through The Looking Glass, ‘69; re Acme, ‘08]
Michael Hurley - What'llya Do / What'llya Say? [Back Home with Drifting Woods, ‘64/65; re Mississippi Records, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Save Me a Place [mp3, self-released, ‘12]
Shelagh Mcdonald - Odyssey [Stargazer, B&C, ‘71; re Mooncrest, ‘99]
East - Beautiful Morning [s/t, Capitol, ‘72]
Flying Canyon - Black April [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘06]
Blind Joe ''Willie'' Reynolds - Third Street Woman Blues [Various, Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers 1928-1930, Document, ‘08]
Mia Doi Todd - Canto de Lemanjá [Cosmic Ocean Ship, City Zen, ‘11]

Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear [Stratosfear, Virgin, ‘76]
Laszlo Hortobagyi - Ragamelan [6th All-India Music Conference, Erdenklang, ‘95]  
Herbie Hancock - Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [Mwandishi, Warner, ‘71]
Blues Control - Iron Pigs [Valley Tangents, Drag City, ‘12]
Fabulous Diamonds - John Song [Commercial Music, Chapter Music, ‘12]
Francesco De Masi - C'è Sartana-seq.1 [OST-C'è Sartana...vendi la pistola e comprati la bara, Beat, ‘70]
Relatively Clean Rivers - The Persian Caravan [s/t, ‘75; re Phoenix, ‘08]
??? - Santa Bary  [Africa, Music De Wolfe, ‘73]
Merit Hemmingson - Gånglåt från Bleckå Anders [Queen of Swedish Hammond Folk Groove, Amigo, ‘05]
Judy Hill - Una donna chiamata apache [???, ‘76]
OMBRE - Weight Those Words [Believe You me, Asthmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Howard Nishioka - Odyseas Over Seas [Street Songs, Otaro, ‘79]
Hundred Waters - Sonnet [s/t, Porter, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - Monsters [7", Blackest Rainbow, '12]
Ravi Shankar - Untitled 5 [OST-Alice In Wonderland, unreleased, ‘66]
Sagram - Morning Glory [Pop Explosion Sitar Style, Windmill, ‘70]
Alessandro Alessandroni & Nora Orlandi - Demon Arise [OST-A Doppia Faccia / La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio, Lucertola Media, ‘98]
James Last - Babalu [Voodoo-Party, Polydor, ‘71]
John Renbourn - Summer Song [The Guitar Of John Renbourn. KPM, ‘77]
Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising [Palindrome Hunches, Brushfire, '12]
Donovan Quinn and Michael James Tapscott - The People of Idaho [Goodbye, Marlene, self-released, '12]

Isengrind - The Psychoduct [Journey Of The 7 Stars, c65, self-released, ‘09]
Windy & Carl - Traveling [Antarctica EP, Darla, ‘97]
Pausal - Fruiting Bodies / Liberty Capped [Forms, Barge, ‘12]
Richard Osborn - The View from San Damiano, With Rain [Giving Voice: Guitar Explorations, Free Range Raga, ‘12]
Hallock Hill - Ausable [The Union, Hundred Acre, ‘11]
Marisa Anderson - The Night Before Last [The Golden Hour, Mississippi Records, ‘09]
Ø+yn / The Failed NASA Experiment - Dilophonotini / Macroglossini / Philampelini / A Recipe for *blank* [split cassette, The Lows and the Highs, ‘12]
Richard Skelton - The Narrow Rooms [Verse Of Birds, Corbel Stone Press, ‘12]
OMBRE - Noche Brilla / Dawning [Believe You Me, Asthmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Ancient Ocean - Apostle of Light [I, Sonic Meditations, ‘10]
Goldmund - The Wind Sings [Various, Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland, ‘12]
Seaworthy - Sleep Paths II [Sleep Paths, Slaapwel, ‘12]

United Bible Studies - I Am Providence pt. 1 [I Am Providence, Jellyfant, ‘12]
Loscil - The Sun At Night [Various, Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland, ‘12]
Tim Coster - Compliments [Mediterranean Years, c30, No Kings, ‘12]
Library Tapes - Variation II [Sun Peeking Through, Auetic, ‘12]
Lower Dens - Lion in Winter Pt. 1 [Nootropics, Ribbon Music, ‘12]  
Nicolas Bernier - p3. allegretto [Music for a Piano/Music for a Book, Home Normal, ‘12]
Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Side A, Part I     [Church of the Transfiguration, Benniffer Editions, ‘08]
??? - Untitled 4 [unknown cassette]
Dirty Three - Ends of the Earth [Ocean Songs, Touch and Go, ‘98]  
MV & EE - Sweet Sure Gone [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Willie Lane - Opossum Bin Laden [Guitar Army of One, Cord-Art, ‘12]
C Joynes - Linden Tree [Congo, Bo’ Weavil, ‘11]
Tia Blake - The Rising Of The Moon [Folksongs & Ballads, SFP, ‘71; re Water, ‘11]
Francis MwaKitme - Sikepa Inongwa Mukaye (Tanzania) [Various, The African Guitar Box, Mississippi Records, ‘12]
Ignatz - Stin Ypoga [Various, On A Steady Diet Of Hash, Bread & Salt, Soundeyet, ‘12]
Julia Holter - Moni Mon Amie [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl., ‘12]
Zelienople - Chemist [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Keijo - At Night [Here They Come, CDr, Reverb Worship, ‘09]
Valerio Cosi - Me, A Bearded Crow [Crows Of The World Vol 2, Last Visible Dog, ‘09]
Ocotillo - Track 02 [Desert Lotus Series, Desert Lotus/Brave Mysteries, ‘12]
Monster Rally - Honey [Beyond the Sea, Gold Robot, ‘12]

Gray - Drum Mode [Shades of..., Plush Safe, ‘10]
Jandek - Never Never Never  [The Narrow Road, Corwood Industries, ‘01]
Sun Castle - Room of a Thousand Doors (Room One) [mp3, self-released, ‘12]
Dans Les Arbres - La Fumee [Canopée, ECM, ‘12]
Muhyiddin Ba'yun - Taxim Alal Wahidat [Baidaphon, ??]
Matthew Shipp - Orbit 2 [New Orbit, Thirsty Ear, ‘01]  
Monks Of The Balhill - Watching Tulips Growing [Vibratory Convulsion, CDr, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Eric Copeland - Louie, Louie Louie [Limbo, Underwater Peoples, ‘12]
Sun City Girls - Black Orchid [Funeral Mariachi, Abduction, ‘10]
Carla Bley Band - Reactionary Tango (In Three Parts) [Social Studies, WATT Works, ‘81]  
William Tyler - Signal Mountain [Behold the Spirit, Tompkins Square, ‘10]
Roedelius - Langer Atem [Lustwandel, Sky, ‘81]
Sir Richard Bishop - Dhumavati [Intermezzo, Ideologic Organ, ‘12]
Kontrolorgan - Kingfisher Exile [Kingfisher Exile, CDr, Ghost Drome, '11]
Rudi Arapahoe - I Close My Eyes And Float To The Ceiling  [Echoes From One To Another, Symbolic Interaction, ‘08]
Steve Reich - Octet [Octet-Music For A Large Ensemble-Violin Phase, ECM, ‘80]
Evan Caminiti - Symmetry [Dreamless Sleep, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Tim Coster - We [Mediterranean Years, c30, No Kings, ‘12]  

Daniel Bachman - West 45th St. [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
Lee Ranaldo - By the Window [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Willie Lane - Imaginary labelmate [Guitar Army of One, Cord-Art, ‘12]
Andres Segovia - Song and Galliard  [A Centenary Celebration, MCA, ‘94]
Carlos Paredes - Valsa [Guitarra Portuguesa, Elektra, ‘67]
Songs of Green Pheasant - Sad Flowers (Viva Happiness)  [Soft Wounds, Rusted Rail, ‘12]
Mattia Coletti - Ghost West [The Land, Wallace, ‘12]  
Kiki Pau - Pines [Pines, self-released, ‘12]
Micah Blue Smaldone  - The Mule [split LP w/ Big Blood, Immune, ‘12]
Christoph Heemann - Untitled [The Rings Of Saturn, Dom Bartwuchs, ‘08]
Volcano The Bear - The Great Reimbursing  [Golden Rhythm / Ink Music, Rune Grammofon, ‘12]
Liars - The Exact Colour of Doubt [WIXIW, Mute, ‘12]
Ashtray Navigations - Haight-Ashbury Legal [Blues Power Cake, CDr, Memoirs Of An Aesthete, ‘05]
Raajmahal - Follow Me [s/t, Kelippah, ‘12]
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Waterfalls introduction [Bamboo for Two, Olde English Spelling Bee, ‘12]
Daniel Padden - Adinatisa O Kaymenos [Various, On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, & Salt, Soundeyet, ‘12]

These Trails - El Rey Pascador [s/t, ‘73; re Drag City, ‘11]
Pascal Comelade - Dos Horas De Two Ojos II [Various, Trying To Make It To The End Of The Century, G3G, ‘91]
Michael Chapman - Among the Trees (Mono)  [Rainmaker, Harvest, ‘69; re Light in the Attic, ‘12]
Moholy-Nagy - Somersaults [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Sylvia Monnier - Skin Fragrance [Colors, self-released, ‘12]
Dean McPhee - Power of Nines [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11]
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities - Owllullaby [Searchlight Needles, For Arbors / For Satellites, ‘09]
James Blackshaw - Her Smoke Rose Up Forever [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Rag Lore - A Requiem for Rememberances & Times with Gramma Childress [Old Rag Light Lore Songs: Volume 1, Poor Farm Sound Transmissions, ‘12]
Savaging Spires - Sisters [s/t, Critical Heights, ‘11]  
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Timeskipper [Skull, Soy Libre, ‘12]
Bill Staines - Kentucky Moonshiner [s/t, Evolution, ‘71]
Zelienople - Old Dirt [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Floratone - The Bloom Is On    [Floratone II, Savoy Jazz, ‘12]
Koi Pond - Side A [So Higher, Sonic Meditations, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Blue Far [Blue Far, self-released, ‘11]
Robert Fripp - God Save the Queen    [God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners, Polydor, ‘80]
Isengrind - Lit By The Rain [Night Of Raining Fire, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]  
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Clock Winder [Silfra, Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Michael Rother - Zeni [Flammende Herzen, Sky, ‘77]

