Thursday, September 24, 2009

August Playlists

EL Heath - Sliding Door [Wind, Thee Wind, Records on Ribs, mp3 release, '09]
Bill Frisell - Shutter, Dream [Disfarmer, Nonesuch, '09]
Pelt - Kif [For Michael Hannahs, VHF, '00]
Cursillistas - Dust Bowl Reds [Joint Chiefs, Digitalis, '09]
Christina Carter - Dream Long [Lace Heart, Many Breaths, '05; 2LP re Root Strata, '09]
Isengrind - Side A [Journey of the 7 stars, c65, self-released, '09]
Alexander Turnquist - Dancing in Borealis-Ribbons of Vivacity [As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color, VHF, '09]
Kazuki Tomokawa - Musojino Buranko [Inakamono No Kara Genki, PSF, '09]
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - For The Rest Of Your Life [Through The Devil Softly, Nettwerk, '09]
Anne Briggs - Sandman's Song [The Time Has Come, '71; re Water, '07]
The Rural Tradition - A Refuge of Lies [The Miserable Effects of a Wasted Life, Dorset Paeans, '08]
Bridget St. John - Seagull Sunday [Songs for the Gentle Man, Dandelion, '97]
Big Blood & The Bleeding Hearts - Oh Country [s/t CDR, dontrustheruin, '08]
High Wolf - The Shepherds [Gabon, c30, Winged Sun, '09]

Mark Templeton - Beginnings [Inland, Anticipate, ‘09]
Kyu - Sunny In Splodges [Various, New Weird Australia-Volume One, mp3 release, ‘09]
Brian Eno & David Byrne - A Secret Life [My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Sire, ‘81]
Bill Frisell - Disfarmer Theme [Disfarmer, Nonesuch, ‘09]
Im Jahrtal - Im Jahrtal [Reprisen Und Instrumentalstuecke, Sloow Tapes, ‘09]
The Jacks - Vacant World [Vacant World, Toshiba EMI, ‘68]
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Regenmacher [Durch Die W├╝ste, Sky, ’78; re Bureau B, ‘09]
Omar Souleyman - Kaset Hanzal (Drinking From The Glass of Bitterness) [Dabke 2020, Sublime Frequencies, ‘09]
Tafo feat Nahid Akhtar - Karye Pyar [Various, The Sound Of Wonder! Rare Electronic Pop From The Lollywood Vaults 1973-1980, Finders Keepers, ‘09]
Bishop Perry Tillis - Some Sweet Day [In Times Like These..., Mississippi Records, ‘09]
Tulasi - Untitled IV [Huomen Tuone, Bumtapes, ‘09]
Toni Iordache - Omul Bun N-Are Noroc (feat Gabi Lunca) [Various, Sounds From A Bygone Age, Vol. 4, Asphalt Tango Ger, '07]
Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Tipsy Cat [GOK, Geographic, ‘09]
The Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble - Inner Peace [Drum Dance To The Motherland, Dogtown, ’72; re EM, ‘09]
Brightblack Morning Light - Gathered Years [Motion To Rejoin, Matador, ‘08]
Six Organs of Admittance - Bar-Nasha [Luminous Night, Drag City, ‘09]
Tim Cohen - Warriors & Clowns [Two Sides of Tim Cohen, Endless Nest, ‘09]
Ducktails - Wishes [Landscapes, Olde English Spelling Bee, '09]
Sian Alice Group - White [Troubled, Shaken Etc., The Social Registry, ‘09]
Ben Reynolds - Skylark (Scorner Of The Ground!) [How Day Earnt Its Night, Tompkins Square, ‘09]

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek - Ghost Lanes [Ghost Lanes, 3” CDr, Machinefabriek]
Hop Frog Kollectiv - Somba [split LP w/ Magic Lantern, Urck Records, ‘09]
Felicia Atkinson with Sylvain Chauveau - Roman Anglais [Roman Anglais, O Rosa,‘08]
The Chico Hamilton Quintet - I Gave My Love a Cherry [Gongs East! 7” EP, Warner, '58]
Monks Of The Balhill - Grand Cornoel [Cormoran Sophistry CDr, Akoustic Desease, ‘07]
Michael Futreal - Wire Mountain in Winter [Various, You Get So Alone-Solo Instrumentals, Harha-Askel, ‘08]
Yair Yona - Sympathy For The Jack [Remember, Avona, ‘09]
George Stavis - Cold Spring [Labyrinths, Vanguard, ‘69]
Anonymeye - If At First You Don't Secede... [Various, New Weird Australia-Volume One, mp3 release]
Black Eagle Child - Invented Lives [Seeds that Sprout in Summer, Stunned Records, ‘09]
Ustad Bismillah Khan & Ustad Vilayat Khan - Mishra Dhun-Keharwa [A Rare Jugalbandi, ‘99]

Pantaleimon - Crystaline Rain [Cloudburst, Durtro Jnana, ‘07]
Gamelan Son of Lion - D.N.A [The Complete Gamelan in the New World, Locust Music, ‘04]
Stephan Mathieu - The Key To The Kingdom Pt.1 [Key To The Kingdom, Dekorder, ‘09]
Magic Lantern - Underwater Dynasty [split LP w/Hop Frog Collective, Urck Records, ‘09]
Six Organs of Admittance - Actaeon's Fall (Against the Hounds) [Luminous Night, Drag City, ‘09]
Boduf Songs - Left Behind Like A Piece Of Shit [There Is Something Hanging Above You EP, Under The Spire, ‘09]
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Nightingale [Ballads of the Revolution, Fire Records, ‘09]
Greg Davis - Sleep Architecture [Various, Imaginational Anthem Vol 3, Tompkins Square, ‘08]
Tempera - 4444444444444 [s/t, L’animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings, ‘09]
The Ivytree - The Old Kingdom [Winged Leaves, Catsup Plate, ‘04]
Group Doueh - Tazit Kalifa [Treeg Salaam, Sublime Frequencies, ‘09]
Blues Control - Tangier [Local Flavor, Siltbreeze, ‘09]
James Ferraro - Side A [Discovery, Holy Mountain, ‘09]