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September Playlists

Félicia Atkinson - Half Blonde [The Driver, Hibernate, ‘11]
Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band - Shambhala Signal [Various, Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan 1969-78, Hiruko, ‘11]
Deben Bhattacharya field recording - Beyat [Rythmes et Mélodies d'Iran, ??]
Glenn Jones - A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957  [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Currituck Co. - A Raga Called Pat Cohn [Ghost Man On First, Lexicon Devil, ‘03]   
Dando Shaft - Waves Upon The Ether [s/t, Neon (RCA), ‘71]
Caethua - The Tide of Old Age [The Summer is Over Before It's Begun, Turned Word, 11]   
James Ferraro - Saint Prius [Condo Pets EP, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Sun Araw - Lute and Lyre [Ancient Romans, Sun Ark, ‘11]
Lew Howard All Stars - Hula Rock [Various, The Super Sound Of Bosworth, Trunk, ‘96]
Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre - Awa Odori [Various, Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia In Japan 1969-78, Hiruko, ‘11]
Magic Carpet - Alan's Christmas Card [s/t, Mushroom, ‘72]
McDonald And Giles - Tomorrow's People ~ The Children Of Today [s/t, Island, ‘70]
Sleep ∞ Over - Stickers [Forever, Hippos in Tanks, ‘11]
Mike Cooper - Paumalu Sunset Beach [Rayon Hula, Room40, ‘05]
Aaron Martin & Justin Wright - Brush Fire [Light Poured Out of Our Bones, Preservation, ‘11]
Bosch's With You - Movements Under Water [Various, Crows Of The World Vol 2, Last Visible Dog, ‘09]
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - All Farewells Are Sudden [s/t, Kranky, ‘11]

Miles Davis & Bill Laswell - In A Silent Way-Shhh-Peaceful-It's About That Time [Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-1974, Sony, ‘98]
Lloyd McNeill - Tranquil [Tori, Baobab, ‘78]
Steve Reich - Music For A Large Ensemble    [Octet-Music For A Large Ensemble-Violin Phase, ECM, ‘80]   
Forma - Forma 237a   [s/t, Spectrum Spools, ‘11]
Sun Araw - At Delphi  [Ancient Romans, Sun Ark, ‘11]
Shalabi Effect - Harpie [Unfortunately, Alien8, ‘05]
Least Carpet - Burnings [split w/ Baldruin, sicsic Tapes, ‘11]
James Blackshaw - Boo, Forever [Holly EP, Important, '11]
The Sun Also Rises - Taste Of Jesamine And Suicide [s/t, Village Thing, ‘70]
Andrew Douglas Rothbard - Bull in the Dell [Abandoned Meander, Smooch, ‘06]
Big Blood - Water [Big Blood and The Wicked Hex, Don’t Trust the Ruin, ‘11]
Shivkumar Sharma - A Line on Water [Echos From Eternity, Ostara, ??]   