James & Tony fill-in
Alastair Galbraith - Anais
Signaldrift - Little Girl Lost In The Woods
Ducktails - Mirror Image
Eleven Twenty Nine - White Horse Blues
Kim Jung Mi - Haenim
Mount Eerie - Clear Moon
Amen Dunes - Christopher
Echo Lake - Monday 5am
Oren Ambarchi - Salt
Tortoise - The Lithium Stiffs
Dadamah - Scratch Sun
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
The Garbage and the Flowers - Carousel
Ash Ra Tempel - Day Dream
Amazing Births - Eclipsed By The Younger Moon
Sun Araw - Lute and Lyre
Burial - Endorphin
Psychic Ills - Mind Daze
Dolphins Into The Future - Noite
Laurel Halo - Carcass
The Books - Group Autogenics Pt 1

w/ special guest DJ Scratch-22
Blues Control - Open Air [Valley Tangents, Drag City, ‘12]
Mirroring - Mirror of Our Sleeping [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Aphex Twin - Blue Calx
Orient Express - Cobra Fever
Sir Richard Bishop - Khajuraho [Intermezzo, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
Omar Khorshid - Rakset El Fadaa
Bitchin Bajas - Bajas Ragas [Vibraquatic, Kallistei Editions, ‘12]
Mike Cooper - Paumalu Sunset Beach
OMBRE - Cara Falsa [Believe You me, Ashmatic Kitty, ‘12]
Suni McGrath - Picnic on the Floor
Lewlewal de Podor - Oumoyiilo [Yiilo Jaam, Mississippi Records, ‘11]
Joan Baez - The Magic Wood
Moonwood - Invite me to stare into the darkness [The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, Arachnidiscs, ‘12]
Lloyd Miller - Gole Gandom
Ulaan Markhor - Plague of Farewells [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Michael Angelo - Nubian Queen
Violeta Parra - La pericona se ha muerto [Carpa de la Reina, EMI/Odeon, ‘66]
Nora Dean - Angie La La
Snails - She'd like an hour [7", The Great Pop Supplement, ‘11]
Flying Lotus - Happening Really
Zelienople - The Real Devil [The World Is House On Fire, Type, ‘12]
Scratch-22 - Galaxy long edit

Stomu Yamashta - Red Buddha [Red Buddha, Vanguard, ‘73]
Art Blakey and The Afro-Drum Ensemble - Love, The Mystery Of [The African Beat, Blue Note, ‘62]
Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son [Lucifer, Mexican Summer, ‘12]
Nils Frahm - Old Thought [Felt, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
Tim Coster - Two Adjacent Pavilions [Ocean Liner, Alberts Basement, ‘12]  
Deep Magic - Side b  [Ancestor Worship, Goldtimers Tapes, ‘11]
Mondo Lava - Slam Dunk Bodhisattva [split w/ Eternal Tapestry, KDVS Recordings, ‘12]
Chris Watson - Sierra Tarahumara [El Tren Fantasma, Touch, '12]
The Aloha Spirit - Touch [Under Wild Skies, Tranquility Tapes, '12]
Olan Mill - The Square is Porcelain [Paths, Facture, ‘12]
Danny Paul Grody - Late November [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three-Lobed, '12]
GHQ - Drop City Blues [Everywhere at Once, Three-Lobed, ‘08]
Dando Shaft - Thruxton [s/t, Neon (RCA), ‘71; re Akarma, ‘03]
Deep Magic - Side a  [Ancestor Worship, Goldtimers Tapes, ‘11]

Steve Roden & Machinefabriek - Some Things Within [Lichtung, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, ‘12]
Sylvia Monnier - Time Stops [Colors, self-released, ‘12]
Tim Coster - Ocean Liner [Ocean Liner, Alberts Basement, ‘12]
Sir Richard Bishop - Untitled 6 [Spontaneous Collaborations, self-released, ‘11]
Not the Wind, Not the Flag - Music Gallery [Music Gallery, c60, Already Dead, ‘12]
Gnod - Roofless  [Three Sticks A Penny, CDr, self-released, ‘11]
Gareth Dickson - This Is The Kiss [Quite A Way Away, 12k, ‘12]
Larkin Grimm - I Am Not Real [Soul Retrieval, Bad Bitch, ‘12]
Bridget St. John - Early Morning Song [Songs For The Gentleman, Dandelion, ‘71; re Men with 4 Bears, ‘10]
Black Eagle Child - Side B Track 2 [Untitled, self-released, ‘11]
Matt Valentine - Ave B [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]

Tonstartssbandht - Little chap [Maihama, c20, Dœs Are, ‘09]
Boduf Songs - Temping [Internal Memo, Morc, ‘12]  
Moonwood - Fireflies Trapped in a Cracked Pint Jar [The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, and the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, Arachnidiscs, ‘12]
Marissa Nadler - Apostle [The Sister, Box of Cedar, ‘12]
Tim Hecker - Suffocation Raga for John Cale [John Cale-Extra Playful Transitions, Double Six, ‘12]
Olan Mill - Bleu Polar  [Paths, Facture, ‘12]
Daniel Bachman - White Oak [Oh Be Joyful, One Kind Favor, ‘12]
Ulaan Markhor - Hand in Circles [s/t, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Es - Säteet sun sielusta  [Kesämaan Lapset, Fonal, ‘09]
John Zorn - Mina [Nosferatu, Tzadik, ‘12]
Sean McCann - Remain [Prelusion, Recital, ‘11]
From the Mouth of the Sun - Color Loss [Woven Tide, Experimedia, ‘12]
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Proportions [Skull, Soy Libre, ‘12]
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace - New York City [Live 1976, Drag City/Galactic Zoo, ‘12]
Christina Carter - Going Down [Living Contact, Kranky, ‘04]  
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka - Godot [Silfra, Universal / Deutsche Grammophon, ‘12]
Dean McPhee - Cloud Forest  [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11] 1

Transmuteo - Zone Temple/Timeless Emergence [Cymaglyphs, Rotifer Cassettes, ‘11]
Richard Skelton - Cappanawalla [Ridgelines, Aeolian Editions, ‘12]  
Neil Young - Guitar Solo, No. 1 [OST, Dead Man, Vapor, ‘96]
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Visiting This World [Visiting This World, En/Of, ‘12]
En - Lodi [Already Gone, Students of Decay, ‘12]
The Green Kingdom - Woolgathering   [Egress, Nomadic Kids Republic, ‘12]
Jonas Munk - Pan [Pan, El Paraiso, ‘12]
Red Stars Over Tokyo - Hits Of Sunshine [Hits Of Sunshine, Hot Hair, ‘11]
Alvarius B. - El Gomhoreya [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Yair Yona - This One's For You Glenn [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
E. Dresch - The Way  [Short Stories, self-released, ‘11]
Dean McPhee - Golden Bridge [Son of the Black Peace, Blast First Petite, ‘11]
Ruth Garbus - Halloween [Rendezvous With Rama, Autumn Records, ‘10]
Gareth Davis & Steven R. Smith - Surmises   [Westering, Important, ‘09]
Sam Moss - Neighbors [Neighbors, self-released, ‘12]
The A-Lords - Mistress Chetell [s/t, Rif Mountain, ‘11]
MV & EE - Common Ground [Space Homestead, Woodsist, ‘12]
Sea Oleena - Orion's Eyes [Sleeplessness, self-released, ‘11]

Hildur Guðnadóttir - Leyfðu Ljósinu  [Leyfðu Ljósinu, Touch, ‘12]
Greg Haines - Nueblo Pueblo [Digressions, Preservation, ‘12]
Plankton Wat - Evening Sky [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Valerie Webb & Paul Labrecque - High Country Jig [Trees, Chants and Hollers, Eclipse, ‘06]
High Wolf - Pandu [Know Thyself, Sun Ark, ‘12]
Sunny Dunes - Shame [Blue Far, self-released, ‘11]
John Luther Adams - August Voices [Songbirdsongs, Opus One, ‘82]
Stephen Montague - Slow Dance On A Burial Ground [Slow Dance On A Burial Ground, Lovely Music Ltd, ‘84]
Nite Lite - Marjorie III  [split w/ Waterfinger, c57, Stunned, ‘11]
Popol Vuh - Why Do I Still Sleep [Agape-Agape (Love-Love), Vivid, ‘83]

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - b1 [Stare, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Dreamtiger - Balinese Ceremonial Music (Colin McPhee) [East-West Encounters, Cameo Classics, ‘82]
Plankton Wat - Islands [Spirits, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
Sandy Bull & the Rhythm Ace - Oud [Live 1976, Drag City/Galactic Zoo, ‘12]
Laraaji - The Dance #1 [Ambient 3: Days Of Radiance, Editions EG, ‘80]
Six Organs of Admittance - Stranded On IO [Various, Eight Trails, One Path, Three-Lobed Recordings, ‘12]
Wil Bolton - Silver [3”, CDr, Hibernate, ‘12]
Chuck Johnson - Last Moments at Chittor [A Struggle, Not a Thought, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - We Who Stole the Dream [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Jenny Hval - Golden Locks [Viscera, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
The Wandering Lake - Little Light [Ashame, self-released, ‘12]
Wim - Wind Talk Sea Talk [Humming Collection, self-released, ‘11]
Shep & Me - Squaler [Spring Creeper, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘11]
Nicholas Szczepanik - Interlude [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]

Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Circular And Made Of The Earth [The Visible Sign Of The Invisible Order, Abduction, ‘04]
Alain Presencer - Shepherd's Song [Singing Bowls of Tibet, Saydisc, ‘81]  
Jon Porras - Blue Crescent Vision [Black Mesa, Thrill Jockey, ‘12]
James Blackshaw - Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death [Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]  
Christian Naujoks - True Life , In Flames [True Life/In Flames, Dial, ‘12]
Brother Ong - The Possible You [Deep Water Creation, CDr, Deep Water Acres, ‘11]
Ketil Bjornstad - Prelude XII [Early PIano Music, Hubro, ‘11]
Between - Devotion [And The Waters Opened, Vertigo, ‘73]
Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos - Sunshine [FRKWYS Vol. 9: Icon Give Thank, Rvng Intl., ‘12]
Lee Noble - Cop Show [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Al Doum & the Faryds - Totem [s/t, self-released, ‘11]
Troy Schafer - The Desire Towards Joy: Cycle I [Evening Song Awaken, Recital, ‘12]
Anna Själv Tredje - Tusen år & Sju Timmar [Tussilago Fanfara, Silence, ‘77]
Orcas - A Subtle Escape [s/t, Morr Music, ‘12]
Bridget Hayden - Pale Skin [A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, (K-RAA-K)³, ‘12]
Gkfoes Vjgoaf - On The Mountain [Spirit Dance, Full of Nothing, ‘11]  

Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, The Congos - Thanks and Praise [FRKWYS Vol. 9: Icon Give Thank, Rvng Intl., ‘12]
The Skaters - A-doz-hiel-z [Various, Lal Lal Lal Festival, CDr, Lal Lal Lal, ‘07]
Colin McPhee & Benjamin Britten - Pemungkah [Various, The Roots Of Gamelan: The First Recordings-Bali, 1928/New York, 1941, World Arbiter, ‘99]
Lasso - Stupid, Bored, and Stoned [The Return Of Lasso, Already Dead, ‘11]
Phil Yost - Ethan Dreams Two People [Bent City, Takoma, ‘67]
Sand Circles - Summer Echoes [Motor City, Not Not Fun, ‘12]
Semi Sheheen and his Utica Ensemble - Dance Sherzad [Various, What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music 1928-1952, Mississippi, ‘12]
Lesiman - Colloquio [The Future Sound Of Lesiman, Easy Tempo, ‘98]
Mogollar - Ilgaz [Anadolu Pop, Yavuz Plak, ‘71]
Jon Hassell - Gift Of Fire [Dream Theory In Malaya, Editions EG, ‘91]
Gabor Szabo - Three King Fishers [Bacchanal, Skye, ‘68]
Moss Swarm - Agriculture And Mythology [Seance Horizon, Hooker Vision, ‘10]
Paco Sala - Earn Your Stripe    [Ro-Me-Ro, Digitalis, ‘12]
Mort Garson - [Ode To An African Violet, Mother Earth's Plantasia, Homewood, ‘76]
Al Doum & the Faryds - Counting Dunes [s/t, self-released, ‘11]
Nahawa Doumbia - Dunukan [Yankaw, Cobalt, ‘97]
Fabulous Diamonds - Untitled 3 [Fabulous Diamonds II, Siltbreeze, ‘11]
Pumice - Trophy [Puny, Soft Abuse, ‘12]
Food Pyramid - The Thief [Mango Sunrise, Moon Glyph, ‘12]
Village of Spaces - Forget Me Not [Alchemy and Trust, Corleone, ‘11]
Molnbär av John - The Criminal Sketch [Thundersketches, 7”, Tona Serenade, ‘12]

Luciano Cilio - Quarto Quadro [Dell' Universo Assente, Die Schachtel, ‘04]
Tulasi - Silver Love Ocean [split w/ Caligine, c40, Jozik, ‘11]
Paul Metzger - All Glass [Canticle of Ignat/ All Glass, aRCHIVE, ‘08]
Sashash Ulz - Finale [Maenads, Sicsic Tapes, ‘12]
No-Neck Blues Band - A Daisy Chain for Richard Wright [Ytiu, Kelippah, ‘11]
Nicholas Szczepanik - Another Screened World [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]
Codona - Inner Organs [Codona 3, ECM, ‘83]
Wim - Beach house / Attic [Humming Collection, self-released, ‘11]  
Peter Michael Hamel - Slow Motion [Nada, Wergo, ‘77]
Agali ag Amoumine - Hali Diallo [Takamba, Mississippi, ‘12]
Alice Coltrane - Sita Ram [Translinear Light, Impulse!, ‘04]  
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Banh Mi Ringtones [Ocean Parkway, Three-Lobed, ‘12]
Mark Hollis - The Daily Planet [s/t, Polydor, ‘98]

Danny Norbury - Bluebeard 4 [Bluebeard, Wist Rec, ‘12]
Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow   [Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow, Darla, ‘08]
Fennesz + Sakamoto - 0330    [Flumina, Touch, ‘11]
Bert Jansch - M'lady Nancy [Rosemary Lane, Transatlantic, ‘71]
Kath Bloom & Loren MazzaCane Connors - Blues Song [Moonlight, St. Joan, ‘84]  
Anonymous - Between Now and Forever [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘11]
Beggin’ Your Pardon Miss Joan - I Am The Messenger [Edges, Blackest Rainbow, ‘10]
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Don’t Lean On Door [Ocean Parkway, Three Lobed, ‘12]
GHQ - Sacramento I  [California Night Burning Dreams, Not Not Fun, ‘07]
Nude Sunrise - Comfort Climate [Should Be, Spooky Town, ‘11]
Ø+yn y Gmc - Populus Ajeno [Popolus Ajeno, Pakapi, ‘12]  
Caligine - Ars Oblivionalis [split w/ Tulasi, c40, Jozik, ‘11]
Gunter Schickert - Apricot Brandy II/Wanderer [Überfällig, Sky, ‘79]  
Nicholas Szczepanik - Her Last Breath [We Make Life Sad, WéMè, ‘12]

Richard Dawson - Junipter Berries Float Down The Stream  [The Magic Bridge, Pink Triangle, ‘11]
The A-Lords - Skyclad in Pendle [s/t, Rif Mountain, ‘11]
Sigur Rós - Lúppulagið [Inni, Krúnk, ‘11]
Pulse Emitter - Hermits [Aeons, Aguirre, ‘12]
Flying Saucer Attack - Popol Vuh 1 [s/t, FSA, ‘93]
Inner Tube - Bali High [s/t, Pacific City Sound Visions, ‘12]
Eyvind Kang - Thick Tarragon [Visible Breath, Ideologic Organ, ‘12]
Ryan Teague - Cell Cycle [Field Drawings, Village Green, ‘12]
Josef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmush     - Apokatastasis (Restoration) [Concerning the Entrance into Eternity, Important, ‘12]
Christian Naujoks - Dancer [True Life/In Flames, Dial, ‘12]
Sylvester Anfang II - Episch [Perzische Tapijten, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘12]
Tom James Scott - Skire [Crystal, Carnivals, ‘12]
Natural Snow Buildings - A Prophecy Fulfilled [Beyond the Veil, Blackest Rainbow, ‘12]
Orcas - High Fences [s/t, Morr Music, ‘12]

Wild Safari - Ghost Pitcher [Cave Sequins, Night People, ‘10]
High Wolf - Flowers Of Congo [Étoile 3030, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Cursillistas - Lake Dig Rising (Muddy Water Spell) [Observe Ember Weeks, L’animaux Tryst, ‘12]
Debashish Bhattacharya - Baarish!    [O Shakuntala!, Riverboat, ‘09 ]
Serge Bulot - Euryale   [Les légendes de Brocéliande, Sonimage, ‘81]
Midlake - Fortune [The Courage Of Others, Bella Union, ‘10]
Sidi Touré - Djarii ber   [Sahel Folk, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Marie Celeste  - When Morning Breaks [And Then Perhaps, private, ‘71]  
Ignatz - When The Fall Is All That Is Left [I Hate This City, Conspiracy, ‘11]
Tiny Ruins - Cat In The Hallway [Some Were Meant For Sea, Spunk, ‘11]
Nils Økland - Nattsvermer [Monograph, ECM, ‘09]
Airto - San Francisco River [Fingers, CTI, ‘73]
Bob Smith - India Slumber [The Visit, ‘70; re Relics/Forced Exposure, ‘10]
Matthew Young - Werewolf [Traveler's Advisory, Drag City, ‘10]
Reverend Charlie Jackson - Goodness of God, Pt. 2 [God's Got It: The Legendary Booker And Jackson Singles, Casequarter, ‘03]
Richard Youngs - Sussex Pond [Atlas of Hearts, Apollolaan, ‘11]
Jean-Bernard Raiteux - Punching Pop [Harlem Pop Trotters, Musique Pour L'Image, ‘72]  
Pierre Akendengue - Ogowe [Nandipo, Saravah, ‘74]
Julia Holter - Our Sorrows [Ekstasis,  RVNG Intl, ‘12]
Cursillitas - Howling Wind II [Observe Ember Weeks, L’animaux Tryst, ‘12]
John Zorn - Prelude 4: Diatesseron [The Gnostic Preludes, Tzadik, ‘12]
Dory Previn - Lady with the Braid [Mythical Kings & Iguanas, Mediarts, ‘74]  
Shoreline - Brigidine [Time Well Spent, Wilkommen, ‘08]
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Song of the Earth [Song Of The Earth, Sublingual, ‘00]
The Family Elan - The Black Planets of Her Eyes [Bow Low Bright Glow, alt.vinyl, ‘10]

Eleven Twenty-Nine - White Horse Blues [s/t, Northern Spy, ‘11]
Ruth Garbus - Falling Down To Earth [Rendezvous With Rama, Autumn, ‘10]
Ryan Teague - Summary of the Article [Field Drawings, Village Green,‘12]
Listening Mirror - The Leechpool [Resting in Aspic, Hibernate, ‘12]
Agitation Free - Khan el Khalili [Malesch, Vertigo, ‘72]
Plinth - Kay Harker [Collected Machine Music, Time Released Sound, ‘12]
Bill Fontana - Multi-Channel Recording of a Woodpecker and Other Birds on a Lake in the Adirondack Mountains [Field Recordings of Natural Sounds, Sierra Club, ‘83]
Ian Martin - Atmosphere [Intentions, Further, ‘12]
Dolphins Into The Future - Azul. Primeira Trova [Canto Arquipélago, Underwater Peoples, ‘12]  
Giuseppi Ielasi - Untitled 03 [Untitled, 2011, Entr’acte, ‘12]
Piotr Kurek - Heat [Heat, Digitalis, ‘11]
John Zorn (guitar by Marc Ribot) - Hadasha [Masada Guitars, Tzadik, ‘03]
Yair Yona - Bella [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Nuojuva - Laakso [Valot kaukaa, Preservation, ‘12]
Misner Space - A Wrinkle in Time [Tesseract, GoldTimers Tapes, ‘11]
Ashan - Gentle Magick [To Return To, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Anonymous - Carry Catcher [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘12]
Julia Holter - In The Same Room [Ekstasis, RVNG Intl, ‘12]
Reedbeds - Untitled 5  [G’morning Gomorrah, self-released, ‘11]

Big Blood - Machines Were Mice [Night Terrors on the Isle of Louis Hardin, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘10]  
Richard Skelton - Lowe [Marking Time, Type, ‘09]
Julia Kent - Ailanthus [Green And Grey, Important, ‘11]
Sanso-Xtro - And Then Return To Zero [Sentimentalist, Type, ‘05]
The Ways Of God To Man - Nothing    [Various, The Jewelled Antler Library: Book 4, Porter Records, ‘08]
Valet - We Went There [Naked Acid, Marriage, ‘08]
James Blackshaw - A Momentary Taste Of Being [Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death, Important, ‘12]
Scott Wells - Day Song 4 [Day Songs EP, Root Strata, ‘10]
Hauschka - Blue Bicycle [Ferndorf, 130701, ‘08]
Hallock Hill - A Burning Question (A Question Of Burning) [There He Unforeseen, self-released, ‘11]
Christina Carter - Obelisk [7”, Emerald Cocoon, ‘11]
Bob Bannister - A Miniature Rainbow [Dives And Lazarus, Twisted Village, ‘99]
Susumu Yokota - Flitting Ray    [Dreamer, Lo Recordings, ‘12]
Ólafur Arnalds - Poland [OST, Another Happy Day, Erased Tapes, ‘12]
Gareth Dickson - Noon [Quite A Way Away, 12k, ‘12]
Mirroring - Fell Sound  [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Radere - The Earth, Laid Bare [mp3, basic_sounds, ‘12]

