Friday, July 16, 2010


I don't usually post any news updates or anything, but have a few things worthy of blogspace attention even though no one reads this blog. 

Firstly if anyone's been listening to the show in the past few weeks, you'll have noticed my absence. My dad's suffering from esophageal cancer and he's in Guangzhou, China getting treatment, so I was over there to see him. Mum's currently there alone looking after him - which is fucking hard - and it's most likely that I'll have to go back at some stage. It'll depend on his progress in the next couple of weeks. Basically, I'm not sure how regularly I'll be able to the show in the next while. Worry not though, you'll be in good hands - either Soong, Joe, James and Matt will be filling in for me, and they do ace work. I've set up a page at for my dad's cause; if you'd like to read more about it and donate, click here.

Another cause worth supporting is the A Fundamental Experiment LP put out by Semina Tapes. I'm actually not familiar with J.M.W., but his current situation sounds awful and this limited edition comp of Neil Young covers, featuring the likes of Matt Mondanile, Stag Hare, Sun Araw et al is pretty cool. It's $15ppd in the US, but $26 all up to NZ. 

Finally a wonderful Auckland institution is soon coming to a depressing end: the Wine Cellar. There's a facebook group that's rallying people to support the bar/venue in the hope for an extended life, but looks like it's going to be gone for good. But there's a chance its adjacent venue, Whammy, might still survive. WC is the closest thing I have to a neighbourhood bar, like your very own Cheers, but better... there's really nowhere in Auckland like it, once it goes, the city will be much less appealing. It's the kind of place the phrase "best kept secret" was made for. Boo.

June Playlists

Christina Carter - Adieu to You [A Blossom Fell, Many Breaths, '08]
Jane Austen - Say What Rendered [self-released, ???]
Afunakwa - Rorogwela (Solomon Islands) [Various, Lullabies & Dream Songs, Mississippi Records Tape Series Vol. 51]
Instrumental Trio - Chidei Wydul [Various, Early Guitar Music from West Africa 1927-29, Heritage Music, '03]
Rahim Alhaj - Baghdad AlThania  [Various, We Are All One, In The Sun, Important Records, '10]
Banana Head - Eat To Death [In The Tubs, Goaty Tapes, '10]
Low - The Plan [Curtain Hits the Cast, Vernon Yard, '96] 
The Alps - Drop In [Le Voyage, Type, '10]
Emeralds - Candy Shoppe [Does It Look Like I'm Here?, Editions Mego, '10]
Asad Ali Khan - Jar and Jhala [Raga Jaijaivanti, Nimbus, '99]
The Family Elan - The Black Planets of Her Eyes [Bow Low Bright Glow, alt.vinyl, '10]
Arborea - Blue Crystal Fire [Various, We Are All One, In The Sun, Important Records, '10]
Yoko Ono - Remember Love [Various, Lullabies & Dream Songs, Mississippi Records Tape Series Vol. 51] 
Nest - Charlotte [Retold, Serein, '10]
Michael Santos - Magenta Dayline [Memory Maker, Home Normal, '10]
John Tchicai - Formalism [With Strings, Treader, '05] 
Mark McGuire - Nervous Twitch [Get Me Out Of Here, c30, Durable Stimuli, '10]
Steffen Basho-Junghans - Rocky Mountain Variations  [Various, We Are All One, In The Sun, Important Records, '10] 

Tim Coster - Ocre [Various, StretchandRelax, Mozart with a Mullet-Reworks, Frozen Elephants, '10]  
Peter Broderick - Part 3 [Three Film Score Intakes, Schedios, '10]
Abol-hasan Saba - Chaopan (Iran) [Various, Excavated Shellac: Strings, Parlotone/Dust-to-Digital, '10]
Love Cult - Hope [Hope & Promise, tour CDr, self-released, '10]
Sylvain Chaveau - Grey [Various, StretchandRelax, Mozart with a Mullet-Reworks, Frozen Elephants, '10]
Darren Harper - Leaves and Piano [Momentary, mp3, Audio Gormet, '19]
Vicki Brown - Julia, Untethered, Skims Rio Sirena [Seas & Trees, self-released, '09]
Bronze Horse - n°2 [s/t, OakHill, '10]
Robbie Basho - The Falconer's Arm [The Falconer's Arm I, Takoma, '67]
Plankton Wat - Light and Mist [Shadows, Sloow Tapes, '10]
Loscil - Estuarine [Versions EP, self-released, '10]
Siro Bercetche - Voy a Decir Algo Inteligente [Musica Simple para Gente Complicada, Estamos Felices, '04]
Julian Lynch - Ruth, My Sister [Mare, Olde English Spelling Bee, '10]
The Alps - Black Mountain [Le Voyage, Type, '10]
Far East Family Band - Parallel World: Reality/New Lights [Parallel World, MU Land, '76] 
Stars Of The Lid - Articulate Silences Part 1 & 2 [And Their Refinement Of The Decline, Kranky, '07] 

Robert Tunstall - Lucky Leaf   [Instrumental, self-released, '08]
Mirko Uhlig - In the Gardens of Gyokuro [Gyokuro, Gears of Sand, '08]
Black Eagle Child - White Lodge II/A Giant [Black Lodge White Lodge, c40, The Offices of Moore & Moore, '09] 
John Hill - Europa [6 Moons Of Jupiter, '71; Finders Keepers, '08]
Isengrind - Strigele Tanz [Modlitewnik, Blackest Rainbow, '10]
Peter Walker - Southwind [Second Poem to Karmela, or Gypsies Are Important, Vanguard, '68]
Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Twin Stars of Thence [Lanquidity, Philly Jazz, '78]
Konono NÂș1 - Konono Wa Wa Wa [Assume Crash Position, Crammed, '10]
Obiero Group (Luo)  - Nyon Anyona [Various, Kenyan Songs and Strings 1950 & 1952, Sharp Wood, '06]
Polypus Sapiens  - Warm Shields in the Sky [Sleeper in the Valley, Full of Nothing, '10]
Rick Tomlinson - Mahogany & Wine (Improvisation for Jack Rose) [Various, Honest Strings: A Tribute to the Life and Work of Jack Rose, Three Lobed/Fina/Jack Rose LLC, '10]
The Biesentales - 2nd Biesentale [s/t, Biesentales, '09]
Panda Bear - untitled 8 [Young Prayer, Paw Tracks, '04]       
Alasdair Roberts - Babylon [The Digital EP, '10]  
Micah Blue Smaldone - My Angel's Wings [Some Sweet Day, North East Indie, '06]
MV & EE - Crow Jane Variations [Sweetheart of the Nectar 7", Electric Temple, '10]
Nina Nastasia - Outlaster [Outlaster, FatCat, '10]
Isengrind - Where The Morning Dawns  [Modlitewnik, Blackest Rainbow, '10]
Tara Jane O'Neil - Don't Slip [To Trace a Raveling, Mississippi Records, '06]