Ernst Reijseger - Longing for a frozen sky [Requiem For A Dying Planet: Sounds for Two Films by Werner Herzog, Winter & Winter, ‘06]
Umeno Tajima w/ Eikichi Kazari - Shima Sodachi [Various, Folk Music of the Amami Islands, Folkways, ‘54]
Charlemagne Palestine & Simone Forti - Piano Piece for Simone [Illuminations, Alga Marghen, ‘11]
Jerry Garcia - Love Scene Improvisation, Version 4 [OST, Zabriskie Point, MGM, ‘70; re Rhino/WEA, ‘97]
Moonwood - Bamboo Whiskey [River Ghosts, Arachnidiscs, ‘11]
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Blue Hare [Blue Hare EP, self-released, ‘11]
Emmalee Crane - Formantine [Formantine, The Streetlight Farm, ‘10]
James Blackshaw - Holly [Holly EP, Important, ‘11]
Mark McGuire - When You're Somewhere [Get Lost, Editions Mego, ‘11]
Monks Of The Balhill - Watching Tulips Growing [Vibratory Convulsion, Ruralfaune, ‘08]
Nude Sunrise - Chill Pill [Should Be, Spooky Town, ‘11]
Pauline Filby - Friday Street  [Show Me a Rainbow, Herald, ‘69]
Flat Earth Society - Portrait In Grey [Waleeco, Fleetwood, ‘68]
Eternal Tapestry - Doorways in the Sand [single, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]   
Gnod - The Thunderbolt Loop   [Wuste Zeremonie, Reverb Worship, ‘09]
Joakim Skogsberg - Jola fran Leksand [Jola Rota, Gump, ‘72; re Tiliqua, ‘08]
D.R. Hooker - Forge Your Own Chains [The Truth, private, ‘72; re Subliminal Sounds, ‘08]
C.O.B. - When He Came Home [Spirit of Love, CBS, ‘70]
John Martyn - Rolling Home [London Conversation, Island, ‘68]
Loren Mazzacane Connors - The Kiss [Lullaby, Carbon, ‘01]
w/ guest DJ Jon Bywater
Nicola Ratti - Empire [220 Tones, Die Schactel, '11 ]
Arve Henriksen - Loved One [Cartography, ECM, ‘08] 
UUUUUU - Rothko [Of The Xerophytic Blooming, self-released, ‘11]
Guanaco ± - Lepidoptera [Ardea Cinerea, Sweat Lodge Guru, ‘11]
Federico Durand - El extasis de las flores pequeñas [El Extasis de Las Flores Pequeñas, Own, ‘11]
Jon's set:
Frank Stokes - Right Now Blues [Various, Going Away Blues 1926-1935, Yazoo, '6??]
The Sunshine Company - I Need You [Happy is the Sunshine Company, Imperial/Liberty, '68]
Todd Rundgren - There Are No Words [Runt, Ampex, '70]
Steve Spano - The Best Part of Me [Eye To Eye, Adelphi, '74]
David Habeck - What the Morning Brings [The Circle Meets Itself Each Time Round, Makin' Jam, '81]
Bert Keely - Old Friend [Take Me Home, Manhole Music, '79]
Michael Oosten - Wavefaring Boy [s/t, Hub City Music, '74]
Buck Barker - The Train Runs Down the Track Today [Rockin' All Night Long, Buck's Music, '79]
Shon'Soro & and his Desert Man Band - I've Never Known Such Love Before [7", Desert Morning, '77]
Indra Allen - Loner [Loner, private, ???]
Joanna Cazden - The Greatest Illusion [The Greatest Illusion, Rounder, '76]
Peta Webb - I Have Wandered in Exile [I Have Wandered in Exile, Topic, '73]
Norman & Nancy Blake - Thebes [Directions, Takoma, '78]
Jim Corcoran & Bertrand Gosselin - La Tete En Gigue [La Tete En Gigue, Kébec-Disc]
Donny & Joe - Thoughts in My Mind [7"]
Philip Sanderson - Bright Waves [Reprint, '80; re Anomalous, '03]
Milk from Cheltenham - The Man Who Cried [Triptych Of Poisoners, Alaa Marghen, '05]
Tsembla - Pulujen Paviljonki [Tuplafiesta 7", '09]
Harry de Wit - Ken [Wantij, DATA, '83]
Par Htaw Pine - Solo de xylophone [En Thailande La Musique traditionnelle des Mon, WEA, '79]
Ty Segall - Caesar [7", Goner]

Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland - Sylkje-Per, var. [Lysøen-Hommage à Ole Bull, ECM, ‘11]
Glenn Jones - My Charlotte Blue Notebook [The Wanting, Thrill Jockey, ‘11]
Alexander Turnquist - Hallway of Mirrors [Hallway of Mirrors, VHF, ‘11]
The Gentle Good - Holly Blue     [Tethered For The Storm, Gwymon, ‘11]
Jenny Hval - How Gentle [Viscera, Rune Grammofon, ‘11]
Michael Hurley - Knockando    [Ancestral Swamp, Gnomonsong, ‘07]
John Ziegler - Who's Gonna Be Your Man [Various, Wrong Time To Be Right, Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol 8]
Robbie Basho - Basket Full Of Dragons [Basho Sings!, Takoma, ‘67]
Bert Jansch & John Renbourn - After The Dance [Bert And John, Transatlantic, ‘66]
Davy Graham - Nadu Silma [Godington Boundry, See for Miles, ‘70]
Magic Carpet - Black Cat [s/t, Mushroom, ‘72]
Tim Hollier - Evolution [s/t, Fontana, ‘70]
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do [Sunflower, Reprise/Brother, ‘70]
Manuel Göttsching - Dream [Dream & Desire, Spalax, ‘91]
offthesky - Waiting to Fade [The Beautiful Nowhere, Hibernate, ‘11]
Gkfoes Vjgoaf - Heart Whispers [Light Weaving, self-released, ‘10]
Brian Mcbride - Melodrames Telegraphies (In B Major 7th) Part 1 [Effective Disconnect, Kranky, ‘10]   
Grouper - Water People [7", Ballroom Marfa, ‘11]

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