James Murray - Greenlands Lament    [Floods, Slowcraft, ‘12]
Peter Broderick - Part 2 [Three Film Score Intakes, Schedios, ‘10]  
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Requiem for the Static King Part 2 [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]
Orcas - Standard Error [Orcas, Morr, ‘12]
Fennesz + Sakamoto - 0328    [Flumina, Touch, ‘11]
Gareth Dickson - Jonah [Quite A Way Away, 12K, ‘12 ]
Yair Yona - Poetry Nights In Valhalla    [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Glenn Jones - Of Its Own Kind [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Future Museums - Famous People In Space [A Solar Gold, self-released, ‘11]
Koen Holtkamp - Sky Flowers [Field Rituals, Type, ‘08]
Tape - The Wild Palms [Revelationes, Hapnu/Immune, ‘11]  
Venn Rain - Side A [Diamond Dust, Fadeaway Tapes, ‘12]
Jonas Reinhardt - Only Pharoah [The Prime Revealer, The Great Pop Supplement, ‘11]
Scott Tuma - Free Dirt [Dandelion, Digitalis, ‘11]
Lightning Strike Lightning - Present Joys [Turn Myself Into The Ocean, L'animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings, ‘07]
Eliasi Hinavako & Tanka - Vita Lili [Fanafody: A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara, Volume II, Mississippi/Cultural Knot, ‘11]
Karen Dalton - Reason To Believe [1966, Delmore, ‘12]

Mirroring - Drowning the Call [Foreign Body, Kranky, ‘12]
Anonymous - Pegasuasian Oath [Bells Ringing In The Dells Of Haunted Hours, Time-Lag, ‘11]
Marta Mist - Crack The Sun To Bleed A Blood Red Sky [Crack The Sun To Bleed A Blood Red Sky / A Soldier's Trench, self-released, ‘12]  
Etnografinis Ansamblis - Tututis [Senoji Lietuviu Liaudies Muzika, Melodiya, ‘71]
Paper Dollhouse - Moon [A Box Painted Black, Finders Keepers, ‘11]
Fourth World Magazine - StarChild's Birth [The Spectacle Of Light Abductions, Pacific City Sound Visions, 11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - The Road of Acceptance [Acceptance, Inner Islands, ‘12]
Danny Paul Grody - Orbits [In Search of Light, Students of Decay, ‘11]
Black Eagle Child - Not Caring [split w/ Excavations, Paramita, ‘11]
Phil Maggi - Forest [Ghost Love, Idiosyncratics, ‘11]
Raksha Mancham - In A Sacred Manner We Live [Chos Khor, Musica Maxima Magnetica, ‘93]
Cenote Glow - Side 1 [Anza-Borrego, Fadeaway Tapes, ‘11]
??? - Tangental Psychedelico [Various, Radio Palestine: Sounds Of The Eastern Mediterranean, Sublime Frequencies, ‘04]
Takeshi Terauchi - Touryanse [Nippon Guitars: Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974, Big Beat, ‘11]
Los Jaivas - Ayer Caché [Todos Juntos, ‘72]
Lula Côrtes - Nordeste Oriental [Various, Psychedelic Pernambuco, Mr. Bongo, ‘11]
A.R. & Machines - The Echo of Time [Echo, Polydor, ‘72]  
Rhys Chatham - Outdoor Spell [Outdoor Spell, Northern Spy, ‘11]

Utsav Lal - Solo Raga Improvisation [Ragas al Pianoforte, Utsav Lal, ‘10]
John Zorn - Mount Analogue (Feat. Cyro Baptista, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Tim Keiper, Brian Marsella & Kenny Wollesen) [Mount Analogue, Tzadik, ‘12]
Brightblack Morning Light - A Rainbow Aims [Motion To Rejoin, Matador, ‘08]
Daniele Patucchi - Motivi Psichedelici (LA Piu' Allegra Storia del DeCamerone)            [Various, Barry's 7's Connectors Vol. 2, Lo Recordings, ‘02]
Sitaar Tah! - In Sight [Tah!!!, High Contrast, ‘07]
Moholy-Nagy - Brute Neighbors [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Spirit Catepetl - Hiatus Thickets [Lai Khur, Sacred Phases, ‘11]
Zangoleah - Wish Map [Various, Persian Underground: Garage Rock, Beat and Psychedelic Sounds from The Iranian 60's & 70's Scene, Persianna, ‘10]
Bill Frisell - Yala, Perritos [The Intercontinentals, Nonesuch, ‘03]
Starving Weirdos - Periods [Land Lines, Amish, ‘12]
No UFO's - Freeze ~ Drift [Soft Coast, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Windy & Carl - The Smell of Old Books [We Will Always Be, Kranky, ‘12]

Sethuraman, Ponnuswamy & Party - Pirava Varam [The Enchanting Nadaswaram, EMI, ‘83]
Manatsoa - Valiha Fombandrazanah     [Fanafody: A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagasikara, Volume II, Mississippi/Cultural Knot, ‘11]
Josef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity [Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity, Important, ‘12]
Nick Jonah Davis - Nine Stones Close [Of Time and Tides, Tompkins Square, ‘11 ]
Black Eagle Child - We Are All Symbiotes [Poland, Sturmundrugs Records, ‘10]
Henry Flynt - Blue Sky, Highway and Tyme  [Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1, Locust, ‘03]
Moholy-Nagy - Sunday Brunch [Like Mirage, Temporary Residence Limited, ‘11]
Thoughts on Air - Yarn [Paleo Sails, Avant Archive, ‘12]
Oren Ambarchi - Remedios The Beauty [Grapes of the Estate, Touch, ‘04]
Songs of Green Pheasant - Deaf Sarah [Soft Wounds, Rusted Rail, ‘12]
Windy & Carl - Remember [We Will Always Be, Kranky, ‘12]
Nuojuva - Kuu piirtää sillan [Valot kaukaa, Preservation, ‘12]  
Lau Nau and Kuupuu - Untitled [Live @ Issue Project Room, ‘10)]
The Caretaker - When the dog days were drawing to an end [Patience (After Sebald), History Always Favours The Winners, ‘12]

John Renbourn - Plainsong [s/t, Transatlantic, ‘66]
John Fahey - Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, CA [Vol 6: Days Have Gone By, Takoma, ‘67]
Arborea - Spain [Red Planet, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Alasdair Roberts - Farewell Sorrow [Farewell Sorrow, Drag City, ‘03]
Willie Lane - Philly Arbiter-Almost Known [Known Quantity, Cord-Art, ‘09]
Willamette - Echo Park [Echo Park, Infraction, ‘11]
Keith Freund - For All Our Dead Pets [Constant comments, Experimedia, 11]
Barn Owl - Devotion I [Lost in the Glare, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Steven R. Smith - Skeleton Horses [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
Benoît Honoré Pioulard - Calder [Plays Thelma, Desire Path Recordings, ‘11]
Donovan Quinn - My Wife [Honky Tonk Medusa, Northern Spy, ‘12]
Ilyas Ahmed - Every Minute Of Every Hour (For JR) [With Endless Fire, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Kazuhiko Katoh - Alcansheru  [Super Gas, ‘71; re EMI, ‘05]
Lee Noble - Born Mistake [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Paper Dollhouse - Golden Ships [A Box Painted Black, Finders Keepers, ‘11]
Richard Youngs - Rotor-Manga-Papa-Maru [Long White Cloud, Grapefruit, ‘11]
Starving Weirdos - Captured [Land Lines, Amish, ‘12]
Selaroda - L highway/circuits 18/expand contract 4  [Synaptic Portals, Digitalis, ‘11]
Reedbeds - Side II [Slippery Elm, Rotifer Cassettes, ‘11]

Sashash Ulz - Vecherom [Yalos,Yalos, Digitalis, ‘11]
The Caretaker - Increasingly Absorbed in His Own World [Patience (After Sebald), History Always Favours The Winners, ‘12]
Phil Maggi - Slavery [Ghost Love, Idiosyncratics, ‘11]  
Andrew Bland - Festival [Cosmic Relief, self-released, ‘11]
Matthew De Gennaro - Cathedral Square [Humbled Down, Last Visible Dog, ‘05]
Daniel Kroha - Pink The Folk-Blues Stylings of Daniel Kroha, Social Music Record Club, ‘11]
Savaging Spires - Blackbirds [s/t, Critical Heights,‘11]
Hayvanlar Alemi - Welcome to Sunny Australia [Guarana Superpower, Sublime Frequencies, ‘11]
Oneida - Thank Your Parents [Happy New Year, Rough Trade, ‘06]
Arrington De Dionyso - Aku Di Penjara [Suara Naga, K, ‘11]
Religious Knives - The Message [Smokescreen, Sacred Bones, ‘11]
Acanthus - "I Thought I Had A Hallucination"  [OST, Le Frisson Des Vampires, Finders Keepers, ‘10]
Cannibal Movie - Schiave Bianche [Avorio, c30, Sound of Cobra, ‘11]
Sun Ark - Side B  [Prayer Tapes Vol.1, Sun Ark, ‘12]
Expo '70 - Moon Raga [Hovering Resonance, Sound of Cobra, ‘12]
From the Mouth of the Sun - Sitting In A Roofless Room [Woven Tide, Experimedia, ‘12 ]
Kon Tiki Gemini - External Species [Night Nights, Hobo Cult, ‘11]  

Fill-in Bright & Urlich
Miriam Burton - Rites of passage Part 1-3 [African Lament, Epic, ‘61]
Oscar Alemán - Russian Lullaby [Swing Guitar Masterpieces 1938-57, Acoustic Disc, ‘98]
Caravan No.2 Of Zachary - Trouble in My Way  [God's Got It: The Legendary Booker And Jackson Singles, Casequarter, ‘03]
Duke Pearson - Wahoo [Wahoo, Blue Note, ‘65]
David Axelrod  - The Sign (Part I) [Earth Rot, Capitol, ‘70]
Andrew Pekler - Un Vent Et Une Femme [Sentimental Favourites, Dekorder, ‘11]
Robag Wruhme - Prognosen Bomm    [Thora Vukk, Pampa, ‘11]
Pierre Bastien - Deep Speed  [Mecanoid, Rephlex, ‘01]
Gastr del sol - Black Horse [Camoufleur, Drag City, ‘98]
Colin Blunstone - Smokey Day [One Year, Epic, ‘71]
Hailu Mergia & The Walias  - Woghenei [Tche Belew, Kaifa, ‘77]
Vetiver - Fog Emotion [The Errant Charm, Sub Pop, ‘11]
Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month - Mom's House [Your Wicked Man, Soft Abuse, ‘10]
The Amps - She's a Girl [Pacer, 4AD, ‘95]
Mikal Cronin - You Gotta Have Someone [Tide 7”, Goner, ‘11]
Guided By Voices - Dusted [Fast Japanese Spin Cycle EP, Engine, ‘94]
Sad Lovers & Giants - Imagination [Feeding the Flame, Midnight Music, ‘88]
Alela Diane - White As Diamonds [To Be Still, Rough Trade, ‘09]
Callers - More Than Right [Fortune, Western Vinyl, ‘08]
Matt Valentine - PK dick [What I Became, Woodsist, ‘11]
Universal Studios Florida - Ambien Fort [Ocean Sunbirds, Animal Image Search, ‘09]
Nuno Canavarro - Untitled 5 [Plux Quba, Ama Romanta, ‘88]
Desertshore - Randy Quaid (Feat. Mark Kozelek) [Drawing Of Threes, Calo Verde, ‘11]
Tom Waits - Talking at the Same Time [Bad as Me, ANTI-, ‘11]
Destroyer - Song For America [Kaputt, Merge, ‘11]
Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind [Tell Mama, MCA, '68]

Dickie Landry - Alto Flute Quad Delay [Fifteen Saxophones, Northern Light, ‘77; re Unseen Worlds, ‘11]
Andrew Cronshaw - Im Hogutz [The Unbroken Surface of Snow, Cloud Valley/Proper, ‘11]  
The Boats - The Ballad For Achievement [Ballads of the Research Department, 12K, ‘12]
Steven R. Smith - Long Scrape Of Light [Floor Of The Sky, Burnt Toast Vinyl, ‘11]
Ulaan Khol - From Overland They Came In Droves [La Catacomb, Soft Abuse, ‘11]
??? - Thurmi (Benares, flute with khurdaka and vina) [Various, World Library Of Folk and Primitive Music Vol. 7, Rounder, ‘02]
Ga'an - Vultures Of The Horn [s/t, Captcha, ‘11]
Faust - Krautrock [Faust IV, Virgin, ‘74]
Lee Noble - Paradise Life [No Becoming, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
No UFO's - Why Be Something You're Not [Soft Coast, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Thoughts on Air - Red Rouge [Paleo Sails, Avant Archive, ‘12]
Sarin Smoke - Untitled [It Chars Our Lips Yet Still We Drink, Wholly Other, ‘07]
Sean McCann - Academy Hall [Sincere World, Amethyst Sunset, ‘11]

Fill-in for Bright & Urlich
Pharoah Sanders - Japan [Tauhid, Impulse, ‘66]
Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger [The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby, Cadet, ‘70]
Orchestre Régional de Mopti - Taara [Les Meilleurs Souvenirs de la 1ere Biennale Artistique et Culturelle de la Jeunesse, Mississippi, ‘10]
Eden Express - On the Beach [Que Amors Que, Holy Mountain, ‘08]
Boom Bip - Cimple [Blue Eyed In The Red Room, Lex, ‘05]
Tujiko Noriko - Kimono Tameni [From Tokyo To Naiagara, Tomlab, ‘03]
Hood - The Lost You [Outside Closer, Domino, ‘05]
Stereolab - Anamorphose [Mars Audiac Quintet, Elektra, ‘94]
Nina Nastasia - This Is What It Is [The Blackened Air, Touch and Go, ‘02]
Archer Prewitt - Way Of The Sun [Wilderness, Thril Jockey, ‘05]
The Cakekitchen - Witness to Your Secrets  [Time Flowing Backwards, Homestead, ‘91]
The Wedding Present - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [Watusi, Island, ‘94]
Television - Days [Adventure, Elektra, ‘78]
Graves - Weed Out the Trips [Summr Bummr, St. Ives, ‘11]
The Gun Club - Mother Of Earth [Miami, Sympathy for the Record Industry, ‘82]
Ed Kuepper - King of Vice [Honey Steel's Gold, Hot, ‘91]
Clinic - Bubblegum [Bubblegum, Domino, ‘10]
Tobin Sprout - I Didn't Know [Carnival Boy, Matador, ‘96]
Acetone - All You Know [s/t, Vapor, ‘97]
Josef K - It's Kinda Funny [The Only Fun In Town, Postcard, ‘81]
Sonic Youth - Genetic [100% single, DGC, ‘91]
The Brother Kite - Out of Sight [Waiting for the Time to Be Right, Clairecords, ‘07]

Arborea - Ides Of March [s/t, Fire Museum, ‘08]
The Pentangle - So Early In The Spring [Sweet Child, Transatlantic, ‘68]
Christian Kiefer & Sharron Kraus - Missing [The Black Dove, Tompkins Square, ‘08]
Thinguma*jigSaw - Burden of Genius (for P. Condon) [Awakeinwhitechapel, Deserted Village, ‘08]
C Joynes - And the Moon Was Full and Round [Congo, Bo’ Weavil, ‘11]  
Elle Osborne - I Drew My Ship [So Slowly Slowly Got She Up, Folk Police, ‘11]
Roedelius - Mr. Livingstone [Durch die Wüste , Sky, ‘78]
Julianna Barwick - Prizewinning [The Magic Place, Ashmatic Kitty, ‘11]
Asuna + Opitope - The Water Molecule [Sunroom, Students of Decay, ‘10]
Golden Retriever - Subsidence [Emergent Layer, NNA Tapes, ‘11]
Nova Scotian Arms - Navigation [Crystal Anniversary, Aguirre, ‘11]
Tharpa Jigme - Nada Tarangini  (outward) [Nada Tarangini, Rocket Machine, ‘11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - As We Flow [Acceptance, Inner Islands, ‘11]
Willamette - Measuring Heartbreak [Echo Park, Infraction, ‘11]

Fill-in for Bright & Urlich
Moondog - Big Cat [Moondog, Prestige, ‘56; re 4 Men with Beards, ‘09]
Bud Powell - Un Poco Loco (Alt Take #2) [The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume One, Blue Note, ‘55]
Lafayettes - Life's Too Short  [7”, RCA, ‘62]
Rev. Gary Davis - The Coon Hunt [The Guitar & Banjo Of Reverend Gary Davis, Prestige Folklore, ‘64]
Fats Waller and his Rhythm - Abdullah [Various, Blue Flamingo 78 r.p.m., Excelsior, ‘08]
Charles Manson - Look At Your Game Girl [Lie: The Love And Terror Cult, ESP, ‘68]
The Beach Boys - Feel Flows [Surf's Up, Brother/Reprise, ‘71]
Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter    [High Land Hard Rain, Rough Trade, ‘83]
Eleanoora Rosenholm - Pimeä tähti [Hyväile Minua Pimeä Tähti, Fonal, ‘11]
Seefeel - Charlotte's Mouth [Quique, Too Pure, ‘93]
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit  - Twilight World [Full Circle, Virgin, ‘82]
Do Make Say Think - Auberge Le Mouton Noir [Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn, Constellation, ‘03]
Lali Puna - Nin-Com-Pop [Scary World Theory, Morr Music, ‘01]
Imandra Lake - Ärkamise aeg [Ülistuslaulud EP, Seksound, ‘11]
The Spinanes - Reach V. Speed [Arches And Aisles, Sub Pop,’ 98]
East River Pipe - I Don't Care About Your Blue Wings [We Live in Rented Rooms, Merge, ‘11]
Aden - New Fast [Black Cow, Teenbeat, ‘99]
Vetiver - Wonder Why [The Errant Charm, Sub Pop, ‘11]
Uncle Tupelo - No Sense In Lovin' [Anodyne, Sire, ‘93]
The White Birch - Your Spain [Come Up For Fair, Rune Grammofon, ‘06]
Lifeguards - You're Gonna Need A Mountain  [Waving At The Astronauts, Ernest Jenning, ‘11]
Peaking Lights - Marshmellow Yellow [936, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Lenola  - Unsettling Down [My Invisible Name, Tappersize, ‘99]
Sam Prekop - Showrooms [s/t, Thrill Jockey, ‘99]
Nick Drake - Saturday Sun [Five Leaves Left, Island ‘69]

George Duke - Peace [The Inner Source, MPS, ‘73]
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Homeless Wanderer [Ethiopiques-21 : Piano Solo, Buda Musique, ‘06]
Meredith Monk - Double Fiesta [Do You Be, ECM, ‘87]
Khyam Allami - Naghmat Tahrir (Tahrir's Theme) [Resonance/Dissonance, Nawa Recordings/Cargo, ‘11]
Sand Snowman - Faded Flowers [Two Way Mirror, Tonefloat, ’09]
Yair Yona - It's Not The Heat   [World Behind Curtains, Strange Attractors, ‘12]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Dongen    [Maria Kapel, Pavilion, ‘11]
Sparkling Wide Pressure - The Time That is Right [Fragments of a Sound I Can Not Erase, Kimberly Dawn Recordings, ‘11]
Ezekiel Honig - Subverting the Memory of Your Surroundings [Folding In On Itself, Type, ‘11]
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides - Rotational Bridleway [Low Fired Clay Escape, Carnivals, ‘11]
Fire! With Jim O'Rourke - Are You Both Still Unreleased? [Unreleased?, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
Secret Birds - Pink Nites [Various, Unpopular Music, New Weird Australia, ‘11]
Group Inerane - Tehi teyman [7”, Guitars from Agadez Vol. 4, Sublime Frequences, ‘11]
Super Minerals - The Herb [split w/ Plankton Wat, c40, Stunned, ‘11]
Sean McCann - I've Seen Your Face Before [Sincere World, Amethyst Sunset, ‘11]
Grouper & Ilyas Ahmed - The Edges    [Visitor, Social Music Subscription Series, ‘11]

Friday, June 21, 2013

Playlists 06.10.11 - 24.12.11

Woahhh, an update!!

Fill in for The Fry-Up
Rachel Grimes - Every Morning, Birds [Book Of Leaves, Karate Body, ‘09]
Tiny Vipers - Slow Motion [Life On Earth, Sub Pop, ‘09]
Bill Frisell - Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa [Ghost Town, Nonesuch, ‘99]  
Cath and Phil Tyler - Hi-Spy [The Hind Wheels of Bad Luck, No-Fi, ‘09]
Mia Doi Todd - Under the Sun [Cosmic Ocean Ship, City Zen, ‘11]
Nathan Salsburg - Sought & Hidden    [Affirmed, No Quarter, ‘11]
Traveling Echoes - Looking for a Better Place to Live [Various, Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always, Mississippi, ‘09]
Art Tatum - I've Got the World on a String [The Art of Tatum, Jazzlife, ?]
Charlotte Walters - Angel of Sin [7”,  Pathé Marconi EMI, ‘69]
Illaiyaraaja - Chinna Veedu-Chittu Kuruvi (1985) [Play That Beat Mr. Raja: Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry 1984-1991 Vol. 1, Cartilage, ‘11]
U.S. Girls - Island Song [U.S. Girls on KRAAK, (K-RAA-K)3, ‘11]
WYLD WYZRDZ - Antelope [7” split w/ Stag Hare, Inner Islands, ‘10]
Blue Orchids - Sleepy Town [A View From The City (1980-1991), Playtime, ‘91]
Forever Amber - On Top Of My Own Special [The Love Cycle, Advance, ‘69]
Sport of Kings - On a Tall Building [12”, Sport of Kings Productions, ‘81]
John Maus - Hey Moon [We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, Ribbon Music, ‘11]
James Jackson Toth - Nothing Hides [Waiting In Vain, Ryko, ‘08]
Lead Stones - Everlasting Pill [Set + Setting, self-released, ‘11]
The Sea And Cake - Lyrics [The Moonlight Butterfly, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Pinback - Fortress [Summer In Abaddon, Touch and Go, ‘04]
Guitar - House Full of Time [Sunkissed, Morr Music, ‘02]
Starflyer 59 - Give Up The War [Leave Here A Stranger, Tooth & Nail, ‘01]
Zumpano - The Party Rages On [Look What The Rookie Did, Sub Pop, ‘95]
Boston Spaceships - Tabby and Lucy [Let It Beard, Guided by Voices Inc, ‘11]
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - These Days [On Welfare, Captcha, ‘11]
The Boo Radleys - Lazarus [12” version, Creation, ‘94]
Silver Sun - This 'n' That [s/t, Polydor, ‘97]
My Morning Jacket - The Way That He Sings [At Dawn, Darla, ‘01]  

Leyland Kirby - They Are All Dead, There Are No Skip At All [Eager To Tear Apart The Stars, History Always Favours the Winners, ‘11]  
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet - Listen, The Snow Is Falling [The Breadwinner, Erstwhile, ‘08]
Max Richter - Retinal [Perfect Sense OST, Metropolis Movie Music, ‘11]
Hallock Hill - Needing Bones [There He Unforeseen, self-released, ‘11]
Danny Paul Grody - Union [In Search of Light, Students of Decay, ‘11]
Richard Youngs - Mercury Lane [Long White Cloud, Grapefruit, ‘11]
Jakob Olausson - Doctor's Deeds [Morning and Sunrise, De Stijl, ‘11]
Larkin Grimm - One Hundred Men [Harpoon Baptism, Secret Eye, ‘05]
John Terlazzo - The Deserter [Honour Among Thieves, private, ‘83]
Trevor Swadling - Wheel of Fortune    [Endless Surprise, ??, ‘82]
Between - Joy...Sadness...Joy[ Dharana, Vertigo, ‘74]  
Okko - Painted Sails on Ganges [Sitar and Electronics, BASF, ‘71]
Plankton Wat - Borneo Canopy [split w/ Super Minerals, c40, Stunned, ‘11]
Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar - Crayon gym [Eclipses, Thrill Jockey, ‘10]
Mark McGuire - Misunderstandings [Misunderstandings, c30, Deception Island, ‘10]
Super Minerals - Ancient Creatures [split w/ Plankton Wat, c40, Stunned, ‘11]

Cian Nugent - Peaks & Troughs [Doubles, VHF, ‘11]
Xela - Potion [Exorcism, Type, ‘11]
Tim Coster - A Place in the Sun [A Place in the Sun, Fictitious Sighs, ‘11]
Jandek - Echo [Your Turn to Fall, Corwood, ‘83]
Serfs - Walking in the Rain [Sha La La-La Later On, Cabin Floor Esoterica, ‘11]
Enrique Villegas & Ara Tokatlian - Danara [Inspiración, Cabal, ‘76]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica [Replica, Mexican Summer/Software, ‘11]
Hauschka - Paige and Jane [Youyoume, Serein, ‘11]
Woodpecker Wooliams - Trumpets/Lonesome Lullaby [Patryoska, WoolShop Productions, ‘11]  
Myrmyr - Hot Snow 2 & 3 [Fire Star, Under the Spire, ‘11]
Julia Holter - The Falling Age [Tragedy, Leaving, ‘11]
Blues Control & Laraaji - Light Ships    [FRKWYS Vol. 8, Rvng Intl, ‘11]
Clem Leek - Away In America [Various, Festive Greetings from Hibernate & Home Normal, Hibernate, ‘11l]

Stephan Mathieu - To Describe George Washington Bridge  [To Describe George Washington Bridge, Dekorder, ‘11]
Robert Haigh - Panta Rhei (Improvisation On A Theme) [Strange And Secret Things, Siren, ‘11]
Isan - Eastside [mp3, Kesh, ‘11]
Andrew Pekler - Moon Velvet (Shadows, Whispers, Rivers, Windmills) [Sentimental Favourites, Dekorder, ‘11]
Swod - Sans Peau [Drei, City Centre Offices, ‘11]
Les Beyond - To Prisms [Grey Skies Thru Grey Eyes, Isolated Now Waves, ‘09]  
Alhaji Bai Konte - Jula Jekere [Kora Melodies From The Republic Of The Gambia, West Africa, Rounder, '73]
Atahualpa Yupanqui - El Bien Perdido [Die Andengitarre, Pläne, ‘77]
Amjad Ali Khan - Zila-Kafi (Ragamala) [Sarod, Ocora-Inde du Nord, ‘04]
Erik K Skodvin - Graves [Flare, Sonic Pieces, ‘10]
Expo '70 - Trajectory Rhythms [Journey Through Astral Projection, Immune, ‘11]
Ilyas Ahmed - In Desire [Arroyo, CDr, Digitalis, ‘08]
Quilt - Rabid Love [s/t, Mexican Summer, ‘11]

Pumice - Spike/Spear [Pebbles, Soft Abuse, ‘07]  
Alexander Turnquist - Idle Nightmare [Apneic, Kning Disk, ‘07]
Minamo - Handbook [Documental, Room40, ‘11]
Ryley Walker and Daniel Bachman - A Most Loving Spirit [Of Deathly Premonitions, Plustapes, ‘11]
Reedbeds - Untitled 1 [Swells On High, Hooker Vision, ‘11]
High Wolf - Fuji Descent [Atlas Nation, Holy Mountain, ‘11]
Woodsman - Manual Control [digital 7”, Beko, ‘11]
Belbury Poly - Owls and Flowers [The Owl's Map, Ghost Box, ‘06]
Richard Moult - Suite For Titouan II [Suite For Titouan, CDr, Dala Horse, ‘09]
Edgar Froese - Maroubra Bay [Epsilon in Malaysian Pale, Virgin, ‘75]
Blues Control & Laraaji - Awakening Day [FRKWYS Vol. 8, Rvng Intl, ‘11]  
Ilyas Ahmed & Grouper - IV [Live At Aquarius Records, CDr, 10]  
Golden Brown - Louis [Lonesome, self-released, ‘11]
Peter Broderick - Until the Person is Apprehended [Music for Confluence, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
Atlas Sound - Terra Incognita [Parallax, 4AD, ‘11]  

Plinth - Sirens [Music for Smalls Lighthouse, CDr, Second Language, ‘11]
Joanna Brouk - The Reminder of Long Ago [Sounds of the Sea, Hummingbird Productions, ‘81]
Laura J Martin & The Simondsound - Inside your Bones [7”, Battered Ornaments, ‘11]
Kate Bush - Snowflake [50 Words For Snow, Fish People, ‘11]
Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 33 [Various, Erik Satie & Les Nouveaux Jeunes, Arbouse Recordings, ‘11]
Christina Vantzou - Homemade Mountains [N° 1, Kranky, ‘11]
Nick Castell - Nestos [Deep Beneath the Mountain in the Palace of Owls, self-released, ‘11]
Goldmund - Shenandoah [All Will Prosper, Western Vinyl, ‘11]
Cabinet of Natural Curiosities  - For Sparrow [Blue Highways, For Arbors/For Satellites, ‘11]
Jack Allett - Place, Memory And Forgetting [The Collapsing Middle, Blackest Rainbow, 11]
James Bloodbeard - Fruit Basket [s/t, CDr, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Jackson C. Frank - Goodbye To My Loving You [Blues Run The Game, re Castle Music, ‘03]
Charlie Parr - Asa Jones' Blues [Criminals And Sinners, Misplaced Music, ‘04]
Fred McDowell - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning [The Alan Lomax Recordings, Mississippi/Global, Jukebox, ‘11]
James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg - The Queue Outside The Night Ministry [Avos, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Kushal Das - Gat in Jhaptal; Gat in Drut Tintal; Jhala in Drut Tintal [Raga Marwa, Ocora France, ‘05]

James Ferraro - Solar Panel Smile [Far Side Virtual, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Tortoise - In Sarah, Mencken, Christ & Beethoven There Were Women and Men [The Black Sessions, Sangatte, ‘09]
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Eight Nineteen [Luminaries & Synastry, Digitalis, ‘11]
Ben Fleury-Steiner - The Dreamlife of Birds [The Places That Find You, Low Point, ‘11]
Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - Souvent [Opaque, ??]
A Broken Consort - A Sundering Path [Box Of Birch, Tompkins Square, ‘09]
Spectre Folk - Smokin' [Smokin With The Alien, CDr, Arbitrary Signs, ‘09]
3 Hur-El - Kol Basti [Hürel Arsivi, Diskotür, ‘76; re World Psychedelia, ‘03]
The Orkustra - Bombay Calling [Adventures In Experimental Electric Orchestra From The San Francisco Psychedelic Underground, Mexican Summer, ‘10]
Ed Yazijian - Piece for Four Violins [Gansrud, HP Cycle, ‘11]
Drum Circus - Magic Theatre [Magic Theatre, ‘72; re Garden of Delights, ‘03]
Peaking Lights - Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) [936, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Hoop Earrings in the Slush [s/t, Bark and Hiss/Wagon, ‘11]
Michael James Tapscott - End Titles [Sunny California OST, Digitalis, ‘10]

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce - Sangue [La Piramide di Sangue, Yeveran Tapes, ‘11]
Xela - Halloween [Halloween/Suspiria, 7”, Type, ‘08]
Philip Glass - Etoile Polaire (North Star) [North Star, Virgin International, ‘77]
Illuha - Saika [Shizuku, 12k, ‘11]
Food Pyramid - Alpine Valley Shelter Point  [New Omni-Directional Healing Techniques, Debacle, 11]
Marissa Nadler - The River (featuring Faces on Film & Amelia Emmet) [Covers Volume II, self-released, ‘11]
Jack Rose - Yaman Blues [Opium Musick, Eclipse, ‘03]
Travadinha - Blimundo [The Violin of Cape Verde (Le Violon Du Cap Vert), Buda Musique, ‘96]
James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg - A Free Amft [Avos, Tompkins Square, ‘11]
Kathy & Carol - The Beauty Bright [s/t, Elektra, ‘65]
Shira Small - Eternal Life [Various, Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon, The Numero Group, ‘06]
Mazzy Star - Common Burn  [single, Rhymes of an Hour, ‘11]
Caethua - Surface Waters and Underground Seals [The Summer is Over Before It's Begun, Water Wing, ‘11]    
Michael Rother - Fontana Di Luna [Sterntaler, Sky, ‘78]
Django Reinhardt - Improvisation No.3, Pt. 1  [In Solitaire: Complete Recordings for Solo Guitar, Definitive, ‘05]
Suni McGrath - The Lion of Judah [Childgrove, Adelphi, ‘72]
The Tree People - Thomas [Human Voices, ‘84; re Guerssen, ‘09 ]
Scott Walker - Duchess [Scott 4, Philips/Fontana, ‘69]
Ted Lucas - Baby Where You Are [s/t, private, ‘75; re Yoga, ‘10]

Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano - New Voices [Under a Double Moon, Roaratoria, '11]
The Necks - Daylights [Mindset, ReR, ‘11]
Marcel Pequel  - November [12 Months, headphonica, ‘08]
Ursula Bogner  - Trabant [Sonne = Blackbox, Faitiche, ‘11]
D. Charles Speer - Lost Dervish [Arghiledes, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Seventh Sons - Raga [Raga (4:00 A.M. At Frank's), ESP Disk, ‘64]
High Wolf - Kenya Sunset [Atlas Nation, Holy Mountain, ‘11]
Town And Country - Sleeping In The Midday Sun [5, Thrill Jockey, ‘03]
The Necks - Rum Jungle [Mindset, ReR, ‘11]
White Rainbow - Guitars [Prism of Eternal Now, Kranky, ‘07]

Adderall Canyonly - Things Like Planes [Asuuna, Field Hymns, ‘11]
Brown Bread - Candy Apple [Is Dead, self-released, ‘11]
Maria Minerva  - Tallinn At Dawn [Tallinn At Dawn, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Ignatz - Slumber with Great Peace [Selected Songs from Cassettes 2005-2009,  (K-RAA-K)³, ‘10]
Chuck Johnson - Down in Flames or Not at All [A Struggle Not a Thought, Strange Attractors, ‘11]
Six Organs Of Admittance - Katwijk [Maria Kapel, Pavilion, ‘11]
Nils Frahm - Keep [Felt, Erased Tapes, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - Spiralling Skeleton Memorial [Waking Into Sleep, Kning Disk, ‘06]
The North Sea  - City View [Last Great November, Private Chronology, ‘11]
Tony Conrad With Faust - From the Side of the Machine [Outside the Dream Syndicate, ‘73; re Table of the Elements, ‘93]
Rufus Harley - King [King/Queens, Atlantic, ‘70]
April in the Orange - Side B [When a River Meets the Sea, Sloowtapes, ‘11]
Joshua - Footsteps [Life Less Lost, Feather One’s Nest, ‘98]
Pearls Before Swine - The Surrealist Waltz [One Nation Underground, ESP, ‘67]
Meg Baird - Beatles and the Stones [Seasons On Earth, Drag City, ‘11]

Loren Connors - On Our Way [Red Mars, Family Vineyard, ‘11]
Harold Budd - Three-Fingered Jack  [In The Mist, Darla, ‘11]
Run DMT - Montana Mountain Groan [Dreams, c30, Culture Dealer, ‘11]  
Tim Hecker - Sketch 1 [Dropped Pianos, Kranky, ‘11]
oldwyoming. - weweretoliveourlivesasconquistadores [When Debord Met Salinger On The Slowly Lapping Shores Of The Aasee Lake, self-released, ‘11]
Rain Drinkers - Hyacinth [Springtide, Reverb Worship, ‘11]  
Charalambides - Autumn Leaves [Exile, Kranky, ‘11]  
Eleanoora Rosenholm - Kolo  [Hyväile minua pimeä tähti, Fonal, ‘11]
Popol Vuh - Heart Of Glass (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin Edit) (A Critical Mass Remix)  [Popol Vuh: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999, SPV, ‘11]
Psychic Ills - Mexican Wedding [Hazed Dream, Sacred Bones, ‘11]  
Pentangle - House Carpenter [Basket Of Light, Transatlantic, ‘69]
Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Sharron Kraus - Willie of Winsbury [Leaves From Off The Tree, Bo’Weavil, ‘06]
Laura Arkana met Peter Broderick - Huilen [Lentemusiek, Hush, ‘11]
George Harrison/ London Radha-Krishna Temple - Bhajahu Re Mana [Chant And Be Happy!, Apple, ‘91]
Hamza El Din - Escalay: The Water Wheel [Escalay: The Water Wheel, Nonesuch, ‘98]

Brian Eno - Discreet Music [Discreet Music, EG, ‘75]
Plinth - Message in the Village [Music for Smalls Lighthouse, CDr, Second Language, ‘11]
Ellen Fullman - Through Glass Panes [Through Glass Panes, Important, ‘11]
Natural Snow Buildings - H. Scudder     [Chants Of Niflheim, Blackest Rainbow, ‘11]
Suishou No Fune - Cherry [Bonsai No Ie, 8mm, ‘11]  
Tuusanuuskat - Tippa 5 [Nääksää Nää Mun Kyyneleet, Fonal, ‘11]
Charalambides - Into the Earth [Exile, Kranky, ‘11]

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Minuet for a Cheap Piano [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]
Mike Garrett - The Call of the Cicada     [The Call of the Cicada, self-released, ‘11]
Matthew Mullane - Untitled No. 1 [mp3, Live at WFMU 22.08.11]
Ry Cooder & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt - Isa Lei [A Meeting by the River, Water Lily Acoustics, ‘93]
Unknown Artist - Kathik Nganggo Nglirik [Various, Street Musicians of Yogyakarta, Mississippi, ‘11]
Nick Jonah Davis - Fred and Evelyn    [Of Time and Tides, Tompkins Square, '11]
Zavijava Orchestra - Crystal Caverns [Rivers of Light, Mu Psych, ‘86]
Keith Freund - He Noticed I'm Alive... and Other Hopeful Signs [Constant Comments, Experimedia, ‘11]
Golden Brown - Ravine [Lonesome, self-released, ‘11]
Michael James Tapscott with Andrew Kenower - MJT8 [Challenger, Digitalis, ‘11]
Iasos - Osiris Bull-Man & Elephant Walk [Inter-Dimensional Music, United, ‘75]
Nite Lite - Cajón/Swenson [Marlene, Stunned, ‘11]
Bruce Miller - Radio Banjo Locust [Field Recordings from India, ‘11]
Cooper-Moore - (a) The Forest [A Retrospective 1990-2010]
Mas Sujud - Dagdut medley [Various, Street Musicians of Yogyakarta, Mississippi, ‘11]
Sir Richard Bishop - Backcastle [Knucklehead Freefall, CDr, self-released, ‘07]
Popol Vuh - Brüder des Schattens [OST, Nosferatu, Egg, ‘78]
Popol Vuh - Train through time (long version) [Popol Vuh: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999, SPV, ‘11]
Stag Hare - A Rose For The White Witch [Spirit Canoes, Inner Islands, ‘11]
Meg Baird - Song for Next Summer    [Seasons On Earth, Drag City, ‘11]
Suzanne Ciani  - The Fourth Wave: Wind in the Sea    [Seven Waves, Atlantic, ‘82]
Black Eagle Child - Cycle to the Moon [Pages on a Plane, Under the Spire, ‘11]

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jon Bywater Guest DJ Set + Solar Furnace Hour Playlists

Former bFM Solar Furnace Hour host Jon Bywater came up to guest DJ early September and brought some amazing records to play - here's the set: Part 1, Part 2. The playlist can be found below in the September archives.

He was also kind enough to share some of his old playlists.. kinda interesting glimpse into what you could hear on the b circa 2002-03:

Jon's show for Wed 18 December:

Twilight Zone - Skatilites
Lean On Me - Tony Fox
Cool Down Mama - Lost John Hunter
Dateless Night - Alex Chilton
You Have Got Religion Now - Lazy Cowgirls
Mixed Up World - Victim
Bring It On Home - the Druids Of Stonehenge
I'm So Sick Of It - Billy Synth
Make Her Cry - Undecyded
Shirley - the Mirrors
Playing With Fire - TV21
No More The Moon Shines On Lorena - Alex Chilton
Evil Hoodoo - the Seeds
Split - Part One (live '71) - the Groundhogs

Jon's show for Wed 12 February:

Knife Cuts Water - A Certain Ratio
Global Factor - Jeff Mills
Let The Smoke Rise - Wolf Eyes
Helicopter 666 - Cobra Killer
Fifteen (live at the Cook) - Toy Love
Crafty Fag - Nightingales
J'ai Mis Un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare - Jacques Dutronc
You Are Forgiven - thee Mighty Caesars
Aretha, Sing One For Me - George Jackson
You Tore Me Down - the Flamin' Groovies
Linda Vindaloo - the Valves
Wanted: Dead or Alive - the Rogues
Messin' With The Man - Muddy Waters
Small Faces - Public Nuisance
Song From The Sea - the Churchills
Sixty Minute Man - Rufus Thomas
Underworld - Dwarves

Jon's show for Wednesday, 26 February 2003

Chant To Mother Earth - Blo
Money - Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Ya Don't Do Ya - Moondogs
I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around) - Bobby Bland
Cot Damn - Clipse
???? (live '77) - Les Rallizes DŽnudŽs
Yellow Butterfly - Quill
Where Are My Hormones? - Avant Gardeners
Let Us Play Your Party - the Spits
Looking At You (rehearsal) - MC5
Lost Sea Shanty - Circus Maximus
One Of These Days - Pip Proud
Captain Of Your Ship - Paper Dolls
Too Far Gone - Scorched Earth Policy

Jon's show for Wednesday, 26 March 2003

Eastern Jam - Country Joe and the Fish
Star-Spangled Banner - Culturcide
The Sun - Alice Coltrane Trio
Ai Delbari Khamosh - Mohammad Naim and Melang Nejrabi
A Lament To Wake The World - Zusaan Kali Fasteau
A Lover's Desire - Human Arts Ensemble
Of War and Peace - Osmosis
America - Traffic Sound
War - Edwin Starr

Jon's show for Wednesday, 12 March 2003

Reynardine (BBC) - Fairport Convention
Wisps' Pacing - Joshua Burkett
Never Too Far - Gandalf
Sophia - Six Organs Of Admittance
There's A Rugged Road - Judee Sill
First Time I Saw You - England's Glory
Champagne - P.F. Sloan
Everybody (Needs Somebody To Love) - Harvester
Broken Promises - Comox
In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) - Karen Dalton
Thinkin' & Worryin' - Lightnin' Hopkins
Feather Beds - Nikki Sudden
Mr Crosby - Edgar Broughton Band
Blues In Bob Minor - Robert Wyatt

the last ever Solar Furnace Hour as played by "Alan, Alan and Jon!" on Wednesday, 10 April 2003

Inner Space Discovery - Kim Fowley
??? & HIGH - "four stoned black guys from the '70s"
People Laugh At Me (Cos I Like Weird Music) - Instant Automatons
Broken Windows - Dancing Cigarettes
Let's Dance - Silicon Teens
Ack Ack Ack - the Urinals
Intro - from the "Sunshine" soundtrack LP
Wild Thing (instrumental version) - Ton Loc / Jones Comin' Down - the Last Poets ("show me some love" bootleg)
Agitated - the Electric Eels
Crave - Man Tee Mans
??? - Speed, Glue & Shinki
Books For Dummies - Sightings
??? - Yura Yura Tei Koku ("show me some love" remix)
I Hate School - Suicide Squad
Let's Build A Car - Swell Maps

September Playlists

Félicia Atkinson - Half Blonde [The Driver, Hibernate, ‘11]
Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band - Shambhala Signal [Various, Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan 1969-78, Hiruko, ‘11]
Deben Bhattacharya field recording - Beyat [Rythmes et Mélodies d'Iran, ??]
Glenn Jones - A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957  [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Currituck Co. - A Raga Called Pat Cohn [Ghost Man On First, Lexicon Devil, ‘03]   
Dando Shaft - Waves Upon The Ether [s/t, Neon (RCA), ‘71]
Caethua - The Tide of Old Age [The Summer is Over Before It's Begun, Turned Word, 11]   
James Ferraro - Saint Prius [Condo Pets EP, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Sun Araw - Lute and Lyre [Ancient Romans, Sun Ark, ‘11]
Lew Howard All Stars - Hula Rock [Various, The Super Sound Of Bosworth, Trunk, ‘96]
Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre - Awa Odori [Various, Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan 1969-78, Hiruko, ‘11]
Magic Carpet - Alan's Christmas Card [s/t, Mushroom, ‘72]
McDonald And Giles - Tomorrow's People ~ The Children Of Today [s/t, Island, ‘70]
Sleep ∞ Over - Stickers [Forever, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Mike Cooper - Paumalu Sunset Beach [Rayon Hula, Room40, ‘05]
Aaron Martin & Justin Wright - Brush Fire [Light Poured Out of Our Bones, Preservation, ‘11]
Bosch's With You - Movements Under Water [Various, Crows Of The World Vol 2, Last Visible Dog, ‘09]
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - All Farewells Are Sudden [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]

Miles Davis & Bill Laswell - In A Silent Way-Shhh-Peaceful-It's About That Time [Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-1974, Sony, ‘98]
Lloyd McNeill - Tranquil [Tori, Baobab, ‘78]
Steve Reich - Music For A Large Ensemble    [Octet-Music For A Large Ensemble-Violin Phase, ECM, ‘80]   
Forma - Forma 237a   [s/t, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Sun Araw - At Delphi  [Ancient Romans, Sun Ark, ‘11]
Shalabi Effect - Harpie [Unfortunately, Alien8, ‘05]
Least Carpet - Burnings [split w/ Baldruin, sicsic Tapes, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - Boo, Forever [Holly EP, Important, '11]
The Sun Also Rises - Taste Of Jesamine And Suicide [s/t, Village Thing, ‘70]
Andrew Douglas Rothbard - Bull in the Dell [Abandoned Meander, Smooch, ‘06]
Big Blood - Water [Big Blood and The Wicked Hex, Don’t Trust the Ruin, ‘11]
Shivkumar Sharma - A Line on Water [Echos From Eternity, Ostara, ??]   

Ernst Reijseger - Longing for a frozen sky [Requiem For A Dying Planet: Sounds for Two Films by Werner Herzog, Winter & Winter, ‘06]
Umeno Tajima w/ Eikichi Kazari - Shima Sodachi [Various, Folk Music of the Amami Islands, Folkways, ‘54]
Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti - Piano Piece for Simone [Illuminations, Alga Marghen, ‘11]
Jerry Garcia - Love Scene Improvisation, Version 4 [OST, Zabriskie Point, MGM, ‘70; re Rhino/WEA, ‘97]
Moonwood - Bamboo Whiskey [River Ghosts, Arachnidiscs, ‘11]
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Blue Hare [Blue Hare EP, self-released, ‘11]
Emmalee Crane - Formantine [Formantine, The Streetlight Farm, ‘10]
James Blackshaw - Holly [Holly EP, Important, ‘11]
Mark McGuire - When You're Somewhere [Get Lost, Editions Mego, ‘11]
Monks Of The Balhill - Watching Tulips Growing [Vibratory Convulsion, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Nude Sunrise - Chill Pill [Should Be, Spooky Town, ‘11]
Pauline Filby - Friday Street  [Show Me a Rainbow, Herald, ‘69]
Flat Earth Society - Portrait In Grey [Waleeco, Fleetwood, ‘68]
Eternal Tapestry - Doorways in the Sand [single, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]   
Gnod - The Thunderbolt Loop   [Wuste Zeremonie, Reverb Worship, ‘09]
Joakim Skogsberg - Jola fran Leksand [Jola Rota, Gump, ‘72; re Tiliqua, ‘08]
D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains [The Truth, private, ‘72; re Subliminal Sounds, ‘08]
C.O.B. - When He Came Home [Spirit of Love, CBS, ‘70]
John Martyn - Rolling Home [London Conversation, Island, ‘68]
Loren Mazzacane Connors - The Kiss [Lullaby, Carbon, ‘01]
w/ guest DJ Jon Bywater
Nicola Ratti - Empire [220 Tones, Die Schactel, '11 ]
Arve Henriksen - Loved One [Cartography, ECM, ‘08] 
UUUUUU - Rothko [Of The Xerophytic Blooming, self-released, ‘11]
Guanaco ± - Lepidoptera [Ardea Cinerea, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Federico Durand - El extasis de las flores pequeñas [El Extasis de Las Flores Pequeñas, Own, ‘11]
Jon's set:
Frank Stokes - Right Now Blues [Various, Going Away Blues 1926-1935, Yazoo, '6??]
The Sunshine Company - I Need You [Happy is the Sunshine Company, Imperial/Liberty, '68]
Todd Rundgren - There Are No Words [Runt, Ampex, '70]
Steve Spano - The Best Part of Me [Eye To Eye, Adelphi, '74]
David Habeck - What the Morning Brings [The Circle Meets Itself Each Time Round, Makin' Jam, '81]
Bert Keely - Old Friend [Take Me Home, Manhole Music, '79]
Michael Oosten - Wavefaring Boy [s/t, Hub City Music, '74]
Buck Barker - The Train Runs Down the Track Today [Rockin' All Night Long, Buck's Music, '79]
Shon'Soro & and his Desert Man Band - I've Never Known Such Love Before [7", Desert Morning, '77]
Indra Allen - Loner [Loner, private, ???]
Joanna Cazden - The Greatest Illusion [The Greatest Illusion, Rounder, '76]
Peta Webb - I Have Wandered in Exile [I Have Wandered in Exile, Topic, '73]
Norman & Nancy Blake - Thebes [Directions, Takoma, '78]
Jim Corcoran & Bertrand Gosselin - La Tete En Gigue [La Tete En Gigue, Kébec-Disc]
Donny & Joe - Thoughts in My Mind [7"]
Philip Sanderson - Bright Waves [Reprint, '80; re Anomalous, '03]
Milk from Cheltenham - The Man Who Cried [Triptych Of Poisoners, Alaa Marghen, '05]
Tsembla - Pulujen Paviljonki [Tuplafiesta 7", '09]
Harry de Wit - Ken [Wantij, DATA, '83]
Par Htaw Pine - Solo de xylophone [En Thailande La Musique traditionnelle des Mon, WEA, '79]
Ty Segall - Caesar [7", Goner]

Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland - Sylkje-Per, var. [Lysøen-Hommage à Ole Bull, ECM, ‘11]
Glenn Jones - My Charlotte Blue Notebook [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Alexander Turnquist - Hallway of Mirrors [Hallway of Mirrors, VHF, ‘11]
The Gentle Good - Holly Blue     [Tethered For The Storm, Gwymon, ‘11]
Jenny Hval - How Gentle [Viscera, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
Michael Hurley - Knockando    [Ancestral Swamp, Gnomonsong, ‘07]
John Ziegler - Who's Gonna Be Your Man [Various, Wrong Time To Be Right, Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol 8]
Robbie Basho - Basket Full Of Dragons [Basho Sings!, Takoma, ‘67]
Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - After The Dance [Bert And John, Transatlantic, ‘66]
Davy Graham - Nadu Silma [Godington Boundry, See for Miles, ‘70]
Magic Carpet - Black Cat [s/t, Mushroom, ‘72]
Tim Hollier - Evolution [s/t, Fontana, ‘70]
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do [Sunflower, Reprise/Brother, ‘70]
Manuel Göttsching - Dream [Dream & Desire, Spalax, ‘91]
offthesky - Waiting to Fade [The Beautiful Nowhere, Hibernate, ‘11]
Gkfoes Vjgoaf - Heart Whispers [Light Weaving, self-released, ‘10]
Brian Mcbride - Melodrames Telegraphies (In B Major 7th) Part 1 [Effective Disconnect, Kranky, ‘10]   
Grouper - Water People [7", Ballroom Marfa, ‘11]

Saturday, September 24, 2011

August Playlists

Golden Retriever - False Entry [s/t, Root Strata, ‘10]
Sanso-Xtro - Wood Owl Wings A Rush, Rush [Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain, Digitalis, ‘11]
unspecified Javanese gamelan ensemble - Lagu Srihardjono [Various, MCML: A No Words 1950s Reel, ‘11]
Eyes like Saucers - Fear...Part II [Various, Landscape Vol 1: The Forest, Centre of Wood, ‘08]
Kalyani Roy & Ali Ahmed Hussain - Raga: Jaunpuri: Alap; Jod; Gat; Taal:Teental  [Soul Of India, ABC, ‘68]
Tom Verlaine - Saucer Crash  [Warm And Cool, Thrill Jockey, ‘05]
Robedoor - Parallel Wanderer [Too Down To Die, Not Not Fun, ‘11]
Super Minerals - Be Brave Children of the Monsoon and Rise Above the Deep Shield Like Buddah Burning Brightly On Mars [Contacteer, Stunned, ‘11]
"V" - The Bridge and the River [We Are Crossing Fences Through Rocky Fields, Housecraft, ‘08]
Moonwood - Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society   [River Ghosts, Arachnidiscs, ‘11]

Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori - Rejoinder  [FRKWYS Vol. 6, Rvng Intl, ‘11]
Marconi Union - Losing The Light [Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmissions Vol 1), Just Music, ‘11]
Alexander Rishaug - Drawing A Day [Shadow of Events, Dekorder, ‘11]
Lawrence English - Soft Fuse  [Kiri No Oto, Touch, ‘08]
Hertta Lussu Ässä - Yön Tullen Sähköinen Spanieli Sekoaa / Electric Spaniel-Wild Nights [s/t, De Stijl, ‘11]
Paavoharju - Ikkunat näkevät  [Ikkunat näkevät, Fonal, ‘11]
Kevin Roth - Farewell to Tarwathie / Sheebeg and Sheemore [The Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Album, Folkways, ‘77]
Wilburn Burchette - Summons to the Sacrificial Feast  [Occult Concert, Amos, ‘71]
Bitchin Bajas - Consciousness 1  [split w/ Faceplant, Bathetic, ‘11]
Sophie Hutchings - Toby Lee [Becalmed, Preservation, ‘10]
Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland - Belg og slag [Lysøen-Hommage à Ole Bull, ECM, ‘11] 
Stag Hare - To Coyoto To Hop [Spirit Canoes, Hands in the Dark/Inner Islands, ‘11]
Joanna Newsom - Go Long  [Have One On Me, Drag City, ‘10]
Jozef Van Wissem - After the Fire Devoures All It [Ex Patris, Important, ‘10]
Glenn Jones - On the Massachusetts-Virginia Border  [Even to Win is to Fail, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - Floating Through Summer [s/t, Bark and Hiss/Wagon, ‘11]
Good Stuff House - Untitled 7   [s/t, Time-Lag, ‘06]